Saddam Hussein : His Last Hours. Part-2

In Chapter 25 of Dulaimi's book, he covers details surrounding the killing of President Saddam Hussein, revealing from American sources that the Americans blamed the act of murder of the Sovereign President of Iraq on the Iraqi government under Occupation, whose loyalty is to Iran.

According to Dulaimi, a number of U.S army officers tried exerting pressure on the U.S embassy in Baghdad to contact Washington, for a postponement of Saddam Hussein's execution. According to the same sources, some U.S officers also stated that they would refuse the handing over of President Saddam to the Maliki government. And the U.S Ambassador then, in the Green Zone, Zalman Khalil Zad, failed in convincing Maliki in postponing Saddam Hussein's murder.

(My note : I learned that according to International Law, a person who has reached the age of 70 cannot be executed. This is why, the puppet Government was eager to have Saddam Hussein murdered before his 70th Birthday, ie, in his 69th year.)

Again, according to Dulaimi, in the early hours of Friday evening, before the day of the execution, some US officers lined up including the commander of the prison camp, to bid their farewell to the President, who asked to see his brothers Barzan and Sab'awee one last time for his final goodbye.

Dulaimi adds, that the hours passed that night, and the President spent that evening the way he usually does, sitting on his bed, after the evening prayer, reading the Holy Koran...this is when he was informed by the detention camp officer in charge, that the time of his execution was to be at dawn. The U.S guards kept an eye on the President, believing that he might very well hang himself, before i.e commit suicide.

At 4 am, the commander of the camp came to the President's cell and told Saddam Hussein that they will hand him over to the "Iraqis." So they asked him if he had any last requests. The President just did his ablutions and read whatever he could from the Holy Book in the little time he had left...then he asked that his personal belongings be given to his daughter Raghad via his lawyer and he asked that they tell his daughter that he is on his way to Paradise to meet his Maker/Lord with a clean conscience and clean hands...And that he shall leave as a soldier, sacrificing his self and his family for the sake of Iraq and her people.

Dulaimi then says, President Saddam wore his gray suit, his white shirt and his black scarf and placed a "siddara" (siddara is a hat traditionally worn in Baghdad) on his head and he wore the vest he used to wear when appearing in court or when meeting with others (not specified whom)in Camp Cropper, south of Baghdad's International Airport.

Dulaimi continues...

According to U.S sources, Saddam Hussein was then was driven in an armored vehicle, with a group of U.S guards, a vehicle specially used by the U.S army carrying the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS emblem, and taken to board a U.S black hawk plane/helicopter.

Saddam Hussein asked the guards not to blindfold him/cover his eyes during this ride, as he wanted to contemplate Baghdad one last time, or it could be that Baghdad wanted to give her son, one last look of love...he crossed Baghdad's sky as if he was giving Baghdad his last goodbyes...this city which he built, honored and devoted his life to...slipping through his hands slowly, slowly, with only a few moments left...the plane landed in an American base inside the former state military intelligence/security premises "the Istikhbarrat", southwest of the Kadhimiya area.

This area - Khadimiya, was divided during the occupation into three sub areas, one of them was a U.S military base/ camp. The second was tied to what is called the Law and Order Forces and the third sub area was the High Security Building belonging to the Ministry of Justice of the Iraqi government under Occupation.

Dulaimi continues...

The President descended from the plane in at US military base (area no.1), the U.S guards covered the President's eyes with thick goggles, the same type they use when transferring a detainee from one location to another. He was surrounded by a number of US military police and was moved to i.e.the High Security Building.

At that point, the role of the U.S military was finished and that first gate of the High Security Building.

to be continued...

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