Fellow Iraqi blogger Wafaa' Al-Natheema, will be on her second round of fund raising campaign for Iraqi orphans.

For those of you who live in the U.S, it would be great it you can join her in her fund raising walk or make a donation and spread the word...For those outside the U.S you still can make a donation for Iraq's orphans.

This is the least you can do for the 5 Million Iraqi orphans since 2003, year of Iraq's "liberation".

Thanks for your support.

I am publishing her appeal below as well as all the contact details.

In four days, I will begin my walk to Vermont again on the weekend of October 9-12 to raise funds for Iraqi orphans, who have been living in dire conditions since the occupation began in April 2003, and very few have addressed the crises including and especially the media.

I keep receiving tens and tens of emails and articles about the disgraceful acts of government officials and about the abuse or theft of Iraqi oil and artifacts, but rarely about the abuse of Iraqi children of whom hundreds are put in jails and
tortured by the USA forces, and who have been suffering from unprecedented trafficking! More details about the disturbing and alarming conditions of Iraqi children can be found HERE

I hope you can participate in this worthy cause in any way you can.
For those who can not join me to walk, you can help in the following ways:

1. Make a donation wherever you are in the world using the convenient
on-line and very simple form. If hundred people donated each $10, we will be very close to reaching our target. To make a donation, please click HERE

So far, we have raised $550 or 20%. With your support, we will reach our goal by October 15.

2. Provide free accomodation in some of the towns I will be passing bye or help me find a reasonable place. Or better alert me to camp grounds in the towns at which I will stop (see list of towns below). I hope to hear from you by Thursday afternoon.

3. Meet me at any point in my walk to hand donation, for moral support or to publicize the walkathon and its cause in your publication/on Internet. If you wish to meet me during my walk, please email me soon to provide you with my tel. number while walking.

4. It will be very helpful if I slept on Thursday evening in Cambridge, so if you have any place to stay there, I appreciate hearing from you. Because I live an hour a way from Cambridge, it will be inconvenient to drive early morning on Friday to Cambridge.

If you wish to join me in the walk and don't want your name to be published, please let me know. I understand your reluctance. But let me know by Thursday, October 8 in the morning.

I will be walking on Rt. 2A west from Cambridge into Rt. 119 passing by the
following towns:

Cambridge, Belmont, Concord, West Concord, N. Acton, Littleton, Groton, Townsend, Squantom, Jaffry, (in Massachusetts), East and West Rindge, New Ipswich, Marlborough, Keene, Spofford, W. Chester Field (in New Hampshire) and then ending in Putney, Vermont.

Please alert me to any camp grounds and/or free or reasonable accommodation in Mass. between Groton and Townsend as well as in New Hampshire around East and West Rindge or New Ipswich, I will be grateful. I intend to walk about 25 miles per day.

Wishing You a peaceful and Joyful Autumn,

Wafaa' Al-Natheema, Founder, Director
Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS)
P.O. Box 425125
Cambridge, MA. 02142 USA
Tel: (617) 86-INEAS (864-6327)

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