How to get inside a Fortress.

Green zone. Sounds like a nice word. Green lush, cool shades, paved streets, no garbage dumps, no pools of sewage, running water and 24/7 electricity...all complemented with bars serving alcohol, a couple of dancing nightclubs, Olympic size swimming pools with WATER, and good looking women and hookers alike, throwing away their dreary black robes for hot pants...

To get inside that fortress of corruption, theft, criminality, prostitution (political and otherwise) get inside the pimping circle of the puppets of the dual occupation, is no easy task. Several checkpoints and stringent security measures are in place well before you reach the main gate.

Today's explosions inside the fortress tell us otherwise...

Maliki was quick to blame "Sunni insurgents" and "Baathist Saddamists" as opposed to non Saddamist Baathists.

However this short video tells otherwise, or at least leaves the door open to other "culprits."

How to get inside the green fortress remains a mystery.

It is either a continuation of the same tactic used by Iran's Shi'ite political parties i.e the puppet government to mobilize Iraqis along sectarian lines (which is NOT in our nature nor in our history) as a preparation for a "final solution" to the Arab Sunnis - read another round of deadly sectarian violence which will finish us off one and for all. Or it may well be the work of adamant resisters who will not give up and who have managed to hit in the heart of the American/Iranian fortress...targeting the ministry of Foreign affairs led by the Kurdish puppet Zebari and the ministry of Finance led by the Iranian sectarian Shiite puppets.
For your info, the ministry of Finance is now led (if my memory serves me right) by Solaghr Jaber (ex-minister of Interior) who during his reign this ministry (and still is) was turned into a torture dungeon. Solaghr Jabr is an Iranian national, by the way.

I personally like to think it is the latter.

Which brings me to another very important point - how did they get through ?

I leave this to Sherlock Holmes, or to some Arsene Lupin, or maybe to Odierno himself...

I do feel very sad about the innocents who live in the fortress, "malgré eux." or those who happened to be there, visiting for official purposes.

I do extend to their families my deepest condolences, and welcome them to visit the rest of us in the Red Zone where we will be able to fulfill and extend our hospitality as per the tradition for the Dead.

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