A New Iraq.

The New Iraq is a pathetic non entity of a nothing...a mediocre product of a new world order...a country that can't tell what is what, who is who, which is which...a country where every moron becomes a spokesman for something he understands nothing about...and behind all this facade of verbal diarrhea, the diarrhea of Freedom and Democracy, lies an autocratic rule, run by Shiite parties and Shiite militias where black chadors and black flags adorn every street, every neighborhood, where not one poster, but thousands of posters are plastered on every corner, the same faces, the same turbans, the same titles....titles, all forged titles, forged diplomas,
forged ministries, forged identities, forged history, forged...

The new Iraq is a forgery...a fraud...a FRAUD, a fraudulent experiment, a fraud of conscience, a fraud of morality...a make believe, a lie...

Not the BBC, nor the CBS, nor the ABC will tell you any of that...they are there to sell you the final product, the experiment...the drug of Democracy...the FDA approved for consumption.

Iraq is a ravaged country, right down to its very fiber...all the rest is make up...the make up over scars of a savage makeover...the dabbing of eye shadows, creamy foundations and rosy blushers over a deformed face...a last minute dab in front of world projectors...

A Savagery, a barbarity that is now embedded in me...like one of your embedded reporters...like one of your experts, like one of your specialists... I carry that savagery everywhere I go...a flag, a symbol, a second skin...a new me...a new Iraq.

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