Change of Tactics in Afghanistan.

Good God what a weird dream I had...

Here I was minding my own business, and a commanding voice out of nowhere ordered :

Follow the chain of command

What chain of command ?

The US chain of command.

Me ???

And before I could voice my utter refusal, I saw a pyramid, not your ordinary pyramid, but a strange looking pyramid, that had no clear forms, made of orders, codes, names kept secret, and dark skin looking people...

At the top of this formless pyramid was an American soldier, and at the bottom of this formless pyramid was a suicide bomber...

And it was explained to me in this very weird dream.

There is going to be a major change of strategy/tactics in Afghanistan.

I am not Madame Soleil, the famous clairvoyant, so I was given headlines only...but no dates.

- The pitting of locals against locals.
- the use of outsiders who know locals quite well
- the extensive use of local suicide bombers against the Talibans and people sympathetic to them.

And then in this weird dream I was shown something else, totally unrelated...I saw American soldiers dressed in civilians, like some NGO, engaging in nation building, providing leisure centers for locals, etc....

And the dream sensing that I understood nothing explained it to me. It said, they will appear as building the nation, so who can point the finger at them when they (the locals) start killing one another ?

I woke up startled, then I remembered Iraq. Is that not what happened there ?

Then suddenly all those sentences I have been reading made sense to me.

- McChrystal : We need to consider unconventional methods of warfare

- Code Pink/Anti war : if the troops withdraw, they will be civil war.

- Iran : we congratulate Obama and we hope that he will end injustice in the world...

Hey, don't read much into it, it was just a dream. But forewarned is forearmed.

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