News Bulletin from " Liberated & Democratic" Iraq.

Brief news here.

- As predicted the wave of arrests has spread, after Mosul and Tikrit, to Anbar, Diyala, Abu Ghraib and Baghdad. No numbers given.

- In Kirkuk mounting violent attacks against the Christian community. The archbishop L.Zakho has made yet another appeal for government protection and he said " We have no militias like the government parties to protect us. Is this violent intimidation happening to scare us off and force us into exile ? "

- Mosul and rest of the Nineveh province. What Roads to Iraq reported on that matter is correct. Those arrested were businessmen, tribal sheikhs and academics.

In an interview with some of the heads of the Mosul tribes, the following was said.

" We condemn strongly this SECTARIAN attack on the people of Mosul and we ask for all detainees to be released immediately."

Moreover, demonstrations took place in Mosul following the arrests and demands were made for an inquiry on the assault (rape) by three police forces on a girl whose age does not exceed 14, during those arrests.

- Now for the evening joke. Al-Jaafari, former PM re-known for his love of torture of non-Shiites,(particularly in the dungeons of the Ministry of Interior) has made an appeal from TEHRAN (that should please the angry arab jerks) for Iraqi national Unity and Patriotism, pre-elections.

- and last but not least, a wee bit of gossip. Al-Maliki's son is bidding to buy/construct a 26 Million dollar hotel in some Arab capital. Where did he get the money from ? Someone should ask his daddy.

Yalla, goodnight and don't lose sleep over how "wonderful" your "liberation" effort has been.

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