I've had a Facebook account for several years now, which I hardly ever use. I totally dislike Facebook, their privacy and security levels are ZERO, and they effect many changes without notifying their users - it is a perfect place for a nest of spies. Hence my total dislike for it.

However, Uruknet on its FB page, had some pretty nonsensical comments on one of my posts on Syria bearing all types of stupid accusations, and I decided I wanted to reply to set the record straight.

By the same token I thought I'd make some changes to my Facebook profile.

One of the changes I wanted to effect was add a secondary email to my Facebook account. To my surprise when I tried doing so, I was told that this secondary email of mine let's call it X is already in use by someone on Facebook.

I found that most strange because I have never used that email X on Facebook before. So I researched a little and found out that my email X is indeed associated to someone impersonating me and using my name - even though I HAVE NEVER CONFIRMED THAT EMAIL NOTIFICATION FROM FACEBOOK SINCE I NEVER RECEIVED IT FROM THEM.

Not only do I find out that my email address X is being used but that there are several other impersonators with ghost accounts using my name Layla Anwar.

I was then told that this impersonator who used my email account X has disabled his profile. YET MY EMAIL X is still associated with this user.

I tried opening a new FACEBOOK account with my email address X, and was told it is not possible because this email address X (which is MY ADDRESS) has been disabled as well.

I then proceeded to write a report to Facebook asking for explanations as to how they could let someone use my email address X when I never received a notification from them to ACTIVATE it.

The formula on their website requires my name, my date of birth, my telephone number, a copy of my ID if I want to get answers to my query.

Another dirty ploy by FACEBOOK to get more information on their users.

So what that means in effect: if in the future I want to register for an FB account using MY email address X I simply can't do so. Which also means that my email address X has been hacked into several times.

After posting my replies to these stupid comments on URUK FB page, I decided that this was no longer worth it. I DEACTIVATED my Facebook account. Hence all comments, info, profile I have past or present are no longer there.

If you wish to contact me, my email is on my blog profile or you can follow me on TWITTER @ laylaanwar. No more FACEBOOK "friends" requests please.


Oh and by the way from november 25 to november 28 I've had well over 1000 hacking attempts into my blog.

I will take that as a compliment.

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