Torturing the Agonizing.


I am posting a video from Shiistan...I don't feel like doing it, but I have to. And I will translate for you the gory stuff...

I have erased the video. I don't want these gruesome sights on my blog. You can check the video HERE. The translation is below.

A detainee has been tortured by "Iraqi forces" in a police station until death, Al-Sharqiya TV has not been able to get any information as to why this detainee has been tortured in this most abject way. Al Sharqiya TV asks it viewers not to allow children and others to view this clip out of respect for humanity. (what fucking humanity ???)

The Iraqi government has kept quiet when it was handed this film by Al-Sharqiya. And would not reply to any questions as to why and whom this detainee is and why this horrific torture.

Welcome to your Freedom and Democracy of the new Iraq, where the agonizing are tortured until their last breath...

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