Whose Crash is it ?

Something is not right and no longer jives here.

Just six months ago, everyone was talking about a huge crash - a reminder of 1929. Major American investment banks were about to be bailed out and a plan for some sort of state intervention/nationalization was en cours...

In the past 3 days, 4 major American banks are exuberant with joy, exhibiting billions of dollars of profit from stock investment revenues. How is that so ?

I am no economist and I don't know the exact workings of finance capital, but common sense tells me if the economy was on the brink of collapse and rates dwindled down and market indices tumbled, and the deficit is in trillion of dollars, and industries closed down, and unemployment rates shot up and heads of states gathered in urgency with a Marshall plan look-alike to save the economies of the West - then how does one make profits in such an atmosphere ?

Someone has been lying to you and I all along...

My guess is this crash has been fabricated with a specific purpose...

Those banks own the government of the U.S. Those banks own the American people.

And you dare and come talk to me about being independent ?

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