Response to a Comment.

Layth left me a comment on my post Awakening from Al-Qaeda. His comment is fairly long and so is my response, hence I opted to publish both in a post form.

Layth's comment is in italics.

Salam Layla,

Not too sure I can agree with some of what you said/concluded.

Firstly, the source of information you are using is Al-Sahwa and Al-Arabiya. Now, Al-Sahwa are complete traitors and sell-outs who have been formed by the US occupation and are maintained and funded by the same - hence they have zero credibility to speak about anything, especially when related to the fight for liberation (which they are not a part of - by the way). The second is Al-Arabiya which is a Saudi run station that is more pro-occupation than even Fox News (they run crap ads every day telling Iraqis to basically support the occupation by joining the puppet police/military and by giving information for any resistance activity they see).

Secondly, it is obvious that the noble Resistance has control of most of Salah Al-Deen province, especially the city of Mousel. The occupation and its puppets have been trying (and failing) for some time to fight the Resistance in this province. Suddenly, we get Sahwa garbage like this person telling us that the fictional boogey man (Al-Qaeda) is on the run and has moved into Salah Al-Deen as its last stronghold (yeah - sure!).

Mousel would never and can never be a foothold for Al-Qaeda because the people there are mainly military officers, and, the people there are not Salafi (unlike the Iraqis in and around the Anbar province) - therefore, the Salafi garbage ideology of Al-Qaeda would never find any welcome.

As for Al-Qaeda, I disagree with you completely that they are Iranian or Iranian backed. Al-Qaeda is a US/Saudi invention which was used primarily after 9-11 to allow the US a false pretex to carry out most of its military action in the Muslim regions.

In any case, I believe the Iraqis in particular and most Muslims in general have woken up to the fact that Al-Qaeda is a US pawn.

That being said, I do not believe Osama Bin Laden was ever a US/Saudi collaborator and, from reviewing his words and actions, I believe he was sincere (though misguided) - he has most prbably been dead since December 2001. However, I cannot say the same for Zawahri who clearly spews propaganda which almost always indirectly supports fake US statements and claims.

The game is big, and the stakes are high...But we will win.

Salutations to Izzat Al-Douri, the legal and legitimate President of the Republic of Iraq.

My response.

Salam Layth,

I will try to respond to your comment point by point,

1) TV station

It's true that Arabiya is Saudi backed, but then Al-Jazeera is Qatari backed and Qatar has diplomatic ties with Israel. Comparing Arabiya which I don't like to Fox news is not quite accurate in my opinion.

2) Sahwa

I am not sure I agree with your statement that ALL Sahwa members are sell outs. Even the IR admitted that a lot of its fighters joined the Sahwa, though the trend is reversing now. I am not pro-Sahwa myself, and this post was NOT a praise of it. I asked the reader to READ BETWEEN THE LINES- the ramifications are many.
One thing I am 100% sure of is :

- The Sunni population had a Damocles sword over its head. THEY WERE SQUEEZED AND ATTACKED BY a) The US forces b)the Iraqi forces of the puppet government c) the sectarian militias d) Al-Qaeda (whoever AQ is) and last but not least e) mercenaries, snipers, death contractors etc...

You and I and anyone CANNOT DENY, whatever our sect or religion is, that there has been a GENOCIDE against the Iraqis in general and the SUNNIS (and in second place and to a lesser extent, the CHRISTIANS) in particular.

Nor can anyone deny whatever our reticences are, that AQ has killed more Iraqis than Americans, and has pushed whomsoever into the arms of the Sahwa.

And lastly no one can deny that since the Sahwa were put in place, defending the Sunnis (even though they have some sort of temporary alliance with the Americans whom they probably considered the lesser of two evils. The first being the Iranian sectarian shiite militias) that there is a "seeming balance of power" restored.

I am not sure it will last though, as I firmly believe that a) Iran and its miltias in Iraq will NEVER accept Sunni armed groups, and b) Maliki said in his interview on that same Al-Arabiya and straight after that same program that the Sahwa's role is over. What did he mean by "over" I am not sure yet.

3) Al-Qaeda, Iran, US and COUNTERINSURGENCY.

Let me start with a few simple facts before I move on to generalities.

a) Every single person I meet who has freshly landed from Baghdad tells me that it is common knowledge that AQ is Iranian backed. I believe the "man/woman in the street" more than I believe any American or Iraqi politician.

b) Both this Sahwa guy and the IR spokesperson Dr.Shammari (amongst others) pointed out to the same fact that AQ was targeting the Sunnis and their families, their mosques but in particular and this is what stuck out very clearly , they were murdering "ex-army officers who had extensively fought in the IRAN-IRAQ war" and murdering " Resistance fighters."

c)Through my posts, I gave living examples of family members (including women) who were kidnapped and tortured by AQ and by " foreigners who spoke Arabic with an accent" besides the family members who have either disappeared in US prisons and who are still lingering there.

d) The above examples lead me to believe that AQ is definitely operating on two levels 1) terrorize the Sunni population into submission to the Status Quo (i.e puppet government and US occupation) and 2) AQ is being used through its ranks as a COUNTER-INSURGENCY force against all form of Resistance coming from those same Sunni areas. Hence the American policy of how it runs its camps make sense (keeping AQ to slaughter Iraqis, releasing AQ detainees...etc)

e) Counter-insurgency serves TWO parties in particular. The US occupier and the Iranian occupier. Both have a plan in Iraq and that is way too evident to deny by now.

f) Iran and AQ.

1) Logically speaking, ex-fighters and their leaders who were in Afghanistan, would most likely land in Iraq through Iran for starters. 2) both the US and Iran have a vested interest in finishing off the IR. Hence why is anyone surprised if Iran backs these same AQ ? 3) I believe that AQ is like some jelly medusa that was invented and is so elusive in its nature that it can easily be used or accomodate different political interests in Iraq. Which brings me to 4) I am therefore not at all surprised that the Mossad is heavily infiltrated in AQ, and I will not brush off the idea that AQ is a Mossad invention to start with.

g) Mosul,

Whenever the "plan" needs to be executed, AQ will be unleashed in that particular region where the "plan" needs to be completed. It is interesting to observe that when the Basrah fights were going on, AQ was lying low in the Anbar and in the centre. Once the Basrah fights were over, AQ reared its ugly head.

The battle FOR Mosul will require lots of AQ to give justification for both the puppet govt and the US forces to effect the changes they need there. One is clearing out the IR and two is carving up Mosul to fit the zionist Kurdish interests. Remember there is a plan for a division of Iraq, and it doesn't take place in two days.

4) Binladen.

I believe he is dead and his shadow is kept alive for obvious purposes. I am not sure I agree with your statement that his initial position was genuine and sincere. I have huge question marks on the whole concept of AQ from the very beginning, and what has transpired on the Iraqi grounds makes me believe that AQ has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims but more to do with Free-Masons, Shadow Groups and Zionists.

5) Informants

One can argue that this character Al-Jibbouri in the post, was released from US detention on condition that he becomes an informant for the Americans. That is a possibility too. But then one can argue that US was able to "buy" if I follow your logic many informants.
Which brings me to question Iraqi integrity in the long run and if liberation from any occupation is possible if Iraqis have lost so much of their integrity.
If the Shiites have pledged allegiance to their sect and "wilayat al faqih" above their country, and if the Sunnis according to your analysis are nothing but a bunch of sell outs who have pledged allegiance to the dollar instead of their country, and if lands are being sold to Jews in Babel and if the Christians have pledge allegiance to the West since it is closer to them ideologically than the Arabs, and if the Kurds have pledge allegiance to the Zionist idea of seperation, then in all frankness, one can recite the Fatiha over the whole of Iraq.

6) Izzzat Al-Duri

I hope he is alive and well. But please explain to me why does the Moharer have this need to give his whereabouts, as per the last statement, stating he is in the Wasit region. Would they like to give the names and descriptions of those who are with him too ?

7) The Iraqi Resistance

I don't know if the IR controls Salaheedin province or not.I cannot say.
All I know from the articles I've been reading is that the Resistance reports that come out in English and translated by M.Abu Nasr all praise the "anti-occupation patriotic forces "of the king driller, mass murderer of Iraqis, Muqtada Al-Sadr.

And this brings me to my last point. EVERYTHING is being done to SQUEEZE the valiant IR, be it on the grounds by Iran, the US, counterinsurgency, Sahwa, militias, mercenaries etc..or be it on the political level and media level, with tons and tons of articles praising the ones who butchered the Resistance. (like Al-Sadr and Iran).
I've said it before and will repeat it again, NO ONE in the international scene amongst countries support the true IR who has foiled the Zionist American plan and has paralyzed it in the region.
The Americans are bogged down in Iraq and Iran has been saved because of the IR. There is no doubt. But unfortunately and VERY SADLY, very few recognize openly and publicly the role of the IR in all of this.
Very sad indeed.

Long Live Iraq and Long live the valiant and glorious Iraqi Resistance.


Anonymous said…
Let me be the first to add my two cents, here. And, it's the only two cents I feel confident adding. What you have asserted, so simplistically and naievely, about Bin Laden, is refuted almost everywhere. There are volumes on this enormous, largest, extensive, covert, military destabilization campaign in American history, against the Russians, which included Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia, the Al-Queda network, with BCCI background,as well. The intertwined history of Saudi Arabia,Saudi Aramco, and the US goes a long way back, well before Bin Laden. So, if you want to really do it justice, you would have to go further backwards, historically.
Now, 9/11 is another matter, entirely. That was an internal, domestic operation, which certainly utilized existing, international covert networks, drug related, etc. (Go to for some independent research on that matter). The greatest simpleton understands such an event could not/did not happen without extensive, internal, domestic help, organization, collaboration, cooperation on the highest levels. Nobody with a half ounce of grey matter remaining in their brains believes the "official American story" about 9/11, "Bin Laden excuted it!"
Now, let me hazard one GUESS, here. What is currently being LABELED, called, named, identified, as "Al-Queda" in IRAQ MAY be an entirely different outfit, network and group of individuals and sponsors than that which was represented by the Al-Queda organized for Afghanistan. Anyone sitting outside of Iraq, in general, would have no way to verify what is being spoon fed to them.
And, lastly, regarding Al-Duri's existence. Presumedly, he died. Then, somehow, he got resurrected. A few times. I wrote in a blog A LONG, LONG TIME AGO, I challenge anyone to make a video of him and proof the time of the video by the nature of the events he names and discusses in the video. I said, then, and I repeat now, I see no reason why such a video can't be made and be circulated on a number of possible, different outlets, from the internet to Al-Jazeera. Whatever. I have no doubt, for example, uruknet would post it if it were a valid video. If Bin-Laden, SUPPOSEDLY is alive and around and producing videos which show up everywhere, than, why not Al-Duri?--karlmarxwasright
Anonymous said…
KM said…

I was thinking the same thing on 1 point this morning Layla. That this Al Qaeda phantom appears at opportune times.
I recall bombings in Saudi Arabia and many 'officials' were looking around at the scene saying, "this has the marks of Al Qaeda all over it". Did it really?, I thought to myself. ( I wonder how that Bhutto assassination investigation is coming along? )

I take yer point karlmarxwasright, in that AQ can be evolving along the way as circumstances call for. But I will say this and I firmly believe this; that GW Bush is not hte "decider" as he has so many times alleged before the cameras. For some reason his handlers had a need for Bush to say this to the public.

Bush is just a spokesperson for the corporations. The corporations have somebody stupid enough to get up there infront of the cameras and tell lies, market an approach and to try to get a firm hold on the MidEast. The United States seats within the governemnt are being occupied by the corporations. The corporations have always had lobbyists and paid for politicians but what we have a nearly complete corporate-run government.

They have hired Public Relations compamies to sell this illegal invasion, they ran on CNN what amounted to basically commercials showing their weapons they were using to assault Iraq...they ran it just like a corporation uses to market a product and Bush is there advertisement spokesperson.

I believe too that the corporate sold to the public this idea of Al Qaeda. I agree with you that Al Qaeda does have some roots that go back a ways, but after the corporate run governemnt here in the Staes got a hold of it, it changed and they presented the new & improved Al Qaeda ( guaranteed to fight cavities too ) Al Qaeda that can be used anywhere they want it to appear.

Im a loooong ways from Iraq, but I know the hellish things the US government is capable of doing.

One thing about that Mousel area...and again, Im a long way from Iraq and am hearing this second hand and it may be nothing...
About every 10 days I go to an area here and I pass a gas station / store center along the road. Iraqi people own and run it. There unusally is an Iraqi girl about 25 working there when I stop. I chat with her a bit and last week I asked how here sister is doing in Iraq. Her sister is married and she said they are moving from their place in East / NorthEast Iraq to Northern Iraq. I asked why. She said becasue it is going to be safer.

Its probably nothing but it stuck with me. I thought afterwards, who is making these people flee their homes along the Iranian border to seek safety in Northerm Iraq? Im pretty sure this Iraqi girl I speak with is Chaldean.
KM said…
Isn't it odd that if Al Qaeda is SO powerful, why are there no attacks within Israel?
Anonymous said…
My question now is...

WHY are there so few willing to recognize/support the real patriotic and nationalist Iraqi Resistance ?

Please spare me the goody-goody justification of the big bad imperialist Propaganda brainwashing the poor innocent masses; human beings are endowed with intelligence, free will and responsibility and in the age of the Internet the Truth is a common good at everyone's reach.

So what could be a deeper, truer reason for such collective denial/indifference in your opinion ?

Thanks and best wishes for your work.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
"The Americans are bogged down in Iraq and Iran has been saved because of the IR."

The ARAB countries too have been spared, or at least postponed, the same fate of invasion, destruction and plunder as Iraq endured, THANKS TO the IR who fagged out the Empire war machine, and yet no military, political or Media support to the freedom fighters from the o so brotherly "Muslim" kings and emirs and not even from the wannabe "Pan-Arabist" Syrian regime, quite the opposite...

Ingratitude knows no bounds.
Anonymous said…
I have a feeling that this Layla Anwar is not the ordinary person she claims to be and has more knowledge and inside information on things on the field than she cares to share with her readers...
Anonymous said…
me believe u're paranoid.
Anonymous said…
"so few willing to recognize/support the real patriotic and nationalist Iraqi Resistance"

Because "Iraqi Resistance" = "More hell like we went through with AQI and the civil war"

The "Iraqi Resistance" is selling Iraqis a return to the bad old days

The "Iraqi Resistance" reeks of rotting flesh

The "Iraqi Resistance" has NO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE - except a constitution copied from the current Iraq constitution by some third grader. Their plan is to emulate the Taliban and their blunderous, incompetent rule of Afghanistan. The Americans leave, tail between legs, so WHERE IS YOUR PLAN???

If the "Iraqi Resistance" truly loved Iraq, then they would help the Americans REBUILD Iraq.

The "Iraqi Resistance" only loves POWER POWER POWER, just like their idol, Saddam, and his idol, Joe Stalin.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

"9/11 is another matter, entirely. That was an internal, domestic operation, which certainly utilized existing, international covert networks, drug related, etc..."


Please spare us

Greg from USA
Layla Anwar said…
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreg of United Asses,

The Americans shits destroyed Iraq to start with. Are you a moron or are you a moron?
Layla Anwar said…

Good point. And notice something, there is no AQ in Afghanistan, hence the Talibans are making progress.
Layla Anwar said…

I will reply to you tomorrow inshallah, this necessitates writing on my part and am too tired right now.
So thanks for your patience.
Layla Anwar said…
Karl Marx,

Ditto to you, am too tired to reply right now. Tomorrow inshallah.
Anonymous said…
AQI and the civil war destroyed Iraq

KM said…
yes Layla, and I have seen where Karzai is telling the United States to stop killing civilians. I think the US has nearly lost ( control ) of Afghanistan AND Pakistan.

The US will never learn.
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

Wow! lots of meaty information in your post...not sure where to begin.

I will just post some comments (in no particular order) that come to mind:


I never mentioned Jazeera in my initial post as I consider it part and parcel of the occupation (though more dangerous and subtle than Arabiya). Arabiya is owned by Al-Ibrahim (owner of MBC) who is related to the Saudi royal family - and as we all know, the Saudi monarchy is a loyal US ally/subject.

Bin Laden:

I mentioned him specifically because he publicly denied any involvement or responsibility for 9-11 (see Bin Laden press release dated Sept 16, 2001

On the other hand, you have the mole Zawahri making claims to the opposite and basically agreeing with whatever Bush & Co publicly say.


I think there is no nationwide support for the brave IR for two reasons:

1. They are not a single coherent entity, but rather a fragmentation of various groups with different ideas (with the common denominator of liberating Iraq). I believe it would be different if the IR was one body called "The Republican Guard" and thus a continuation of the legitimate government.

2. Since the US is the occupier, most nations/people have a problem criticizing it the way they would criticize any other people/nation (due to coercion, fear, or outright propaganda/brainwashing).

President Izzat Al-Douri:

I believe he is alive. No tapes or recordings are probably the reason he has still not been captured (any recording leaves a trail whether it is uploaded via the net or handed to a tv station).

The recent media reports of his meetings and the fake capture story seem like covert attempts to flush him out...which he has ignored.

There is no denying, the Baath has lost lots of power since President Saddam was murdered, and it has fragmented due to the selling out of some of its high ranking members to the US occupation.

That being said, only the legitimate government can authorize a new government, and hence from a legal standpoint, President Izzat Al-Douri does hold a few aces up his sleeve.


We all agree this is an extension of US covert activity. Iran would not be involved in this since Salafi mindset is anti-everything except and Islamic Khilafa...Thus this group would eventually turn against Iran no matter what due to ideological differences.


A complex issue. On the one hand you see clear US/British/Iranian/Israeli cooperation, on the other you see Israeli/US/British subversion, prosecution, and even military attacks on Iranian interests and groups.

My view remains that Iran is and has always been a target (identified clearly in the "axis of evil" speech). My view also is that Iraq has been a big "trap" that Iran was suckered into (just like Saddam was suckered into Kuwait by his the very same friends/allies). The Iran-Iraq border was deliberately let open to allow an influx of Iranian and Iranian backed groups (all under the watchful eye of the Brits and US). These groups came into what they thought was the ultimate prize, and are now discovering that the US has built its legal case for military action using the entrance of Iran into Iraq as pretext.


I see no difference between people who join the Sahwa and people who join the puppet police/army - they are all US funded and ultimately serve the interest of the occupation.

The excuse that people have no income or that they needed to counter the Shia groups is not a justification for collaboration (there is never a justification for such action). Iraq is the land of the two rivers, and its land will give its people food if they merely till it. As for Shia militias, they can be fought with the barrel of a gun just like most IR groups are fighting it without having to work for the occupation.

The Sahwa was founded by agreements with the tribal leaders, and these people I must say are scum of the Earth who can almost always be bought.

All that being said, I am always honored to discuss and share views with one of the wisest and most patriotic women I have ever come across.

I remain in solidarity, your brother.
Anonymous said…
Joseph Goebbels Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda 1933 – Under Hitler's lst Govt.
“Propaganda becomes ineffective the moment we are aware of it.” Hence this attempt at lengthy awareness.

Perhaps we should look at "Al-Qaeda as a magical hat which the US/Israel use to play trickster games on us.

Enter the US's good "AQ" hat. Historically, the USA first used the good 'Al-Qaeda' hat in Afghanistan. In this case Bin Laden mutually wore it alongside the US in Afghanistan to undermine Russia.

Enter again the good "AQ" hat. One only has to go back in history,and think about Kosovo, where the USA again used the good Al-Qaeda hat. In this case those who shared the Taliban ideology wore it alongside the US in Kosovo to undermine Yugoslavia.

At the time, Aust. David Hicks, who one could aptly describe as a very naive young man, at a restless and emotional stage in his life,turned to Islam. David fought in Kosovo with the good 'Al Qaeda' hat under the USA's command.

David, along with many other Anglo's was a US/Aust. hero then. But following Kosovo, when he went back to Aghanistan/Pakistan, and then when Sept 11th occurred the US arrested him and transformed him overnight into a bad 'Al-Qaeda'hat terrorist.

If one viewed the documentary with David being interviewed by the US/Aust Intelligence his response to questions was very telling, because he did not see he had done anything wrong, and was very co-operative and open. (While still with the Taliban, he was picked up in Afghanistan by the US while standing guarding a truck) Because of his being so apolitical,and naive he did not seem to understand that the USA had now decided to switch the Taliban's good 'A-Qaeda' hat to a bad 'Al-Qaeda hat, due to the Taliban having now fallen out with the US.

David,once a patriotic US/Aust. hero in Kosovo, spent 5 long years in Guantanomo Bay.

Perhaps, we all should think here about the length the US were prepared to go to to have us believe that the Taliban were now the bad "Al-Qaeda" hat. And from this to make certain we thoroughly believed this nasty trick the US heinously used and abused hundreds of innocent mainly ME men (Guantanamo Bay)

Now back to Bin Laden -It is my view that Bin Laden had nothing whatsoever to do with the 11th September. Because he was dead by then. It is also my view that Bin Laden died between the period after the first US Gulf War, and before the following event of llth Sept. Bearing in mind he had a serious kidney disease and needed to be on kidney machine.

From my research, the US fell out with Bin Laden when the US took it for granted that they could use Saudi Arabia as a staging post for their troops preparing for the first Gulf War (Kuwait). After this the US embassy was shut down in Saudi Arabia, and the US went-a-running. Also although Bin Laden was enemies with Saddam Hussein, evidently he was upset by the number of Iraqi children who had died under the US-led sanctions on Iraq.

So when Bin Laden died, the US decided to take the good 'Al-Qaeda' hat from his head and put the bad 'Al-Qaeda hat on his dead body. Because by this time Bin Laden had also fallen out with the US.

Also is my strong view that when Bin Laden died,his death became the perfect plot for the US. They had a bogey-man to head their newly created artificial enemy the bad 'AQ' hat spawned from the event of 11th Sept. This has enabled the US to be able to take Bin Laden out of his coffin, and bring him back to life for the occasional propaganda purpose, and then put him back in his coffin until they need him again.

And what makes the whole thing appear genuine is that the US also at the same time have their certain Middle Eastern reactionaries to pretend to wear the bad "AQ" hat in the US trickster show. This is where our Media draws attention to the spooky Middle Eastern Islamics who send out anti-american messages from Bin Laden.

Just using plain old-fashioned common-sense, perhaps we should ask ourselves, if one was being defamed world wide as the world's leading terrorist and accused of being responsible for 11th Sept. surely we would want to either clear our name, or politically claim responsibility for this act. We surely would not disappear off the face of the earth never to be seen in the flesh again. And if there was a $50 million US bounty on our head,we would surely soon be ferreted out up by somebody. But in this case,a dead man cannot respond, and the $50 million will stay in the US/CIA's petty cash drawer.

As another variation of the magical "AQ"
hat game. What better plot is there than having the main character as a symbolic enemy leader, whom one could be assured would never ever be able to set us straight on this matter. Whilst at the same time also having an inbuilt group of people working with you, who can disrupt and undermine another country.

This is reflected in Iraq, where we have the US using the bad 'AQ' hat. But the trick here is that the US are only pretending it is an 'AQ' bad hat. Instead it is the US's 'AQ' good hat working and undermining Iraq by counter- revolutionary activity in co-operation with the US. And be assured elements of this pretending 'AQ' bad hat would be co-opted from Iraqs main enemies US/Israel/Iran.

In Iraq's case,the US can produce this phoney bad 'AQ' hat for us to focus on. And at the same time, they can downplay genuine Iraqi Resistance by tarring this resistance as either "insurgency" under a legal Iraqi government,which does not exist, or as the bad "Al-Qaeda" terrorist hat.

Interestingly in the present US instigated anti-China frenzy,I note a similar theme which was used against Iraq in regard to the Kurds. China is now being accused of treating the Tibetans badly. Although their life expectancy under China has gone from 30 years to 60 years and many Chinese say that the Tibetans get more favours than them. One could say here, same theme different country.Sounds familiar doesn't it. The US's hidden “Al-Qaeda” in the case of China will be the Falun Gong and US/CIA terrorist trained Tibetans. and any other stray paid US Asian reactionaries they can muster up. and be presented to us as the goodies.
KM said…
KM said…
This may be of interest to you Layla.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Layla, Layth, Km and Bluegum for this very informative dialogue among you. It provides much food for thought.

I've always had my suspicions about AQ - who wouldn't, especially with it conveniently turns up when the US is trying to draw attention away from (one) of its many continuous failures?

Long live Iraq
Long, long live Iraqi Resistance

In solidarity
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Layth,

I will not reply to you this time but strongly urge you to read the latest of the Mc Clatchy report posted on Uruknet.

That will provide half a reply and the other half will be given to you as a surprise, part of a post, inshallah, which am planning to write soon.

And I surely don't want to spoil the surprise for you now :-)

Best to you Brother.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for your thoughtful and long comment. I agree with the bad AQ hat and good AQ hat.

Notice, I've mentioned it before and will mention it again, the Talibans are making progress and there is no AQ in Afghanistan. Strange huh?
Layla Anwar said…

thanks for the links, will check them out...
Layla Anwar said…

I think Layth provided a reply to why Al Douri would not post his video. It makes sense to me.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

You said "I've always had my suspicions about AQ - who wouldn't, especially with it conveniently turns up when the US is trying to draw attention away from (one) of its many continuous failures? "

And I would add when the US conveniently needs it to wage yet anothe battle like the upcoming one in Mosul. We are now told that Mosul is riddled with terrorists...
Get my drift ?
Layla Anwar said…

I've thought about your valid question, and I would really need a whole article to tell you why...
And am not sure you will like the answers, at least the ones I've come up with.
This will require on my part to give you a historical background of the propaganda war, how it was formulated, starting all the way back in 1991. Do you have the patience to read all of that ? And do I have the patience to write all of that ? Not tonight though.
Anonymous said…
Yes, definitely if there is one quality I have it's patience...

So take your time.

Bless you.
Anonymous said…
KARLMARXWASRIGHT--Can't agree with you about video. It does NOT make sense to me. I'm quite sure he's dead.
dilbertgeg said…
Of course you guys are spot on about Al-Qaeda, I don't know all the ME details, but I can cover a few things.

Almost the entire 9-11 conspiracy crowd focused obsessively on the physical mechanics of the event, so it was a natural play for Popular Mechanics to take potshots at "low-hanging fruit", stupid ideas, plus inject their own false ideas and strawmen.

Only a few in the US have analyzed Al-Qaeda as you have. My point -- and Greg cannot dispute this either -- is that numerous high-level Americans very close to Intell, the Pentagon, the Bush admin, and the War on Terror were publicly cheering for a future bloodbath on US soil, before 9-11.

Yes they were.


You may find this hard to believe, but they said that the American people were too apathetic about war -- too lazy, too cowardly, too chickenshit, too loving, too compassionate, too decent, too honest, too fair, too interested in eating pizza and watching re-runs to be interested in GLOBAL HEGEMONY games. So their desire to overcome this "apathy" was matched by their desire to wage global war, which they claimed was ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE, and also URGENT. Narrow window of opportunity.

To break that down, they did not use the word "bloodbath", but they did use terms like "massive castastrophic event", "security threat", "like Pearl Harbor", etc.

One had the gall to describe this future imaginary event as LUCKY and as a BLESSING FROM GOD ("providentially").

None of this is exactly hidden, but one has to dig around a bit, and know where to look. PNAC is one. Everyone should know that the PNAC plan was copy-and-pasted into the Bush Doctrine, and most of the PNAC crew became the Bush cabinet and staffers, and this was obviously decided in advance, when Bush was picked by Cheney to be the spokesman. (Cheney snarls too much.)

Brzezinski's book and quotes are another source. A third originally came via Ron Paul's speech "Neo-Conned" (i dont support him, but speech was good) in which he quoted Michael Ledeen, Zionist and spy for Israel. A fourth I know of is a Brookings/CFR guy named Lindsay, the source of the "apathy" quote.

Now that touches maybe 30-50-1000 people who WANTED A BLOODBATH IN AMERICA, depending on how much you widen these groupings.

Hey Americans - Aren't these the people supposed to be PROTECTING us?? Doesn't it bother you that they say they wanted to see us killed in large numbers?

The TV media has even hosted some of these guys, Ledeen is hawking his book on bombing Iran, but NOBODY in mainstream media has ever mentioned these quotes, except on the web.

Even for most ardent Bush lover and anti-conspiracist (except for the official Al-Qaeda conspiracy) should find that odd that nobody even thought to mention this QUIRK -- unless they've been sniffing Bush's anus so long they have brain damage.

And it's not just Bush of course. Right-y-o. As Layth said, it goes back to Afghanistan (before the Soviet invasion, according to the sponsor, Brzezinski), and Kosovo (according to many sources, including the US Senate Republican Party.

Jimmy Carter's admin made it a covert op. Ronald Reagan made Al-Qaeda a National Treasure, which he celebrated and demanded that every American celebrate. Three Al-Qaeda (Muj) lobby groups were hosted by the Heritage Foundation, and got backing from the Christian Coalition.

Even Fox News all but accused Israel of complicity on 9-11 --- one time, then it vanished. Britt Hume and Carl Cameron on Israel 9-11. YouTube. One called "9-11 an OUTSIDE job".

CAUTION: As a loyal American, I've been wondering WTF is up with Israel? What is this "special relationship"? I didn't used to hear this. Could Zionists really control the USA? Some try to cite the (false) Protocols, but I have a more relevant idea.

I can factually state that James Jesus Angleton created Mossad in 1951. And I can factually state, that men who later formed CIA originally backed the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. For that matter, Philby and Dulles gave the Kingdom to Ibn Saud, before Israel was founded. (If I'm wrong, let me know.)

(As a matter of fact, while many of you understandably like Saddam, I mocked some Americans by pointing out that Saddam and Hitler DID have something in common as Bush said: The Bush family backed both of them --- for a while.)

I've seen people MOCK me on this, and try to make excuses (different era, etc.), but no one has been able to dispute it, and the sources are solid.

So it seems that OSS/CIA/Wall Street (whathaveyou) played a role in creating the Nazis, the Shah, the Saudis, Israel, Saddam, and Al-Qaeda, plus a few more violent dictators, including George W. Bush.

The flipside is that the CIA has also sponsored many LIBERAL groups PEACE groups HUMAN RIGHTS groups and LABOR groups, according to ex-CIA Ralph McGehee.

Not very helpful now, I'm afraid, but each person who hears this is less duped, so I try to tell many.

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