A Children's Market in Baghdad.

There are auctions taking place selling stolen Iraqi artifacts and there are auctions taking place selling Iraqi children in the center of Baghdad's markets...

The stealing and selling of our past and our future... Tell me what is left ?

What follows is my translation of an article I received today. If anyone from Sweden reads this, I need more information please and a copy of the article in the original language as it appeared in the Swedish press.

According to this article, a documentary film on Swedish TV and then transcribed into an article that was published in some magazine/newspaper called " Express" ?, and translated into 12 languages in the past 24 h.

This documentary was done by two Swedish reporters (Tracey Christensen and Thor Bjorn Andersen) who secretly filmed a market in Baghdad, from inside a car...and they witnessed transactions in which Iraqi children were sold. They mention the case of a 4 year old girl being sold for 500 US dollars !

500 US dollars is what the buffoon President Talabani and his puppet Maliki spend on flowers to decorate each of their press conferences...

T.B Andersen also added that over and above the auction of Iraqi children, the parties in power steal all they can get hold of, and present to the Iraqi people, bullets of death under the cover of Democracy. Hunger, disease, malnutrition, environmental pollution and political anarchy and they murder their people for a fee that is cheaper than a public transport ticket.

The Swedish reporter concluded that this very grave issue (the selling of Iraqi children) will have great consequences on many levels, in the near future, provided that the Swedish government officially announces that it is willing to open its asylum doors to Iraqi children who are mistreated/abused in this manner. And the reporter demands that these children be given immediate residency and be taken care of by the Swedish government.

I don't know what to say anymore...the tragedies are so monumental...I have no more words. I am in a place beyond Hate...I still have to find a name for it.

I congratulate you all, for a well accomplished mission.

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