Saddam Hussein: His Last Hours. Part-3

At the High/Maximum Security Building, they removed his vest and his goggles, and he was taken to the first department of this building, the unit of "counter terrorism". It is this unit that is in charge of all the executions i.e the act of murder of the valiant heroic Leader of Iraq...

The time was precisely 5.30am, dawn's hour, when the President entered that division. He saw a metal cage, and in it were a group of Iraqi Resistance fighters, on whom the verdict of "state treason" was pronounced.

Dulaimi then describes the President looking at them and smiling to them with a smile full of Pride/Honor, as he recognized their valiant bravery from the fact that they were that division. He then continued walking, being led to another room...

In this room he found himself surrounded by a group of armed men belonging to one of the sectarian militias...they proceeded to profusely insult him evoking the Iraq-Iran war of the 80's...of the last century.

Dulaimi then affirms that at that moment, the militia belonging to the death squad of the JAYSH AL-MAHDI of Muqtada Al-Sadr, were surrounding the building where President Saddam was, with the intention of raiding the place and kidnapping the President and handing him over to IRAN in exchange for a phenomenal sum of money.

There was delay in the execution of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi's plan that of kidnapping the President because Muqtada Al-Sadr was late to arrive at the premises. Dulaimi then confirms that Muqtada Al-Sadr was present even though some deny his presence for known political reasons, so as not to embarrass the occupation's government or half of the occupation's government

Dulaimi then says : YES MUQTADA AL-SADR WAS PRESENT along with his armed guards. When he saw the President sitting reading the Holy Koran, Muqtada said to the President " Ha shlon al Taghiyya - How is the tyrant doing ?"

The President looked at him with contempt. Muqtada then ordered his guards to hit the President, with their rifles butts, on his head.

Dulaimi recounts that at that point the President started proclaiming loudly " Long live the People of Iraq, Long Live the Jihad, Long live the Ummah, Long Live Iraq, Long Live Palestine, Arab and Free, Down with the Traitors..." The President continued... "We are in Paradise, and our enemies are in Hell..."

And Dulaimi also recounts the President shouting in the face of some judge and a public prosecutor present then : "Down with the Furs (Persians), down with the Americans, down with all the traitors..."

The President was then taken to the accursed room,(where the gallows were) to face ALL the leaders of the militias/ the death squads. And they were :

- Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem
- Muwafak Al-Rubaie
- Ali Al-Dabbagh
- Sami Al-Askari
- Baha Al-Aaraji
- Mariam Al-Rayess
- Muntaqadh Al-Pharaon.

(My note : I also heard that the Iranian Ambassador was present, but I don't know his name and obviously Muqtada Al-Sadr was present too.)

Dulaimi adds that there was not one Sunni Sheikh present as they pretended.

Dulaimi then says that President Saddam Hussein walked with pride, honor and dignity, accepting his fate/destiny with deep Faith.

Those present, as named above, greeted him with grotesque insults, slurs and with enemy slogans (referring to slogans used by the Persians). Some members of the death squads present hurled themselves and ganged up on the President and started hitting him, while his hands were tied/handcuffed. Yet he remained steadfast with his head held high and dignified and said to them : " You are traitors, agents, enemies of the people (of Iraq), down with America and its agents " pointing his head towards them (meaning you are the agents for America).

Muwafak Al-Rubai was insulting the President with vengeance. The President replied to him :" You are terrorists, terrorists...Long Live the Resistance, Long Live the People (of Iraq), Long Live Iraq, Long Live Palestine, Long Live the Arab Ummah "... then he added that he served Iraq and build it...

Dulaimi then adds that during those moments, the photographer for Al-Maliki, Ali Al-Mas'udi, started taking video pictures with sound. They, the murderous militias untied the President's hands from the front and tied them at the back and changed the chain around his ankles to another type of chain specially designed for execution purposes.

The President asked the public prosecutor Muntaqadh Al-Pharaon, to give the Holy Koran that Saddam Hussein carried with him throughout to one person, a lawyer, called Badr Al-Bandar, so this latter can hand it to the President's family.

Dulaimi says that the President stood in front of that hanging rope, with pride, honor, dignity, patience and faith, as the whole world witnessed. And this last image of the President was totally the opposite of what Muwaffak Al-Rubaie claimed. i.e that President Saddam was frightened. He walked up the stairs of the gallows repeating : " Ya Allah, ya Allah..." and stood facing that rope with unwavering courage, and a will that did not falter...

to be continued...

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