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Not a very nice title to start the new year. But an Impasse it is. And it shall remain so. The deadlock of the Iraqi political process is not a coincidence, nor a mishap, nor wrong strategy, nor miscalculations, the Iraqi impasse is a natural outcome, a planned outcome, a wished outcome. Failure to understand that, will always lead to a skewed view. When the Americans invaded Iraq with a sectarian ethnic agenda, they knew in advance that the Shiite parties will have the upper hand, and will always control the political process. When the Americans came forward with bogus figures like Iraq is 60% Shiite, 20% Sunni, 20% Kurd, this ethnic sectarian division was the crux of the agenda. When the Americans encouraged, and extra funded the so-called Iraqi opposition, back during Clinton's era, knowing full well that most of this opposition was exiled in Iran, they knew exactly what the outcome would be. When both Right and Left, when both the Neo-cons like Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld,


There is no such thing as Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a handy word you you can get away with it. There is first Justice be done, followed by Forgiveness. I am aware of all the proponents for Forgiveness...they are usually Predators. For, who will ask for Forgiveness but one ?! Had it been a one time off, an independent case, a singled out case , a something out of the ordinary...I would have forgiven. After all, humans are known to err...imperfect beings that they are. But... But, this is not a one off, nor an exception, this is a repetitive pattern, a repetitive pattern I have learned by heart (by the way that says much about your creativity or lack thereof...) How can you forgive a repetitive pattern ? Repetition means a deliberate repetitive Intention. When someone intends --- you have to equal that power of intention... Politics is all about interests, but it is also about intentions. You Americans did not harbor the best of intentions towards u

Lost....Lost Homes.

Women are peculiar beings...whoever, whatever they are...they are always attached to home. Our home is our shell, our protection...the men may come and they may go, but our homes are our take away our homes, you strip us naked... Many of us Iraqi women have been stripped naked that way, some of us even more, a full striptease...until we ended up in brothels... Most people don't understand...most people are stupid, make no mistake about the human race...very few of these fuckers are worthy of respect or consideration...they will only understand when they lose a home...until then, don't count on neither - nor their empathy, nor their understanding. Specially don't count on empathy from those in the "first world", they are too polluted, these are people cut off from the most basics...they are far gone - down. Forget them. Truth is -- don't count on anyone...take stock of your losses, all of them..all of them...if need be, ruthlessly strip

A New Iraq.

The New Iraq is a pathetic non entity of a nothing...a mediocre product of a new world order...a country that can't tell what is what, who is who, which is which...a country where every moron becomes a spokesman for something he understands nothing about...and behind all this facade of verbal diarrhea, the diarrhea of Freedom and Democracy, lies an autocratic rule, run by Shiite parties and Shiite militias where black chadors and black flags adorn every street, every neighborhood, where not one poster, but thousands of posters are plastered on every corner, the same faces, the same turbans, the same titles....titles, all forged titles, forged diplomas, forged ministries, forged identities, forged history, forged... The new Iraq is a forgery...a fraud...a FRAUD, a fraudulent experiment, a fraud of conscience, a fraud of morality...a make believe, a lie... Not the BBC, nor the CBS, nor the ABC will tell you any of that...they are there to sell you the final product, the experime

Persistence behind Shadows...

I am constantly confronted with people's is usually a mix of light and obscurity, and at times, most of the time - just pure obscurity. Seeing through the obscurity is not takes much focus, much senses, much intuition -- to feel your way through... Painstakingly so. If anything or anyone has been shrouded in much obscurity, it is Iraq. Not Palestine, not Syria, not Libya, not Egypt, not Yemen, not Tunisia, not Bahrain...not anywhere, but Iraq. At least with the others, if it is any consolation, even though it is not, the faces have names, some story one can write about, a location one can refer our case, we remain anonymous, faceless, nameless, history-less. Iraq is the Haggar, the slave woman that no one pays attention to. Let her run and fend for herself...let her seek and beseech...she is nothing but a slave woman. The cover up is still thick, a dense veil, a black Chador...hiding the Truth, the Reality. It does not matter anymore how


I've had a Facebook account for several years now, which I hardly ever use. I totally dislike Facebook, their privacy and security levels are ZERO, and they effect many changes without notifying their users - it is a perfect place for a nest of spies. Hence my total dislike for it. However, Uruknet on its FB page, had some pretty nonsensical comments on one of my posts on Syria bearing all types of stupid accusations, and I decided I wanted to reply to set the record straight. By the same token I thought I'd make some changes to my Facebook profile. One of the changes I wanted to effect was add a secondary email to my Facebook account. To my surprise when I tried doing so, I was told that this secondary email of mine let's call it X is already in use by someone on Facebook. I found that most strange because I have never used that email X on Facebook before. So I researched a little and found out that my email X is indeed associated to someone impersonating me and u