Burn in Hell

This is not the first time that Americans burn the Koran, our Holy Book and which we consider a direct message from God. For us the Koran is the embodiment of the Divine Word. And it is the most sacred book, and the only Sacred Book worth defending.

Desecrating the Koran happened numerous times...it happened in Iraq when mosques and homes were raided, it happened in Guantanamo and it is happening in Afghanistan.

And coincidentally, two days ago, I received a whole series of pictures, of some American cow, taking pleasure in tearing the Koran apart, burning it, throwing its pages in the W.C, stepping on it, leaving it as a doormat in front of her house...etc...I still have the pictures and I don't want to publish them here, on this blog or maybe I should, so the world can see what kind of animals you are.

Today, Afghan protesters gathered in a demonstration, when they learned that our Holy Book was burned again...they burned an effigy of Obama instead, and some chanted "We don't want democracy, we want Islam."

Had they been vile, racist, hateful and backward like you, they could have easily burned the Bible or pictures of Jesus...but they did not...because we Muslims respect Jesus, as another message from the Divine.

We refrain from such abominations not because we like you but because we are faithful to the Word in the Book, the Book that mentions Jesus, Mary, Moses, Solomon, Isaak, Jacob, Joseph, Jonas, Job, David, Abraham...

When asked, the spokesperson for the U.S and its coalition of cowards, Captain Elizabeth Matthias, said :

"The Taliban was trying to undermine foreign troops by spreading the rumor. We did not burn a Quran ... It is unfortunate that the protesters believe a Taliban rumor..."

You see, this is one of the reasons I call you the People of the Lie...because not only your men and women have burned the Koran and desecrated in more ways than one...but you also burn the people that believe in the Koran...

The Taliban does not need to undermine your troops, you keep undermining yourselves by your criminal acts...the protesters did not gather because of a rumor, the protesters gathered because they have experienced your inhumanity and your hatefulness and racism...They were not waiting for a rumor "to undermine" you.

Next time you ask yourselves why you are so hated and why this hatred is growing, remember your acts and what drives you and them...

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