Reading Blues...

I said to myself - girl, you need a break from this bloody I switched on the TV, I wish I hadn't.

There was a very short documentary on Al-Babeliya Iraqi Sat TV on the state of the schools in Baghdad, its suburbs and in some of the villages...

Good God, I could not believe my eyes !

What happened to our schools ? What happened to the Iraq that UNESCO gave a prize to for offering one of the best educational systems in the Middle East ? What happened to us ?

I had not seen it so bad. Not even during the sanction years when even pencils were forbidden...

There is no more education in Iraq. That is the blatant truth.

The short documentary filmed a couple of schools, I was aghast. There are no more playgrounds, the schools are littered with garbage, there is absolutely no water, there is no electricity, the windows are all broken, there are no toilets, the schools are totally dilapidated. Some schools did not even have a blackboard !

On average in one classroom alone, there are between 70 to 80 students. I saw them sitting 5 on one bench !!!! 5 kids aged between 8-10 sitting on one single class bench fit for 2 !

They interviewed one student, he couldn't have been more than 10 years old. He amazed me with his awareness and lucidity. He said to the cameraman :

" Look at us, just look at us. Look at our school, its walls, look at the garbage. We don't even have water to drink. We don't even have books ! We don't even have stationery. Go tell the Minister of Education sitting on his big fat chair, that we have nothing. "

Then some teachers were interviewed and they said that there are in fact no books. One book is shared by 15 students. And they added that even pencils are bought on the black market. They added those students were too poor to buy books.

In the past during the reign of Saddam Hussein, all schooling was subsidized and free of charge, including books and stationery even during the embargo imposed upon us by the barbarian world.

Now 15 students have to share one book and they don't even have pencils or blackboards or notepads. I can't believe it !!!!

There is more...

The Ministry of "Education" who is run by the Shiite parties, is known to forge diplomas for teachers.

Since the occupation of Iraq hundreds of teachers have been either killed or have fled the country.

This ministry of Ignorance forges diplomas and hands them out to its Shiite members who for the most part have not even finished secondary schooling.

One such teacher, a woman, backed by both the ministry of Education and one of the influential Shiite parties in the South, was posted in several schools...she ended up in Basra, teaching a subject she knew nothing about. Over and above her ignorance and forged diploma, this teacher supposedly suffered from serious psychological problems. She was very abusive to her students.

As a result, during last semester's exam and it was during Ramadan, this teacher sadistically promised to fail her teenage female students, their age was 14-15.
And she did.

Suicide is not in our customs or traditions, however tragic our lives can become. But and this is a first, 28 female students aged 14-15 committed a collective suicide by swallowing poison, due to the severe mental and psychological abuse of this teacher.

The ministry of education refused to comment and the school administration is powerless to have this teacher removed because she belongs to one of those Shiite shit parties.

On another note but still related, only last week, the Shiite puppet Nouri Al-Maliki ordered the shutting down of Al Munstanseerya University, one of the leading universities in Baghdad, because the students had certain basic demands concerning the running of their university and organized themselves into a student's union. The university was shut down !

It is all too clear to me, that America and Great Britain, completely destroyed Iraq and put in place those sectarian Shiite ignorant criminal thugs affiliated to Iran, to continue the process of destruction on a generational span. Meaning, to make sure that Iraq never raises its head again. And one of the ways to achieve their evil goal is through the educational system and in our case - its total destruction.

I can never hate you enough.

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