Saddam Hussein: His Last Hours. Part 4

Here I am continuing where I left off yesterday, translating the rest of the article as published in the newspaper, with extracts from Al-Dulaimi's (Saddam Hussein's lawyer) interview and new book (see previous parts). And again, this is a direct, spontaneous translation, so be forbearing.

...Al-Dulaimi replies to the inquiry : How come the (hanging) rope had 39 knots ?

This is what he had to say: The President refused to have the black bag put over his head before the hanging. And he allowed his lynchers to wrap it around his neck instead, underneath the noose.

According to Dulaimi the rope was acquired by the Americans from a Zionist soldier and was designed and fabricated contrary to the law (regulations), in terms of its length and quality (of the rope)and they placed it (the rope) around the President's neck the way they wanted to... (my note: assuming there is some "correct" way.)

Before doing so, an American soldier of Jewish origins entered the room (where the execution was about to take place) and started measuring the length of the rope until he reached the 39th knot.

Dulaimi then says that the number 39 is very symbolic as it represented the 39 scuds missiles that fell on Tel-Aviv in 1991. One of the reasons for the Zionists wrath against President Saddam and one of the reasons for wanting him executed. That soldier asked that they keep the rope long enough without shortening it/ cutting it.

Dulaimi then adds that a very sharp butcher's knife was handed by one of those present...this is the Knife that slashed/cut the President's throat to severe his head from his body...

Dulaimi adds that this was done so that they can gleefully celebrate, parading the President's head, in a grand sectarian parade, in Al Thawra city - i.e Sadr City.

(my note : that explains why a subsequent video was circulated showing a deep gaping I wound in the neck of the President while the rest of the neck was covered with that same black bag, and a bunch of those criminal Shiite sectarian thugs dancing. It reminds me very clearly on how lambs are slaughtered. First the jugular is pierced with a sharp knife then the head is cut off...That is why the Shiite thugs from Iran were adamant to do it on the day of the Sunni Eid (they celebrate one day later as per Iran's orders), because on the day of Eid, traditionally, an offering of a slaughtered lamb is made.
I need a break now, I seriously feel sick...will resume in a while...)

to be continued...

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