I tell you something, Americans are so full of shit. Really, truly...

They are up to their heads in shit. Shit ideas, shit concepts, shit rationalizations, shit excuses, shit everything...

It smells and it smells BAD.

I have watched and read hundreds of articles on torture, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo - your favorite sea side resort.

And each time, I keep reading, hearing the same shit phrases that crop up again and again...

Here are, for the most part...NO, for all parts, innocent people arrested, imprisoned with no trial by those dickheads called Americans. And each and every single time, the same phraseology comes up - "sleep deprivation, enhanced interrogation techniques, stress positions "...

The guy has been literally fucked, had his penis chopped off, been drowned in shit and water, pissed upon in his mouth, hung from his wrists, electrocuted in his genitals, bitten by dogs, made to stand up for weeks, stripped naked in extreme temperatures, been subjected to 1000000 watts of shit American music, punched, beaten, insulted, humiliated, spat upon, had his family threatened and in some instances arrested, fed morsels of stale food like some stray dog, prevented from going to the toilet, prohibited from washing for months on end, and more and more...and all those pedantic American shits come up with and talk about are "enhanced interrogation techniques"

What fucking "enhanced interrogation techniques" and what fucking "waterboarding" ?
You're well beyond that assholes.

Honestly and truly, I have never come across a people so full of shit like the Americans...all of them and without exception.

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