Yellowjumpsuits - Iraq's Prisoners in American Dungeons.

As you know in occupied Iraq there are many dungeons -- need I repeat myself ?!
There are the sectarian Shiite dungeons who just relish sodomy with sticks, pistols and cables and the use of hamburger grills on their prisoners, that is after the Black and Decker drill ...
Then there are the Kurdish dungeons in so-called Iraqi "Kurdistan"
And last but not least - there are the American dungeons.

I think the word - Dungeonistan is an appropriate one to describe the "new" Iraq of Freedom and Democracy...

Today I will focus on the American jails IN IRAQ. Now, I want you to re-read that short sentence. I repeat
the American jails IN Iraq. Just in case you missed it - I will repeat it a third time - the AMERICAN jails IN IRAQ.

In other words the barbaric hoards of americans cross oceans to come and jail people in their own country - and the same animals call it Freedom and Democracy. It's like me landing in that shit hole called the USA and I bring with me a hoard of men and jail all of you bastards in your own turf. And those I can't jail myself, I will hand over to leaders of sectarian death squads so they can grill your asses, barbecue them or drill you to the bone...but hey am bringing you freedom, I am actually liberating you from a dictatorship...why can't you sons of bitches be grateful now ?! Oh and am sorry if there are instances of a little" excessive use of force" if at all - I've got a few "bad apples" in my cart.

OK jerks - the joke is over. Here is a sample, yet another sample of Iraqi men in U.S prisons IN IRAQ. This -- I received a couple of days ago (Thanks A.H.)

I remember, in Nazi Germany, they made jews wear Yellow armbands.. In Iraq, you make us wear Yellow jumpsuits.

These are SOME of their pictures and their names in both Arabic and English. Click on the picture to enlarge name. Some are as young as 15 and some as old as 65. Prisoners in their own country by a FOREIGN power called America. And here's your Freedom and Democracy Photo Album.

Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 2
Click here for Part 3
Click here for Part 4
Click here for Part 5
Click here for Part 6
Click here for Part 7
Click here for Part 8 

I looked at each picture, and wondered how many Abu Ghraib Freedom and Democracy methods they were subjected to.

I am REQUESTING -  oh yes you read me right - am not begging, am not pleading, am not supplicating, am not gently asking, am not appealing....I am DEMANDING that all organizations concerned with "human rights" (what's that???) be it the UN, Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, REPRIEVE, Lawyers, Jurists and anyone else to MAKE A MOVE NOW!

For those who have one iota of conscience left - you can contact the lawyer and human right activist-- Dr. Mohamed Al-Shekhili - Director of the Center for Justice (London) for more ample information and a more comprehensive list of prisoners names. This is his email address.

And NO ! I will not mind my language. You have stripped the word Morality of any meaning. My language is like rosewater in comparison to your criminal deeds. And yes ALL the american "people" ARE responsible for this Iraqi HOLOCAUST.

Good God ! this is a never ending nightmare....

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