The blogger Irish4palestine has published a VERY ,VERY, IMPORTANT piece of Information and I urge you ALL, to read it and circulate it around.

From this article, it seems that ANY criticism :

Of the Jewish state, of Judaism, of Jews, of Zionists, of Zionism, of Zionist thought, of Israel, of world Jewry, of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis, of questioning the holocaust, of questioning the eternal Jewish victim mentality, the paranoia, the neurosis, the eternal pain industry ...

Of Jewish : racism, immorality, political corruption, theft, pillaging, rape, usurpation, appropriation, lies, deceit, manipulations, criminality, terrorism, arrogance, nazi methods, nay worse than nazi methods...and the FORBIDDEN under the charges of the very handy label of "anti-semitism".

So this is the progression folks.

If you mention the word jew - you are an anti-semite.
if you mention the word judaism - you are an anti-semite
if you mention the word zionist- you are an anti-semite
if you mention the word jewish state- you are an anti-semite
if you mention the word israel - you are an anti-semite.

I love this "anti-semite" label. ALL of the JEWS use it. From the far right to the far left, including some self professed "anti-zionist" jews. They love in their extreme paranoia - to point the finger immediately at anyone with the label "you are an anti-semite."

When in fact, this tribal lot are the MOST ANTI-SEMITIC, RACIST, self-invented group, I have ever come across, who do nothing but project their own hatred of anyone not jewish onto others. The true anti-semites, the true anti-any "other" are none, but themselves.

Of course, any slurs, insults, criticisms, denigration, racist attacks, of none jews are secretly and not secretly welcomed by these people. In particular if you have a go at ARABS and MUSLIMS.

So, it ensues - a high level of "tolerance" and even encouragement for labels such as ARAB/MUSLIM or ISLAMIC : fanatic, radical, insurgent, terrorist, backward, rigid, oppressive, repressive...etc.

Peruse your regular media info, even your "alternative" media, and the "alternative" blogs, they are full of them. But that is OK. That's not "anti-semitic." Have a go at Muslims, Islam and Arabs -- and you will be one of them in no time. But not completely, since you are after all, nothing but a lesser being - a gentile, a goyim.

Do me and do yourself a favor -- read the ARTICLE HERE.

P.S : Don't be surprised if you can't find my blog in the following days - it is a high probability.

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