A brief Hate statement...

I really hate America, Americans, their culture, their ways, their accent, their politics, their arrogance, their stupidity, their ignorance...
I really can't stand Americans. I can't stand their men, their women, their country, everything they represent...

I truly, deeply, sincerly hate them.

I will elevate this hatred to an Art form.

What colors do you think I should use ? I love colors and I find them to be a colorless people...

So what colors should I use ? Gray, Black or Red ?
Or maybe just White ?

I have this idea of taking an old sheet, a dirty sheet...burn the edges, stab it with knifes and make holes in it, over a million holes, then throw in some bright red, like rain drops...

At other times, I fantasize about using the Abu Ghraib excrements and smudging the sheet with it, then collectively wipe your faces with it. Wipe your faces with the shit of the detainees you tortured.

Sometimes, my fantasy takes on a perverted twist, you must be a contagious lot with your perversity.

So I imagine a dirty sheet, covered with semen from forced masturbation, and have a few penises dangle on the corners, the penises you castrated, have them dangle there...and then give it a few brushes and strokes of hemorrhaging blood from the wombs of the women you raped. And this will be your new American flag.

Then you can all gather under that flag and we will take pictures of you. Don't forget to say cheese, will you ?

You know something, all the Americans I come across, the ones who are polluting the Middle East like some bacterial disease, they all know how much we hate you deep down...

They invariably start their sentences with "I'm an American, I hope you don't hate me"...And we give you the same stuff over and over..." No of course not, we have nothing against the American people"..."It's your government."

A lie...

Can you really blame any of us? What is so likeable about you ? After all you are nothing but a bunch of cold, indifferent, murderers...murderers of an innocent people. A people you have totally destroyed, destroyed right down to its fibers...

Your Bush, your Clinton, your senile Congress, your Senate...and you....All to be flushed down the toilet. But then, even the sewages of the world will vomit you out.

Of course if you are eager to hear words of praise, you really should not be visiting this blog. You can go to other Iraqi bloggers who have developed the expertise of kissing your ass for a "symbolic fee". Inside and outside the Green Zone.

But then deep down, you have contempt for these bloggers...They are too slave like. What you really secretly long for, is someone to tell you the Truth about you, about your moral degenerateness. And I shall not spare you. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever...

The most fascinating part of it all, is that I am very comfortable with this feeling I harbour towards you. It does not bother me, does not eat me up, does not cause me any guilt trips...It is so natural, so free flowing...

So what do you think ? What is the most appropriate expression for me to show you how much I really hate you ?

P.S: Brits may apply too. But you may get the leftovers...After all you have become a leftover yourselves.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sina Ata, 2007 "Farewell to Baghdad".


Anonymous said…

I think you just hate men.

How was life for you and your family under Saddam? Well taken care of?
Anonymous said…

I was referring to the detainees that were raped and castrated by your brave boys...
Have you never seen the pictures?
Anonymous said…
It is an abomination that you make the US military out to be a bunch of Abu Ghraib rapists. Wherever you go, there are criminals - the criminals from Abu Ghraib are traitors, and are rotting in jail - at least some of them. There will never be a justice that can stand up to this crime, but what you are saying in your blog is not only inaccurate, it invites more aggregate suffering. The US Soldier is one of the most disciplined, professional soldiers in the world. In Iraq, the US Soldier is more trusted than the Iraqi government. For every criminal you find, there are ten soldiers that personally take it upon themselves to help a sick Iraqi child, or visit with and comfort a suffering Iraqi family. US Soldiers put their lives on the line every day to protect Iraqis.

My friend asked me once why we don't just nuke Iraq. I tried to explain to him that we are trying to turn the Middle East around. We want to win hearts and minds and switch the ME to democracy, or at least one country, so that some day our children will no longer have to worry about animals who fly planes into buildings. I don't think he really gets the connection. He simply hates the terrorists. You hate everyone. Is that true? The cycle of hate goes on.

You never answered my question - I suppose you were better off under Saddam. Wife of a military man? Did he die in a fight with the Americans?

BTW, (this is a serious question) why don't they show the pictures of the thousands of Iraqis tortured by Al Qaeda?
Anonymous said…
I read your other blogs. I guess I wasted my time. You are just another typical ME conspiracy theorist. Is that right? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_theory

If 100,000 tons of gold were discovered in a tunnel in Baghdad, and every Iraqi was suddenly rich, you would find a way to squander it or give it up and then blame it on "the Man" - the Americans in this case. Oh, wait - that already happened. You are sitting on top of enough oil to make everyone rich, you have a new, free constitution, and all sides have suffered immeasurably. The last time anything like this happened was the birth of the USA.

Bush is not a vampire, Americans deserve peace as much as you do, let go of your hate - stop being a stooge for the America haters. Put your brilliant mind to some good use.
Anonymous said…
Greg you are for lack of a better suited word at the moment, a complete
moron. First, because you actually believe that Bush and Co. don't have some ulterior motive for US OCCUPATION of Iraq. HA. If you knew anything about the role that US has played throughout the world as a democracy-restoring nation, you would think twice about the things you say. I was born in Chile, under the dictatorship of Agusto Pinochet,put in place by the lovely American CIA. They savagely ripped out the heart of my country by stripping it of its former president Allende and posting yet another puppet. My mother lost many family members under Pinochet's regime, and this is all because of America's filthy "benevolent" intentions. I live in the US, and even with all the media bullshit coverup of Iraq and ME, I am still aware of what is happening, and the shit US is causing over there. One day you will remove your head out of your ass (or the President's) and understand what we are fucking up. Layla is fully entitled to think and feel in the matter she bests sees fit, because she has lived through this torture. You have not. So go back to your la-Z-boy and drink your red bull.

Secondly, you suggesting that under occupation, the
population of Iraq could magically rise above their oppression and take charge of the most valuable resource on earth. I hope you are alive in 20 years when China takes over this whole damned country and strips us of our rights to create a livable existence out of the natural resources we have. Oh wait, that's right, everything we need we can find at our friendly neighborhood wal-mart.
Anonymous said…
Acknowledged, the US looks out for its own interests first. I look out for my family first. The fact that Germany and Japan were completely rebuilt and successful democracies, while the CIA ruined your country was due to the chance. Sorry about that. Ill bet your hero Hugo will foul things up before it is all over - central planning is iffy at best. Our military never occupied your country...

Other than Taiwan, China isn't going to take over anything. For better or worse, it is in Japans interest to check Chinas power.

BTW, its not a la-Z-boy, it is a glider-rocker and diet Pepsi. After all, I need my exercise.
Anonymous said…
BTW, Perla, where did you come from? No posts on this blog. Do you drink the hate America Kool Aid or am I being a conspiracy theorist?
Unknown said…
dear greg, you missed one point, i dont think we have asked US to come and bomb our territory to bring mcdonald democracy, if you think the sentiment expressed in this blog are just hate america cool aid nad has nothing to do with lived reality - why bother visiting this blog many times?
Anonymous said…
response to Greg from US
Go do some reading. Even your own US countryman, William Blum, former US State Department, in his excellently referenced and detailed book “Killing Hope “ has listed the US military's covert and overt operations in 56 countries of the world, since the end of world war 2. (1945-2003)

Blum thoroughly details and references the US military's/CIA dirty rotten heinous crimes carried out against people of these countries; of which the US bombed 25 of them, and caused the end of life for several million people.

So just for starters you have at least the majority of people from 56 Countries around the world that hate the US's guts. That excludes the US's puppet well-fed elite in these countries of course. In 2008 you can now add a few million more onto this number.

One can honour soldiers defending their own sovereign country. But one does not honour the US's barbaric marauding invaders of bullies cum pillagers, destroyers, ransackers, torturers, rapists, assassins, chemical poisoners, and murderers. This is what the majority of the worlds' people see the US and its military as. Bearing in mind not one of these 56 countries were a threat to the US.

And while your US airmen/women brag about the precision of their bombs of death. You disgusting cowards have the audacity, when you fire on civilian targets to tell us it was a mistake.

The issue that stands out here, is the glaring fact that the US never takes on anybody their own size. Like most bully boys it picks on those who have little defense to no defense. And then its excuse-for-soldiers kid themselves they are heroes.

In view of all this, of course you are a hateful country, which millions of people around the world healthily, and quite justifiably hate.
Anonymous said…
You are right, I don't know what compels me to visit this blog. There is no hope of changing anyone's mind. I am probably just hardening stones. At the same time I feel like screaming.

Whatever - I don't care if the rest of the world hates us - they read or listen to what they want to hear - William Blum, Saddam Hussein, whoever gives them an easy answer for their problems. If you think blind hatred gets you somewhere, you are sooo sadly wrong. If bigots in Al Qaeda attack the US again - worse than 911 - it will turn all of our la-Z-boy cowboys into a raging bunch of killers - not the guys that are treating our enemies with "kid gloves" now.

Iraqis are much better off working with us to clear out Al Qaeda, then we will go home and you can run your own affairs, less Saddam, with the only democratic system in the ME other than Israel. The US should/will only meddle when it feels it is threatened. (By the way, any threat to the oil supply is definitely a life threat to millions here - we have these wild lefties over here that have blocked us from building enough nuclear plants to cut our oil dependence. They would rather we meddle in your affairs than take any risk of an accident) Finally, America and the rest of the world are joined. If the USA falls into chaos, your satisfaction will be tempered by the knowledge that we will probably drag everyone down with us.

As for the atrocities, I didn't commit them so I can't apologize for them. WHY DONT YOU WALK DOWN TO YOUR NEIGHBORS HOUSE, the one who scared off, tortured or murdered half the sunnis or shia in town and ask him to apologize first?

We are the good guys, no matter what William Blum or Kim Jong Ill or anyone else says. I would show your people a lot more mercy than you would show mine. And that goes for my family, my town, my state, etc., so I can confidently project that thinking onto the majority of US soldiers. I can be angry with this blog or posts without lusting to see your skin peeled off - can you say the same?

"You disgusting cowards have the audacity, when you fire on civilian targets to tell us it was a mistake." Yep, it was a mistake. We don't target civilians.

"the US never takes on anybody their own size" The last time we did that, 50 million people died in WWII. Is that what you lust for?

If YOU killed my family, I would hunt YOU. I would hunt YOU down and kill YOU. That is the only way I would be a slave to my hate. But then if I captured my enemy I would have the discipline not to torture them. Unless you have information that can save lives, there is no reason to do it. I know when the devil speaks to me. Is there a devil in Islam? Or is it G-d telling you to blowtorch holes in people's feet?
Anonymous said…
"Iraqis are much better off working with us to clear out Al Qaeda, "

Greg, Who the hell are you to say what is "better" for another nation ?
Anonymous said…
Proverbs 18:2
A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.

We are not the good guys.

I was born in America (thankfully to immigrant parents). Thus I don't quite identify as being an "American". Whatever goodness there was in America has been long lost, w/ them always taking away people wanting to change the system (Kennedy's, MLK, Ron Paul...)

I look around and it is as if I live in a wasteland. I can't stand this Godless, brainwashed, consumer culture and maniacal gov't, I see it all around me at work and on the street. Thank God I am leaving America. Perhaps you've never stepped outside your own culture Greg and looked in from without. You'd be surprised.

I heard Saddam switched from using $ as oil currency to euros. I'm sure that had nothing to do w/ anything. Iran did/wants to do the same thing. Hmm, US wants to attack Iran now for no good reason. 2+2=5?

But I can't judge anyone. Layla can tell me how much she hates me, I will still listen.

We (US) are the beast that feeds the beast (M. East). If you took the time to examine the Bible & history books, you'd find out that the prophecies have been and are being fulfilled. The US/EU is the "beast w/ 2 horns like a lamb" (pretends to be Christian) that is bringing the other beast (Islam) to life.

(I don't mean to preach, but I've recently been so disturbed at the accuracy of Biblical prophecy I wish to point it out to anyone else interested in it. That's all I'll say on that, take it or leave it.)

Anonymous said…
response to Greg from USA

“I do not care if the rest of the world hate us”.
"If America falls into chaos we will probably drag everyone down with us.”

It seems you and Bush are like- minded. According to one of his official's statements '' WE DO NOT CARE IF THEY HATE US AS LONG AS THEY FEAR US” (Washington Post 5th.'&, 9th March 2003)

As to your statement if America falls into chaos will we all be dragged down with you.



In your problem with your identity USA, one can offer the truth -

which is that one cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear. And that's it, full stop, nothing more to be said.

It seems you or most other Americans do not know the difference between Iranian/Persian and Iraqi/Arab, the words.'secular'and'fundamentalist' and the difference between Persian and Arab Islamic religion. And most of all the difference between democracy and oppression.

So you should go and inform yourself of all this before making such outlandish and stupid statements about something you obviously have little knowledge.

Until such time we will be contemptuous of your ignorance, and mindful of your lies, when both you and your fearful leader,George Bush, attempts to have the world believe, that the destruction of Iraq in this present time, is simply about Iraqis killing each other, with a sprinkling of naughty Al Qaeda in there as well.

Oops! just found this on the floor! (see attached memo: there is no need for anyone to know that we have given the OK. for our mates the Iranians, to drill and kill Arab Iraqis. - George B.)

And as for Al Qaeda and the USA. It is simply about Bush's dirty deceptive rotating game of 'my enemies are my friends, and my friends are my enemies.'

Yes, we can see clearly, that while Al Qaeda are supposedly the US's enemy in Iraq, we know dam well they are the US's allies in Kosovo. So please spare us your US doublespeak!

Throughout your whole post you have not substantiated one true fact. Just your stunted view on the world So I agree with you. Go away, and scream your US deceit to yourself.
Peter Vervoorn said…
It is America's Manifest Destiny to destroy civilization in her attempt to control it, reducing the global population and destroying herself in the process.

The job is easier if ordinary Americans are simpletons, gullible, easily provoked to genocide in ideological delusion and hated for it.

Give Americans like Greg the hatred and contempt they need to construct a self-righteous shield and perform the invidious task time has allotted them.
Anonymous said…
Awwwww you hate me Layla? That really breaks me up!!! Good God, how pathetic can you get? Let that hate consume you...go ahead, let that hate flow...do it for me.

You know, this blog entry should be the automatic response sent to every American who agrees with anything you have to say. You know, the ones who kiss your ass, begging for forgiveness of their sins. I am talking about the Americans who don't think they are included in your hate-speak - when, in fact, you have more contempt for them than anyone else. You make my skin crawl.

Hate me - I still have electricity
Hate me - I have running water
Hate me - I have a job & money
Hate me - I have law & order
Hate me - I don't spend my life stand in line
Hate me - I have Medicine & insurance
Hate me - I own a house
Hate me - I have a big family who love me & I love them
Hate me - I live in my own country
Hate me - I am a Christian
Hate me - I can walk down the street without fear
Hate me - I am laughing at you
Hate me - IT'S AN HONOR!!!

Face it, Americans are far more innocent than Iraqies. Iraqies relate perfectly to their so called fearless leader, Saddam - a cold, indifferent murderer himself. What is so lovable about you? You are purple fingered traders, liars, cry-babies, backward shits, cowards, sectarian & tribal assholes, fundimentalist nuts, pedophile worshipers, crooks & criminals, rapists, pimps, whores & torturers.

I need to take a bath just thinking about you people....while you enjoy wrapping yourself up in that new American flag you invented....you sick fuck...
Anonymous said…
lol American woman..let that guilt eat you up. It obviously is since you are so incredibly bothered by this blog that you have to respond.

"You are purple fingered traders (?), liars, cry-babies, backward shits, cowards, sectarian & tribal assholes, fundimentalist nuts, pedophile worshipers, crooks & criminals, rapists, pimps, whores & torturers."

everything described here can be turned around and pointed right the face of Americans. And please, refrain from calling yourself a Christian, there is nothing worse than an American christian seeking the death and destruction of another person with the sense of joy that you seem to harbor.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, I am just reflecting Layla's hatred. I really don't mean anything I said about Iraqies. This is the last place I would waste my time expressing my quilt over what the US has done to Iraq.

I just think she is a fucking fraud. She can hate me and wish me not a moment's peace in life and that's ok and she is a good person? Sorry, no way! She is a just self-rightous shithead. She wants you to think that because she is from Iraq that her personal "suffering" is so special. She is only an Iraqi in name. She uses the fact she is from Iraq as an excuse for her perverted hate-mongering. She pretends to cry out for Iraq when all she does is cry out for her pathetic little self. Boo Hoo, you not the priviledged one anymore Layla! It's funny that for such a proud Iraqi, she ran before the first shot was fired.She is the one who has reduced everything in the world down to the following:

Iraqi = Saint
American = Sinner

To her, it doesn't matter to her that I am 17 and couldn't vote for anyone. To her, I am a piece of shit American and she hates me. Period. End of story. So fuck her. Why should I listen to her?
Layla Anwar said…
american juvenile crack addict,

you're too stupid to be graced with a detailed reply.
Go and peel me a grape now.
Layla Anwar said…
max sumus and bluegum,


I believe your replies to the morons coincide...
What amazes me most, is the amount of willful DENIAL these "people?" bask in.
They remind me of a book I read some time ago by Scott Peck, called " The people of the Lie".

Very befitting.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Saydia,

They keep on visiting because they secretly long to hear the truth about their collective shadow...
That is why.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for bringing up Chile and Allende.

Americans still refuse to admit that Allende's govt was democratically elected by the people of Chile, that it was a progressive govt that Chileans wanted and voted for.

Instead, they staged a coup and installed Pinochet, then they go about and praise themselves for being people of a high moral calibre.

The Americans share that trait with their anglo saxon counterparts the Brits.

Shame shit to me.
Unknown said…
To all americans who hate this blog and its truth:

Stop whining...

You all pay taxes, therefore, you are DIRECTLY involved in the murder, rape, and pillage of our beloved Iraq.

You are all criminals no matter how much you claim to be against the war or against your government.

Also, let us not forget that you live on land stolen from its real inhabitants (the native Americans), therefore criminality, murder, and pillage is in your blood and the blood of your ancestors.

God willing we will have our day of justice when you and your ilk will be fed to the flames of Hell.
Anonymous said…
And this link for these two videos are for the American killers parading as civilzed people, that includes the sick Greg.

Anonymous said…
You are the whinner, bitch. wa wa wa, you destroyed my country..wa wa wa...just wait and see you dirty Americans, we'll show you...wa wa wa...you are criminals...wa wa wa...I have to wait in lines....wa wa wa...my beloved Iraq...wa wa wa..know one wants us....no one cares...wa wa wa long live saddam...wa wa wa..we didn't do anything...wa wa wa...look at what you have done to us...wa wa wa...I hate you...wa wa wa..we are innocent...wa wa wa...farewell to baghdad...wa wa wa..we are rotting away...wa wa wa...you are quite entertaining, I give you that...
Anonymous said…
Wow! Great posts. Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in

bluegum: "if America falls into chaos will we all be dragged down with you. THIS PERSONIFIES THE USA IN ALL ITS STUPENDOUS ARROGANCE,..." Uh, its still true. The same forces of globalization that are raising living standards in China and India will drag them back down if 25% of the world's economy de-rails.

"...FIND THE USA TO BE NAUSEATING." Good. Puk e and maybe you will feel better.

"cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear." You mean that the ME is a pile of poo and that we are wasting our resources there? I disagree. I think the people of the ME are it's asset. No matter how bad it is now, their will to live, their desire for a better life is enough to overcome and turn their streets to gold. If you cannot understand or agree that people will never settle for the shadow of a conspiracy when they can turn around and build a real life - then let me put it another way "in Anbar a perspective less lofty but infinitely more practical has evolved which acknowledges that first and foremost, peace is better for business, and self-interest is a more reliable motive for cooperation than is self-sacrifice" http://www.michaelyon-online.com/wp/the-ghosts-of-anbar-part-1-of-4.htm

"inform yourself of all this before making such outlandish and stupid statements" I figured if I bang on the keyboard enough, something worthwhile may come of it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_monkey_theorem

The rest of your post is disappointing. Where are you from?

max sumus: Bingo. "Give Americans like Greg the hatred and contempt they need to construct a self-righteous shield and perform the invidious task time has allotted them." ("animals who fly planes into buildings")

American woman: Finally an American who rejects the self flagellation bullpoo. The rest of the apologizers should get a historical grip!

Almost - except "I am laughing at you", unless "comedy is tragedy plus time". Otherwise the urge is to punch someone in the face who laughs at you. I would rather keep all the rest of the stuff on the list (you left off the 4 plasma TVs) and duck the punch in the face.

Well, I have to get back to work - one last thing. Layla is a great writer and super-smart - IQ of 140? But she loves Saddam and is hiding something about her past?

Having trouble posting. Possible word filter? Next post to switch to latest thread.
Anonymous said…
may their homes and lives be destroyed too, ameen ya rab al alameen.
Anonymous said…
what's up with laurel, have not had it's fix today?
Anonymous said…

i'll tell ya what layla's hidin'
she's hidin' the fact that she's a he and that he lives in Egypt.
Anonymous said…
laurel & Greg, two brainless mental castrato ameronazi psychopaths...
Anonymous said…
Oh well, as a native born American who has been trying my hardest to learn Arabic for the last 2 years, both as a way of trying to learn more about this beautiful culture, that has frankly been all but banned in my country, and as making a small effort not to be a sheep in my ignorance, I have to agree that we in the US are very ignorant about the Middle East. (Including me.) I believe that ignorance allows us to stereotype and group peoples together. Then it is easy to make them the enemy. I believe that has allowed my country, that I once had great pride in belonging to, to become a beligerant, murderous bully with a false sense of entitlement. But it also allows people who know nothing of me personally to hate me. 2 rights don't make a wrong in my mind. And I see a lot of wrongs on all sides. Is hate the answer? Are all Americans the same, just like certain Americans tell me all Muslims are? I wish the world was so simple!
Anonymous said…
"may their homes and lives be destroyed too"

Right back at you, "ya rab"

layla, I sat there and watched that whole turd of a video you posted. What a crock. That guy just wanted to get elected, or laid.

Here is a video for you - since you are so used to pain and misery, you can make it through 4 more minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpoudLoc8sY

As for the racism after 911, you bet. We were pis sed beyond belief. Palestinians were dancing in the streets. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3u3rMIs5hw
You think you are angry now, words cannot express what we felt that day. The trouble is that 7 years later, I still feel the same while the rest of the country has forgotten.

After 911, I thought Afghanistan and the axis of evil were just the start. I guess we have too many enemies at home to let that happen. But you wait, if OBL kills enough of us, again, Iraq is just the beginning.

So that is why I ask you one more time:give up your hate. You encourage people like "ya rab" to perpetuate the cycle.

"The hate is swelling in you now. Take your weapon. Use it. I am unarmed. Strike me down with it. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant." Pretty much.

Switching to current thread.
Anonymous said…
Good for you, "native born American", learn Arabic - we need translators in Iraq. Now someone needs to teach you that 2 wrongs don't make a right - just kidding :)

I don't know about cozying up to Layla, she/he would stab any American in the back because we are all no good.
Anonymous said…
"american woman" right on, you say what I am feeling. You say everything I have learned not to :)
Anonymous said…
response to greg from usa
"native born American ", learn Arabic.

There Greg goes again! Come on, Mr. USA Greg, admit it, most anglo-north Americans are so dumb, they only know one. somewhat limited, language interspersed with the US's favourite word "fuck" which is used to described everyone and everything in the USA.
My local bus-drivers are far far cleverer and smarter than you US lot will ever be. They speak many languages As like most forced immigrants to western countries usually do.

And,yes, Layla does have a high IQ, that is why she knows exactly what dirty crimes the US/Iranian marauding invaders and occupiers in her country are doing.

Unlike you, whose IQ does not seem particularly high, while you cunningness does,as we see by your question - as to what I meant by 'one cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear'.

As to your seeing no point in the rest of my comments. That is quite understandable. One cannot argue with truth.

As to Japan, yes, according to the US, the USA did a great job on Japan. Fired stormed it, and then dropped the Atom bomb on it, and then forcibly wiped out the Japanese culture, and set up a nation of US materialistic bum-lickers.

This is called “democracy” USA style. Because as most of us are aware American's do not like rich spices in the form of different cultures you see. They want us to be part of their great bland,overpriced tasteless, and synthetic murky take-away corporate soup.

And of course, as history shows, the USA were their usual gross greedy selves, when they denied Japan the oil they needed to exist, which resulted in the Japanese declaring war on the US. This is why in this country, the hundreds of dead bodies of men and women which were found, are mere headstones in our cemeteries.

And maybe you should ask the Okinawa women in Japan how they feel about the USA military's whorehouse city there. They are tired of the US males pack-raping their women since 1945, and they like Iraqi's, want these US dirty invaders and occupiers out of their country.

I could talk about the USA's role in Germany and the Berlin wall, but will leave that for another time.

In all, your verbal screaming and thrashing about, tells one, that you really hate those of us who are in support of the Iraqi Peoples Resistance, because like Layla, we do not fear your somewhat dumb and crumbling USA.

And besides we did not ask you back. But is seems you could not resist us!
Anonymous said…

You are right, I cannot resist. I should become a teacher since it seems your education has been corrupted, as most of your pan arab regimes are.

You are also right, most of us only know one language, and aside from automated phone systems, hopefully we will never need another.

I'm glad you like the nice job we did with Japan. They are really great engineers and have managed to build great cities. I'll bet you wish you could make a pim ple on their posterior, no? They did so well that for a time during the 80s we were worried the Japanese might buy up half the USA. It is great that they began to amend their no war clause/peace loving constitution to begin to rearm in case the US can't protect them against China. You should also thank them for helping out in Iraq.
Anonymous said…

Continuing with Japan - I don't know if they are so materialistic. They have a high savings rate and their lagging consumption has put their stock market in the weeds for 15 years.

Don't feel too sorry for Japan's getting cut off from oil before Pearl Harbor. Remember they had recently committed the "Rape of Nanking". Also they were a card carrying member of the Axis. So much so that Hitler felt compelled to declare war on the US shortly after to back Japan up.

If you think we like bland food, you have not tasted British food. BTW, what does food have to do with anything? I like hot wings, which are probably entry level for you hotheads over there in the ME.

I have a question for you about the "Iraqi People's Resistance" - who are they resisting, Al Qaeda?
chlamor said…
What gets to me is people thinking America was once a great country with a moral compass? When was that? I must have missed that part of history. From the massacres of Indians, to slavery, to Hiroshima, Vietnam, to its policies in Latin America, to its support for the creation of the terrorist state of Israel, to supporting the Shah of Iran, to supporting Saddam with intelligence and chemical weapons against the Iranian people, to these modern day Middle East debacles, America has by far the worst track record. They just have a very powerful propaganda machine to show they are the land of the free.

"We" stole half of Mexico by armed force -- the nice parts with rich deposits of gold and silver (and, as it turned out, oil -- though "we" didn't actually recognize that at the time.)

"We" made sure that "our" influence over Latin America was such that wealth would be steadily transferred from their countries to ours. "We" sent the Marines to Nicaragua, Haiti, & Guatemala often enough to insure that life in those countries would be a permanent living hell for most of the inhabitants. "We" imposed military dictatorships in almost every Central & South American country, stunting the aspirations of their people, & imposing conditions from which some of those countries will never recover. (So if some of the people want to escape from the living conditions in those countries, "we" had very much to do with creating those conditions.)

Interestingly, "we" started doing all this at the same time that "we" were exterminating the indigenous people here, AND using black slaves from Africa. What a loveable, righteous people "we" are, here in the "Land of the Free"!!

To read between the lines of today's American media treatment of the issue, the real "controversy" today is not between decent humane treatment for immigrants; and harassment by racists, vigilantes, and police. It's between two factions of rightwing opinion: should immigrants be exploited for their cheap labor (and their delightful inability to defend themselves), or should racism and xenophobia be pandered to, by encouraging nutcases like the Minutemen, and other "red blooded Amurrikans" who think it's exciting to organize mobs to defend white supremacy? This is a serious "issue" for people like Bush, who is doubtless torn, & genuinely sympathetic to both sides.


"We" came here somewhere in the early 1600s. "We" found this Promised Land, rich beyond imagination with fresh water and fertile earth and abundant game and timber for the felling. And to "our" further delight, it was largely uninhabited--if "we" didn't count the Red Ones.

"We" didn't see too many of them at first; they avoided our noise and the smoke from our fires, which were always too big. But soon enough, "we" were here in such numbers that they couldn't go around us anymore.

"We" were shocked--SHOCKED, I tell ya--that there were Savages in "our" Promised Land! So "we" set about exterminating them. "We" killed them whenever "we" saw them, "we" drove them from their land and their homes, "we" slaughtered their food supply and left the buffalo bodies to rot in the sun by the hundreds of acres. "We" gave them blankets full of smallpox, murdered their children and raped their women before "we" murdered them as well. "We" rounded them up into concentration camps and ate their food while they starved. "We" made them cut their hair, wear britches and beat them to death if they wouldn't speak "our" language.

"We" stole a whole fucking continent from them and paid them in Genocide.
Anonymous said…
reponse to greg usa

Come on Greg, You will have to do better than this. Because the more you talk the more you sound like the title of that book called “The Ugly American” .
Anonymous said…
Well I must say you really have your story put together well. When you meet up with a neutral American it must be easy to mold their opinion to match yours. Then again by now a neutral American is an "Ugly American" because they care little about dramatic world (or domestic) events. I may be giving you ammunition in your arguments with the sheep, but if I can show you how your thinking is flawed, the hope is that some day reality will come crashing down and you will realize you have been on the wrong side. Sort of like what happened to the Soviet bloc after Reagan stood up to and confronted their evil (and backward) empire.

Chlamor said,
"America has by far the worst track record. They just have a very powerful propaganda machine to show they are the land of the free" You must be right or people like me would have the attitude that the strong should subjugate the weak - Wait, doesn't Al Qaeda subscribe to that?

Well our "propaganda machine" worked. We now have half the country falling all over themselves to apologize to anyone and everyone.

Chlamor, you have a good post with many individually accurate points, but I simply don't have time this morning to shoot your aggregate argument down, sorry you will have to wait a little longer to see the light of day.
Unknown said…
As a Frenchman, I am so glad we didn't follow the Americans in this mess...
Layla is obviously right in everything she wrote in her blog, and I am quite astonished at reading all the racist comments this blog's American readers posted in.... How can you look at yourelves in a mirror? I am ashamed for you, and sad for the Iraqi people who have to stand you every single day.
La rédaction said…
Hi Layla,

I really love your blog, full of arts, full of life, full of truth.

This pamphlet against Americain, I wanna tell you that I totally share it.

First of all, American people are not just hated in Iraq, but everywhere in Europe, in Canada, in Latin America.

I am Canadian (with a Swedish pseudo) and all the people I know think that American people are deep morons. In fact, they proved it in 2004 when they re-elected Bush.

Millions of people know that 9/11 was an inside job, or at least, that the US government let it happen. USA are fascist, but still have the liberty. They are just 100 times more stupid and conditioned than the Italians were in the 1930s. In the fascist Italy, people didn't have choice to follow Il Duce, but in the us in the 2000s, people have choice, and because American people are far for being the smartest (in fact, they are all plugged on Ann Coulter's brain, the part where cells are dead).

Layla, good luck

La rédaction said…
The real history of USA

Anonymous said…
You all hate us because you all feel so small and it just makes you feel better. Good luck with that.
Anonymous said…
I'm a French, not so proud of it (my country take part in Iran/Irak war).
Errors are most in the side of the so call Good (europeans/USA).

WW II was a kind of free war (historians will say not only but we will not deny it was part of).
Irak War is a Petrol war, not a Free war. Be sure of it.

to Ying Yang be shamed in face of 5000 years of history in Irak little thinker.
to Greg engulf your dollars and explode in your fat meat, you are uncompationate.

to Leyla I think I understand your hate in your current life, but please, don't sink in hate, it's just a way to war.
I hope you the most you can have, and soon.

World current running in madness (weather, petrolum, financial) disgust me since my 5 year old. I'm abashed by the work we will have to reconstruct the World if we don't destruct us or It.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I am so sorry for you that you allow this hatred to fill you and, ultimately, destroy you. You have reason to be so anxious, but hatred is not the answer. I am an American woman. There is nothing I can do about that any more than you can change the circumstances of your birth. If my taxes were used to support this war, I can do nothing about that short of stopping to work and letting my family become homeless.

You are grossly oversimplifying this situation in your rage and condemning innocent people, presuming to judge that you do not know, and not acting with but the shallowest of motives. I can understand that and, Layla, I would die for you and the others who suffer, and not just in your country but in sub-Sahara Africa and countries everywhere that are enduring suffering, often beyond your own. My own country oppresses me. It is a reality of life that bullies everywhere seek to dominate the masses (you had Saddam, we have our current administration, and we could go on and on from there, from neighborhood gangs to whole nations). We can only overcome them by joining forces and find ways to resist and depose. That is, we must fight with our intelligence and not with harsh words and raw emotion, by letting blind hate cloud our minds, by turning on each other. We really are all one community and, as women, I believe we have a long overdue obligation to join forces and bring balance to this male-dominated world, with all the excesses that implies. I'm an idealist and I don't expect to see this happen, but I also am pragmatic enough to know that it could. It's all about capturing a larger vision. And never giving up the effort.

You may hate me if you like, if that will somehow make you feel better, although you don't know me and I dare say you would love me if you really did. However, reaching for a larger solution and vision would be better for you and I believe that this is where true religious belief, that based on real spirituality, will aid and abet, comfort and guide.

I do not hate you, Layla, though I could for the mutual atrocities that have occurred. Why would I blame you for something of which you are innocent? that you would not perpetrate? No, I empathize with you and I hear your frustration, fatigue, anguish, loss of hope. Nothing will ever be the same again, dear Layla, so imagine how you can make a different life that will still give you some measure of pleasure and satisfaction. Or maybe life just isn't worth living. I've been there in my mind (I have suffered a whole lot in life). Death is also an option. But continuing the hatred that boils from you - that is not a workable option, Layla. Not for you and not for anyone else. You are part of the problem and not part of the solution, and that doesn't serve you well at all. And it is a slow, ugly way to die, first spiritually, then psychologically, than emotionally, finally physically.

You are a very intelligent woman. Set your sights higher, project into the future, idealize what you want, and stop compromising your values. No one controls your mind but you. You have the power to be a force for good, if only to yourself. I speak from grim experience. We are much more alike than we are different. Only our circumstances are different. I have been as bitter as you.

And I am offended that you would hold me responsible for what this imbecile and his cartel did to your country, just as you would not want to be held responsible for the heinous crimes and injustices of Saddam. But if you must paint me with that brush, then paint yourself too. You cannot have it both ways, Layla.

Get a grip. Steady yourself. Find a way out of the dark hole into which you have sunk (and understandably so - I am not without compassion). Use your intelligence and voice for good. Spread a message of love. Save yourself.

And note that this is an election year in America and there is vital interest in this election because of this so-called war, which was never supported by the American people in spite of the terrible lies that were told to us to gain support and fan the flames of fear. We will almost certainly have a president who opposes the war, but I hold no illusions that this will instantly change your circumstance. It is much more complex than that. However, the will of the people regarding your situation will be expressed in this election and that is all we can do in a democracy. After we have voted our will, we are at the mercy of the elected officer and his/her choice of teammates to execute our will as they see fit. I believe it is fair to say that most Americans are exercising their right to vote with great consideration this year, more than ever in their lives, and I guarantee you that ending the war and occupation in your country is at the top of our priorities. It has been financially devastating and all of us are paying an enormous price for it personally. Most of us opposed this, so you can imagine how galling this is to us. Your blog only reminds us of the terrible consequences of this ill-chosen, testosterone-driven, ignorant and arrogant action.

And if, perchance, we have a president who supports this idiocy (given his generations of military indoctrination and brainwashing), I don't want to be held responsible for that because I vehemently oppose it. But I live in a democracy. Think about what democracy means in that context. I don't believe it is the best system of government, but I don't see another that is better, do you? So imagine with me a better system.

I am on your side. You should at least consider mine. We make better allies than enemies and I would like to think that you are not so superficial and hate-driven as to ignore the obvious strength in our cooperation.

Or maybe I have over-estimated you.

A World Citizen, living in America
Anonymous said…
Pardon me please Layla it was Layth who hates others.

I want to add that it's CIA who made Ben Laden in the purpose to fight the evil USSR in Afganistan. It's USA who is the state who clam to be the state of freedom (and my country, France but we saw Rwanda in 1994 ...).
And it's USA (but also other's) who pressure little countries like cow for milk.

We have the luke to know what is on Irak from Irakians (think about Tibet nowaday). Use it to think, particulary you, US citizens, don't make the same errors than 2000 or 2004 (Bush elections) or 2007 french errors (what we will become with a psychotic president).

Peace is perharps a dream for this world but we must try to make it. States and Corporates figth for petrolum, use cycle, busses or what else, avoid plastic material. Politics want hegemony, figth them in elections or in the street, don't allow to say army free a country, protest again army's budget.

Be green and peaceful, either with your neighbour (yes the black one, the mexican one, the arabic one). Educate your children and relative to this. Force them to see the truth, don't trust politcal and media view of rigthous war in Irak or in Afganistan, or terrorists rockets on Israel's civils or wall of the Shame in Palestin.

And please, read history about your country first, and of other country after. blood, Blood, BLOOD !

For american woman : please take a moment to understand people who doesn't have your life, who fight for live every day and not sunk in despair.

Layla, I'm amazed by the Balance you have dispite your situation. Really.
And I beg your pardon for my mistake (yes another time !)
Anonymous said…
a world citizen,

don't you dare compare your little pharisaic self to our principled pen-fighter layla and don't you dare compare your rabid cur of a president to our glorious revolutionary martyr saddam.

go preach to your local parish church, this is a national liberation battlefield.
Anonymous said…
Yes I was selfish and childish in my last post I apologize.
Time for me to stop writing ... and just read ...
Anonymous said…
Here is a plain and simple question:

If you hate America so much why are you living here?????
Anonymous said…
melissa "proud to be from usa" - sounds se xy
Anonymous said…
American woman:

Hate me - I still have electricity
Hate me - I have running water
Hate me - I have a job & money
Hate me - I have law & order
Hate me - I don't spend my life stand in line
Hate me - I have Medicine & insurance
Hate me - I own a house
Hate me - I have a big family who love me & I love them
Hate me - I live in my own country
Hate me - I am a Christian
Hate me - I can walk down the street without fear
Hate me - I am laughing at you
Hate me - IT'S AN HONOR!!!

Of all the comments I've ever read, not just here on Layla's blog but many other sites elsewhere, yours, American woman, especially the one I've copied and pasted above, is, by far, the WORST I've ever seen. You are consumed by venom, which will destroy you, disgusting human being that you are - if you could be called that.

Pride comes before a fall - your arrogance, particularly in the light of all the same things having been taken away from Iraqis by your thieving, murderous, raping, lying people, makes you the lowest of the low.

My wish for you, in particular, is that you suffer the worst retribution ever imagined.

You are SCUM from the gutter, American woman - may you rot there. It's only because I respect Layla greatly, and I respect Iraqi people, which this site represents, that I have not said worse to you. As for your claiming to be 'CHRISTIAN' - may you further rot in Hell, which is where you belong.
Anonymous said…
greg and all the other Americans that post their vacuous commentary here.
We'll see how long your smug vacant smiles last when your economy implodes and you're competing with the other gun-toting hicks for scraps of food on your filthy streets, killing each other for a few gallons of gas.
The rest of the world can't wait for the end of your hick little country and none including us Canadians will do anything but piss over the border on you as you beg.
You time is coming you useless bunch of oxygen wasters.
Anonymous said…
I don’t understand how people don’t understand or give space for this anger. Is she--Layla--not entitled?
We invaded her country--a sovereign country. Is she not entitled to her sovereign anger?
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for a very well written comment.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and Merci.
It is called American ARROGANCE.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thanks for your link and comment. I am glad that canadians also share of my contempt for the "greatest nation on earth" who's done nothing but wreck havoc on other countries and on the globe...
Layla Anwar said…
Layth, Salam,

I absolutely believe that Divine Justice will redress the balance...
I don't know the timing though, and in between, it is only Iraqis who have not sold their conscience, that can pick up the pieces, the rest of the world has forgotten us.
Layla Anwar said…


Sarkozy is following in the footsteps of G.Bush, the French elected Sarkozy. I fear France one of the oldest democracies, (soi disant) to fall into another totalitarian state à l'Americaine.

As for hate, I think you ought to address those who deliberately constructed towers, pools and edifices out of it and handed it to the Iraqis.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous, holier than thou moralistic preacher,

I am so sorry I wasted my precious time reading your junk. Next time I need a sermon, I'll call you up and you can give me the address of your racist local church.
Layla Anwar said…

sounds like a name out of a rehab...
For starters I don't live in the US and even if you gave the whole forture of Bill Gates plus your federal reserves and fort knox, I will not set foot in your country.
you can have it and rot in it for all I care.
Layla Anwar said…
bluegum and little deer,

Hello, and you both really make me laugh. Bring em' on...lol
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous re-anger,

Thanks, that is very well said.
Americans expect me to be grateful..and or the shit in the pan and tell us fix it...
Do you understand now why I hate them so much?
Anonymous said…
hello, I'm a french guy
thanks for this blog

to Greg and american women
i have to say ;
everybody in the world hates your nation ; because you think yourself as superiors, just like the nazis
we must hate you
we must hate the nazis
we all hope that you die quikly,
hate you and your lies

you are just like nazis
and i hate you for that
Anonymous said…

"even if you gave the whole forture of Bill Gates plus your federal reserves and fort knox, I will not set foot in your country."

That's why you still live in a cave and will continue to live in a cave until you realize the United States is superior and get over it. Your hatred sounds like it stems from jealousy.

You guys are all sounding so bad I think I need to call Rush Limbaugh and get my positive vibes back.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
"We invaded her country--a sovereign country. Is she not entitled to her sovereign anger?"

"sovereign anger" - what the heck is that?

sovereign anger --> autonomous displeasure --> independent displeasure --> separate displeasure --> displeasure alone

Ok, I get it. Sounds like a personal problem.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

"everybody in the world hates your nation ; because you think yourself as superiors, just like the nazis, we must hate you, we must hate the nazis"

You didn't hate the nazis, you were COLLABORATORS

You want us dead? You can't handle us dead. Western Europe lived in fear of the Soviet Bloc. And the Western Europe had to be guarded by a powerful force. Who did it? You? You, Layla? The United States has a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Saddam and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what we know: that Saddam's downfall, while messy, probably saved lives. And our existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives...You don't want the US dead. Because deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties, you want the US to rebuild Iraq. You need the US to protect the free world.

We have neither the time nor the inclination to explain ourselves to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom we provide, then questions the manner in which we provide it! We'd rather you just said thank you and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you help us in Iraq. Either way, I DON"T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU HATE.

Layla, since you are "Iraqi", did you recognize that quote?

Greg from USA
Mike Golby said…
"We are continuing in the same policy — to make America bleed profusely to the point of bankruptcy, Allah willing. And that is not too difficult for Allah."

Osama bin Laden - 29 October 2004.

And so it came to pass.

Do you Americans not have a shred of dignity, of self-respect, of shame? You destroyed a country - the Cradle of Civilization - yet you lost your illegal war. Contrary to propagandist belief, greg, the Yanks did little in WWII - remember Kasserine Pass and remember that the Russians contributed most to the Allied victory; if the outcome of any war can be called that.

Having outsourced everything from your intelligence to your economy, you have nothing left. You're nowhere people, living in a nowhere land lent substance only by arms and a fiat currency tied to others' resources and labor. In short, you're nothing and Layla rightfully treats you as such.

Bear in mind that China (as much on the 'up' as Japan is on the 'down') could pull the carpet from beneath your so-called economy without firing a shot, that most oil-producing countries are fleeing their inflationary pegs to the dollar in favor of the Euro or a basket of currencies, that Iranians snigger behind your backs (under which rock did you find Lee Bollinger?), and that you are unable to safely travel outside the borders of your country - in which fundamental human rights have been subverted absolutely.

The condescending arrogance of your ignorance does this blog and its readers immense disservice. Take your Mattel minds and Starbucks stupidity elsewhere. Really, you're too dumb to matter (literally and metaphorically).

However, as you go, ponder this: You lost your war and, in large part, you did it to yourselves. As Bin Laden noted back in 2004:

"The White House policy, which strove to open war fronts so as to give business to their various corporations — be they in the field of armament, of oil, or of construction — also helped in accomplishing these astonishing achievements for Al-Qa'ida."


BTW: What happened to those Mattel minds of yours? Lead poisoning? It is said by intellects far greater than those in evidence here that when the Berlin Wall came down, democracy and communism came to an end. More obviously, greg, the Soviet Union, way overrated for domestic consumption and budget bloat, imploded. Today, you fear Putin and, backed by your Diebold deciding electoral system, decry electoral practices from Moscow to Tehran to Harare.

(At least, although you do nothing but continue to diminish yourself, you're starting to spell your name with a capital "G".)
Anonymous said…
"Mike Golby"

In the words of Joe Stalin:

"I want to tell you from the Russian point of view, what the President and the United States have done to

win the war. The most important things in this war are machines. The United States has proven that it can

turn out from 8,000 to 10,000 airplanes per month. Russia can only turn out, at most. 3,000 airplanes a

month . . . . The United States, therefore, is a country of machines. Without the use of those machines,

through Lend-Lease, we would lose this war."

Get your facts straight - the Russians were on the verge of collapse until we lent them supplies to

continue the fight. Only then were they able to take a lead role in fighting on the ground. Only then did

Georgy Zhukov and company take the fight to the Nazis. Only then did he perform his heroics and ultimately

release the US from the burden of an even costlier ground battle.

Americans took lessons from the loss at the battle of Kasserine Pass, making huge changes including

replacing the commander with George Patton. Weeks later began a string of victories that culminated in

the Axis retreat from North Africa.

BTW, Patton would turn over in his grave to see us even thinking about losing Iraq. We learned from our

mistakes in the beginning of the war and now have a competent commander and sound tactics. It remains to

be seen if that will be enough - so I guess you will have to wait for your dream of a US loss in Iraq.

Greg from USA
Unknown said…
Greg wrote:

"You [the French] didn't hate the nazis, you were COLLABORATORS" (sic)
Well, Greg, I assume you should go back to Highschool for a while, or just open a history book, you may learn a few things. 10% of the French were collaborators, 10% resistants, the rest was trying to survive... perhaps just like in Iraq nowadays, though I am not saying Americans are nazis, that would be stupid. The Nazis followed an Idea, an ideology: they claimed being the purest race on Earth, etc. They were just bastards obvioulsy, but the Americans don't even follow an Idea: they just invaded Iraq because GW Bush had this Oedipus complex of his: succeeding where his father had failed: killing Saddam... That's sad, when you think of it. The Americans also invaded Iraq for financial reasons: oil! and because their next target is Iran. What's best but to colonize the neighbour country before attacking your real target, ie. Iran? All the troops are on the field, ready to kill, rape, loot, destroy, etc. In the name of Democracy (sic). How aren't you ashamed of that? Were you that brainwashed by Foxnews?
By the way, I don't think Sarkozy will join an attack on Iran. He's full of shit, pretends to be a hard man but is only a talker, not a doer. Anyway, we'll see - though I hope he will follow Chirac's footsteps and won't hesitate in opposing the US... The US need to be opposed. They are much too sure of their own rights, and must be stopped now. When I read things like:

"Saddam's downfall, while messy, probably saved lives"


"you want the US to rebuild Iraq. You need the US to protect the free world."

that makes me sick. The US have absolutely no right to intervene in other countries' business, even countries ruled by a totalitarian leader, for Saddam was one. But it was up to the Iraqi people to dispose of him, it was no US business.
When will you recognize that? 4000 GIs are already dead, and Dubya still thinks he was in his own right. How stupid is that? How pathetic? Greg, do yourself a favour and go watch Brian de Palma's "Redacted", perhaps that will open your (mind) eyes.

But please, spare us any other comments.
Anonymous said…
I am very sorry for the horrible comments from other Americans on this blog.
There is no reason for Layla to like us. Hate is the only weapon she has, that and her moving writing.
America had no business invading her country and has no business there now.
I've gotten so sick of paying for this war that I'm leaving for another country and never coming back--it's not perfect, but it will stop my passive cooperation in the obscene policies of this government. And it won't stop just because another suit is in the White House.
America and Americans should apologize to Iraq and other nations it has invaded. We are a bunch of self pitying crying babies, screaming about 'attacks' while we attack others. Sickening.
Layla, an apology is all I can offer you here...and I don't expect you to love me for it. You are owed much more than an apology.
How do you put a price on your entire life?
Mike Golby said…
Though I'd not like to get into a schoolyard scrap while around me I see a genocide akin to the Holocaust, let me repeat myself. You've already lost, greg. Those free of the 'stuff' you believe gives you some meaningless, transitory, or ephemeral 'power', won. More, you gave us Layla Anwar. Thank God for her voice and the voices of others like her.
Anonymous said…

The problem with French collaboration was not the percentages, it was the high degree of participation in the Nazi Holocaust against the jews:

"Pétain and the Vichy regime willfully collaborated with Nazi Germany to a high degree. The French police organized raids to capture Jews and others considered "undesirables" by the Germans in both the northern and southern zones."


But I guess many bloggers here are anit-semites and could care less about concentration camps and the murder of a million or so Jews

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Greg, what about the cold-blooded murder of a million Iraqis before our very eyes which we are seeing every day and not learning from accounts in history books? Do something about what's happening in the present. If you haven't learnt a lesson from history, then you've learnt nothing and confirm the universal belief that USans are thoroughly vacant between the ears. In addition to your comment on 'anti-Semitism' - IRAQIS are SEMITES.

Your comments and barbs are getting utterly boring and way off the point.
Anonymous said…
Idiots in America who think the best way to solve all our problems is with a gun. Idiots in Iraq who think the best way to solve all their problems is with hatred. At least you have something in common. I find myself fortunate: "In regione caecorum rex est luscus. (trans. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.)" - Desiderius Erasmus
Anonymous said…
It pains me to see members of my species victims of the world-wide economic system of capitalism. We are a cooperative and social species of mammals and we are tearing each other and our planet apart with, apparently, no understanding of the social system we have created. At least, that is what these posts tell me.

When we crawled out of the caves and faced a fearful world we did not understand, we created a god to explain the unknown. From a hunter-gathered society we learned to tend crops and exploit animals, thus settling down into permanent communites, and the long history of the division of cooperative labour commenced.

Briefly, we passed through slavery, feudalism and, eventually, to capitalism. Each society had its own characteristics and ideas, which emerged from the way we organised to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves. The wars and pillaging were in essence the struggle among us because of scarcity, but our species in peace has created much wondrous work as well.

We have allowed people to exploit us with false ideas. We have been taught by the rabbis, priests and imans that we are a sinful species, which must follow others and abase ourselves for redemption. We have created a hierarchical social structure, based upon the natural evolution of social animals with its pecking order. Now we must eliminate that unnecessary feature of our social organisation and become an egalitarian society. Those who would enslave us call it democracy; as a political system it steals from us the true egalitarianism and self-responsibility to create a just and peaceful world. There cannot be a general leading an army if the dominent idea, conviction of society accepts the maxim that thou shall not kill.

A very wise man, and scientist, Petr Kropotkin, a Russian prince who freed his serfs and became a modern man, showed that the survival of a species requires cooperation if it is to survive and be successful. We are a cooperative species, for even in war we cooperate to kill each other. The golden rule, "do unto others as you would be done by" is the universal ethic, (far predating but stolen by the religions of the world)and we must put it into practice again.

What I see in the postings here is no understanding of the social system we have created: capitalism. This world-wide economic system has certain features required for it to function. The nation state -- the nationalites you believe are different from one another -- are its creation, for we created it so that the emerging bourgoisie, the capitalist class had a captive market and a controlled labour force. The wars you are talking about are wars of conquest, squabbles over markets, raw materials and markets. To believe in nationalities makes you a victim, often willing to kill for the ruling class.

Karl Marx described the characteristics of capitalism and how it evolved. Wage labour -- to have a job -- makes one a slave to money and those who control the means of production. To produce abundance is within our capability and money, a means of exchanging goods, just produces not wealth but scarcity and control by others. We must abolish it to save our planet for our children.

Capitalism is based upon growth, the accumulation of wealth in fewer and fewer hands as, for instance, nine companies controlling the world's basic food supply. Just think for a minute. If a company, any company, does not grow, the economic rule is that it does not produce a profit and goes bankrupt. Constant and rapid growth is a feature of capitalism and, logically, our planet has a finite amount of things to exploit. Why wait until we have exploited and destroyed everything before the planet, and our children, are bankrupt?

To change the world is as simple as changing our ideas, and thus our actions. We can rid ourselves of our generals by refusing to kill and destroy our governments by removing them from office. Ideas are a bloodless coup and we have the power to enact whatever kind of society we choose. Just as quickly as in much of the world we decided in the sixties and seventies it was no longer acceptable to beat or kill one's wife, we can create our new reality. That is how history works, how the world changes. We can change the world as quickly as an idea travels. Let us become true Citizens of the World.

Our credo is as follows:

On 1 May l990 Citizens of the World spontaneously materialized as a non-profit non-membership entity with the sole purpose of creating in the immediate future a new coöperative world society of citizens of ecological consciousness dedicated to replacing money with abundance, wage-work with civic contribution, competition with collaboration, violence with friendship and nationalism with ethnic fraternity. As a world coöperative, iWi invites the sisterhood and brotherhood of humanity to incite world insight to protect our planet and all its species by documentation of the destructiveness of present-day capitalism in order to transform it into a moneyless stateless world economy where all produce in order that all consume. All Citizens of the World believe, in principle and in practice, ideas are stronger than force and there is a kinder, gentler way to change the world than killing other human beings. As responsible citizens we coöperatively reproduce ideas - and invite others who agree to reproduce and distribute them - to create such a society.

iWi Coöpérative, Trottier Mills, Québec, Canada, North America, Planet Earth, G0P 1H0 or iwi@ivic.qc.ca
Anonymous said…
To IWI poster above: a very interesting post, seen from a different perspective. Yes, you are right - capitalism, and all that it entails, is the blight of this planet.

But given the vast diversity of thought, and with what's going on in the world today, can this really work? Sorry to be sceptical.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

I'm pleased that I encountered your blog.
I have a suggestion for your flag. You might add excised tumors, that were caused by two tons (2000 kg!) of depleted uranium (along with numerous other poisons), that Americans left in Serbia.
Keep writing and know that resonable people of this planet share your opinion and feelings regarding Americans.
Anonymous said…
To Greg from USA

Quote: "The US Soldier is one of the most disciplined, professional soldiers in the world."

Which rock do you live under? That has never happened. Do the words Michael Moore mean anything to you? Have you ever bothered to watch some footage he managed to get his hands on? You know, the ones that your networks refused to air? Not that the rest of the world had to wait for an American film maker to know, what you have had to be told in very small words.
I see you still haven't managed to connect the dots. Your government staged the attack on the world trade center. Can I be any clearer? Even many Americans have managed to figure that out by now.

Greg, you truly manage to surprise me every time. Every single time I finish reading one of your posts, I am left with renewed awe with your level of stupidity.
You succeed to consistently produce the stupidest sentences I have ever encountered. Stupidities contained in your drivel are sufficient to temporarily render a person blind.
To adress them all would take much more of my time that I am willing to devote to your tripe.

"Western Europe lived in fear of the Soviet Bloc. And the Western Europe had to be guarded by a powerful force."

No! I would call you brainwashed, you are however not displaying any proof that you actually posess one.
Soviet Union didn't give a shit about western block. That is until the said block started a campaign against the Union.

To state the blindingly obvious, since you don't seem to have a grasp on it: Wikipedia is not a credible source of information. Every nitwit can add or change its data.

Why are you so intent on hounding Layla for speaking her mind? Go back to your McLife!
Anonymous said…
How can you say that you hate all Americans? Not everyone fits the description you give. Not everyone rapes and kills innocent men and women. Yes, the ones that do are monsters and deserve all the hate in the world. Yet, hate only leads to more hate? Will that bring back the ones wrongly killed? No. I understand...actually, no I don't understand because I have never been where you are. I have not seen what goes on there. But all Americans are not horrible human beings. Lots of people are against the war.

You say that all Americans are ignorant, but is it not ignorant to condem a group of people based on thier nationality, how they identify themselves, when you have not met every single one of them?

You have every right to feel how you feel. I only hope that you can look past the name and see people for who they really are without judging them based on someone else's actions.

I wish you all the best.
Mike Golby said…
If it makes you feel any better, Alanna, I'm sure Layla understands 'where you're coming from'? That said, your comment — especially in a medium where generalization is the norm — is disingenuous to say the least.

The United States of America and its partners in international crimes against humanity and all norms vaguely regarded as civilized, have destroyed a country that posed no threat to it (or its criminal collaborators). They have killed a million Iraqis (multiply that by eight to get to the number wounded or maimed, have forced at least two million to flee the country, and have displaced and dispossessed another two million within Iraq's borders.

Fully half the population have had their lives obliterated and the other half, bar those doing what they feel they need to do to survive, suffer the consequences. The United States of America has destroyed a country most of the world considered the "Cradle of Civilization", whatever that might mean to you.

And you wonder why most of the worl d now "hates" the United States and all those aiding and abetting this Holocaust (yet another in a long string of horrors visited on humankind by those inside the Beltway)?

For shame...either you are incredibly naive or, like Pilate, you tend to wash your hands of such things. Perhaps, like Barbara Bush, you have a beautiful mind you do not wish to sully with such ugly thoughts?

Either way, your failure to understand such a post — demanding specificity — speaks more of denial and delusion than it does of any form of understanding. Your conferring on Layla the right to hate is so...typically American.

As you wish her all the best, I'm sure Layla has already done that for you in your post. At least you get to keep your life and family.

(I'm a South African, by the way and, I guess I should add, a white South African. Today, we still have white South Africans who deny they benefited from apartheid. It's sad that this is the case, but it's not the end of the world. One day, they will be no more. I note this merely to intonate some understanding of self-righteous piety and outraged indignation at suggestions of quiet collaboration.)
Andrew said…
Many people agree with what you say here - if not about Americans then about almost any culture or people in existence.
Anonymous said…
mike golby,

You're right. I am a little naive. I don't know as much about this whole thing as I should.
I do know that the reasons(the alternative motives) that the government used to go there were wrong and that it should not have happened. I do know that there have been many people killed on both sides and will be more. I wish no one else has to suffer.

What I was talking about was hating a country, more than that. Hating people from that country.

I do understand that she has been hurt and that she hates America for going there and causing so much harm.
Anonymous said…
You are an awful person. I cant believe the expense we have been through for sociopaths like you. We should have left Saddam and his sons alone to terrorize you. Why? Ungrateful scum!
Anonymous said…
Better that you were born a man.

Your profound hatred of America is irrational. You may disagree with her policies but to display such hatred towards all Americans is akin to the blind hatred Hitler displayed towards Jews. Your hatred is not going to change anything except the way people react to you.

I hope you find peace soon.
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to let you know that I was doing a research project over your people. In doing so, I though, well this is a respectable culture. That was, until I ran across your ignorant rampage you went on. We are trying to help your dumb asses first of all. Trying to help you get a government that is actually caring for you. And the reason that innocent people keep up ending dead is because there are so many others who are not innocent trying to kill us. I'll ask you this... who bombed who first? What about all those innocent killed on 9/11? I really think that you are a poser. You speak English too well to be an Afghan. And those pictures that you post? Who wants to see that? You keep bringing up bad memories to those in your country who have lost someone. if I were who lost a loved one and saw your pictures I would call you a heartless bitch. That's all that you are anyway. Quit placing your hatred on us. You started everything nasty cunt.
Mike Golby said…

And I hope that you die | And your death'll come soon | I will follow your casket | In the pale afternoon | And I'll watch while you're lowered | Down to your deathbed | And I'll stand o'er your grave | 'Til I'm sure that you're dead.

[Bob Dylan]
Anonymous said…
Uh well im american. I strongly disagreee with this war in Iraq but this shit pissed me off. Fuck you. You have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. Our country may have some corrupt things but your country crosses the line. First, who just had their leader executed for terror just over a year ago? Oh and your other country Afghanistan. Your "powerful" leader is in hiding from the police. He is a fucking coward. The only thing you people can fucking do is blow shit up. You cannot fight with out our fucking help. We are the only reason you got your independence from the USSR. Yet you just turn on us and attack us. Fuck you.
Anonymous said…
May the smoldering remains of America rot in hell.

We have no culture.
We have no history.
We have no honor.
We have no dignity.
We rape the Earth.
We destroy other cultures.
We flaunt our ignorance.
And we don't care.

I have given up trying to save Americans from their own ignorance, arrogance and stupidity. Why should I? What is worth saving? If those of you who are angry with Layla's post can't understand it and have no interest in trying to understand it, you are part of the virus that is slowly gnawing at the heart of this country. You remain snugly convinced of your own superiority, but what do you know of the world? What do you even know of yourselves? Soon the US will collapse and you will be forced to confront that you HAVE NOTHING, you VALUE NOTHING and you ARE NOTHING. May you rot in hell.
Anonymous said…
Layla i think that people like you are the reason our military men rape your women for it is the hate they hold against you dirty kind. If it was not for your kind we would not be in this war with your facist brothers who every day kill our soliders and brave millitary personnel.

P.S. Next time you leave a hate message, think of us killing and bombing your sorry asses and whatever fucked up people you have in your shitty little piece of ass country. Ya know, I shouldnt even call it a country, i'll call it a prison full of cheap, dirty, raped, booboshkas.

Thanks you for your time!
Hope you get bombed!
Anonymous said…
I would like to know why I am grouped with the average Americans? Just because I was born there, because my ancestors moved there, and I have a shit faced president that I hate doesn't mean that I'm some heatless person that would hurt anyone. By the way my husband is a Medic in the army, treating and healing people over there, making sure that civilians had fresh water, the kids had toys to play with. Giving people soap so they didn't smell like hot piles of horse shit. He's not ALLOWED to have an open opinion on the war....that's what our government does, they're oppressive, BUT he still was there SAVING YOUR NAST ASSES FROM DEATH. Sure civilians die, it happens in EVERY war as long as humans have been parasites on this planet and fighting has happened civilians who didn't deserve to die do. I agree that we never should have been in your country, trust me, I didn't want my husband there any more than you did, let your people rot under Sedaam, I don't care, and I would love to see them out of their, you don't want them there, and neither do I. Bottom line don't group me in with your misconstrued ideas of americans, I would have loved to be born some where else, but I wasn't, it doesn't mean I'm some hate mongering imbecile....it means I'm an american for better or worse, and there's nothing I can do to change that.
Anonymous said…
Ouch! This is the type of post that really hurts. So much hate. I'm not really sure how I ended up on this blog, but I was fascinated to see other people's opinions of the country that I live in. I grew up mostly in Europe, although I am American by birth. Moving back to America was an incredibly difficult transition, and after 12 years it's still not easy. The American way of life is so firmly entrenched in ignorance and self-importance that even those that consider themselves more open-minded or sympathetic to other people or country's problem, don't even realize that their everyday lives are in complete contradiction to that ideal. The majority of Americans that I meet, firmly and proudly state that the US is the greatest country in the world. But if asked, most if not all of the people that say this have never lived in a foreign country or even visited one. How can someone say that Chocolate is the best flavor if they've never tried any other flavor? Their "opinion" has no weight. But from birth Americans are brainwashed, told constantly that where they live is the best place on earth. And we eat it up wholeheartedly, because it makes us feel secure. And it continues to be fed to us, because it keeps us complacent. I have seen the hatred that is aimed at America by the rest of the world, and I have seen this country from the outside, and I have understood where the hatred comes from. Even people that I like in this country are still victims of the non-stop barrage of self-congratulatory dogma that is part of living here. It has been a long time since this country has even vaugely represented the beacon of hope and integrity that it once was. I do not believe there is much left that Americans should be "proud" of. With the ability and power that this country has to do so much good in this world, it is a travesty that all it seems to do is serve it's own interests at the expense of the rest of the world. I for one am hoping that this society does fail, which it will. No society that is so single-mindedly self-serving can survive for long. It will eventually destroy itself. And I'm hoping that what rises from the ashes is something more akin to what created this country in the first place.
I'm excited about the internet and about globalization. The earth is being brought together as it should, without the intervention of governments and politics. People are bringing their own power to the table. I am truly sorry for the pain and destruction that my country has brought upon others. Unfortunately I feel powerless to help. Voicing dissent in this country essentially makes you an outcast, something which I have been since I moved back here. I move among Americans, but I do not feel like one of them. I invite any American that claims that this country is the best in the world to spend some real time in another country. Live there, experience everyday life there, get to know how other cultures think and live. You will come back a changed person, with your eyes open and see clearly for the first time in your life the lies that have been spoon fed to you since birth. Talk to people that have lived in other countries. And I'm talking about civilians that have lived at least 2 years elsewhere. If they feel like you will not judge them, they will tell you that this country is rotting from the inside out. Believe me, they tell me when they've found out that I grew up in another country.
Anyway, I've rambled quite a bit. I wish wholeheartedly every day that American will wake up one day and realize the self-hypnosis it has been under. There are good people here, that have just been misled. At the same time, neither do I welcome other countries to take over this one. I've seen what theocracies have done to countries and how people react when their beliefs are challenged. I do not want to see this country run by any religion. My beliefs are my own and noone else's. I do not force them on anyone, and neither should anyone force them on me.
I'm sorry that you hate me, Layla. But I understand how when you see the destruction around you, you couldn't possible care for anyone who lives a life of luxury under the protection of a country that is destroying yours. I do not wish any pain on you, and if I felt I could stop it I would. There is so much hate in this blog entry/comments, and hate is what got us in the situation that we are in. And for some reason, seeing all of this hate, makes me hold onto hope all the more.
Anonymous said…
i can see how the writer of this blog would be deeply upset at how American Troops are handling this situation.. It's really not even the troops, it is our government. Well, with the exception of Abu Ghraib of course. But in MY blog, that is beside the point.. I just have a question.. Why do you say "I really hate America, Americans, their culture, their ways, their accent, their politics, their arrogance, their stupidity, their ignorance...
I really can't stand Americans. I can't stand their men, their women, their country, everything they represent..."? I know that I have a hate for Al Qaeda, NOT for the entire Middle East. I hate a certain group of people from over there that killed thousands of people here in America. I do not hate you Layla Anwar, you have done nothing to offend me or make me mad, as far as i am aware of so why do you include a 22 year old man who is finishing up his college education, works full time, and has several productive hobbies in your Brief Hate Statement? Think about our Elderly men and women, think about the average middle class educated person who thinks rationally... and doesn't think about "nuking the middle east off the map" think about the children.. think about all of this and think about who you REALLY hate is it this :I really hate America, Americans, their culture, their ways, their accent, their politics, their arrogance, their stupidity, their ignorance...
I really can't stand Americans. I can't stand their men, their women, their country, everything they represent...

I truly, deeply, sincerly hate them." or is there some group of individuals IN American you hate? Lastly, I am not talking about the war, or Abu Ghraib, or the military, the root of my post is why do you hate me? What have I personally done to you to make you hate me? Because when you say you hate Americans, you include me and millions of people who have not done anything to you...

if anyone wants to reply to my comment, my name is Ryan. i do not want to put my account info or anything on here... so again i amposting this as anonymous but call me Ryan.
Anonymous said…
Layla what is it you propose these devilish Americans do? I love how you go into such detail for violence, but never suggest a proper solution for peace. I assume you're an adult, so why not act like one? You can keep your hatred flowing and work down a dead end path, or figure out solutions, and help the Americans see through peace, as opposed to threats.

Yes, America has committed inhumane acts throughout history and up to this day, but what country hasn't? America has simply become this bandwagon of hatred because they're in the spotlight.

Don't judge by race, judge by an individual. The whole world is judging each other off what they see in the media. Is this high school? I THOUGHT we all grew up but apparently we're just a childish pack of pre-prubescents.

My point is, why do you all waste your time hating Americans (or the stereotype you're running off of) rather than help them to see things from your angle? Making a flag of penises most definitely will not make them do that.

Don't be such an angered lil girl Layla. Think it out in the long run.
Kylie said…
This is absolutely rediculous.

I am a proud wife of a United States Paratrooper- HOOAH who recently returned from his 2nd 15 month deployment to your country.

Do you think he wanted to be there? Away from his family to help people that don't even want our help? People that would rather shit in the streets and wipe their asses with their own hands. People that have to clue about being sanitary or have anything of any value.


You whine about the pictures of the terrorists prisioners we abused. Have you seen a video of the Twin Towers crumbling to the ground? Have you seen pictures of wives/children being left behind as their husbands/wives leave to war?

Im sure you have not.

I have plenty of pictures of my husband and his fellow troops giving candy to the kids who went INSANE over a piece of gum. Pictures of them carrying wounded kids to safety. But none of that matters does it?

Trust me when i say it would be much easier to just blast your imcompetent piece of country off the fucking globe then attempt to give you a decent life....you and your waste of space people obviously dont deserve such a life.

If your country is so great why did hundreds of thousands or Iraqi people become AMERICAN CITIZENS? hmm..i dont see any americans running to be first in line to became an iraqi native.

So please make us a new flag of shit- blood- and penises....but instead of wasting time doing that maybe you should learn to run your own country...learn to clean up after your own nasty asses...and learn to appreciate the life we are trying to establish for you.

unless you would rather be under the dictatorship of a merciless leader again. maybe he could take you out and execute you :)
i am the blur said…
wow, i dont know what to say. im an american, and i also have a lot of the same feelings ABOUT americans as you do, layla. youre right that americans are ignorant and naive, and i admit that i am, but thats bc i havent lived and seen the horrors of the world that you have. yet, does that inherently make me evil? just bc i have a different life experience than you? No! it doesnt, bc my experiences of comfort and naivety havent made me resent muslims or hispanics or ANYONE... and however much i may despise american politicians and all the evildoers of the world i do not hate them or wish them dead. my experiences HAVE taught me that hate is not for me, and i dont think its for anyone. i pity you, i truly do, and not bc of who you are based on your location or associations in the world, but bc you are living so closely and comfortably with hate in your heart. it must be pretty black. in my eyes that couldnt even be called a heart. how can you love one and hate another so drastically? to me its impossible. we're all human; sure, the american soldiers who rape and torture detainee's, even the GUILTY ones (if there are any) deserve punishment, and i despise their actions, and i love YOU more than them, but i do not wish them dead or tortured in return. dont you see the problem with that, with an eye for an eye? i dont know why i even wrote this, like I am gonna change your mind! as long as there is religion, there will be war and hate. war = religion = war = religion = war...
Anonymous said…
I guess the Americans are the only ones killing over there....Even though it's known the soldiers laid down THEIR lives in order to not kill innocent civilians the islamic terrorists used as shields.

I also guess that the beheading that these terrorists have done are our fault too. Oh, let's not forget the pain, horror, and terror that was caused on 9/11 by terrorists the Hussein had financed, and the dancing in the streets that the Iraqi people did when he was killed. What about the women voting for the first time in how long over there, or the huge voter turnout, even through the danger? What about these terrorists that are making desperate last grasps to cause terror, like blowing themselves up. Lets not forget that when these things are done, there is nobody but innocent people getting killed. The Americans are there to kill those who try to kill innocent civilians. Get your facts right, lady!
Anonymous said…
Just a little rant.
Nobody cares about anyone else.
My guess is that that is half the problem.
And all this drama about hating people, you dont know the individuals so why say you hate them all.
Its not anyone's fault where they were born.
I mean, people have hate cites about jews, catholics, fat people,white people, you name it.
this one is pretty much no different.
Anonymous said…
Hate will never be the way. Especially hating a people, hate assholes, they are running the world and they come from everywhere,
Anonymous said…
Hi, I came upon your blog by accident. Me being Canadian and i'm in no way religious at all, find your blog disturbing and in ways i can interpret this as racism against North Americans as the United States and Canada share a similar intertwined history and culture and i'm deeply offended at your generalization of people who are just trying to live out there lives as soldiers who don't wish to be in iraq as much as you dont wish for them to be there. before you blame the entire american population for abu gharib, just think how ignorant and misinformed you are, you didnt like it when Americans stereotyped/Generalized all muslims as being terrorists, so doing the same back isn't solving the problem. Hate is not the way, and you have alot of it, put your hate for the US and it's allies away and try to contribute to making your country a better place in a non-violent non-hateful manner ,not all issues are solved through violence and yes people exist who believe that and they arn't just American.

Thanks for reading this, and i'm only 18 in my final year in high school, may you gain some insight from reading my comment.
Anonymous said…
Hello, I have only read part of this blog but already I feel very offended, but at the same time I can understand your hate for Americans. You see I am an American citizen, and I will say that I have never agreed to what our goverment has done with the situation in the Middle East. I agree with Daniel though, hate is not the way. I am in eighth grade and we have just finished studying a unit about the social uprisings in the 60's. 1968 was such a turbulent year and yet we still keep making the same mistakes by responding to other peoples hate like yours with violence. If we could only live as John Lennon "Imagined" and all give peace a chance. But we ALL must first find the love in our hearts and respond to that instead of the hate.
Kosta said…
From Australia.
How appropriate that we have a Dylan song being quoted by an American.
Dylan who sang of peace, racism and injustice, oh but wait… his high and mighty rhetoric against injustice seems to go out the window when issues Semitic are raised.
From his CD "INFIDELS"

In spite of an earlier assurance that, like other nations, America is also self interested, no more, no less, I wonder how many Americans truly understand, although they’ve heard it said many times, that for so many American leaders and idols, it’s not a case of America 1st, but Israel.

That’s why Madeline Albright can say that the deaths of ½ Million Iraqi Children through embargos on water disinfecting chlorine, among other ‘WMD’ was “worth it”.
Why Clinton said that he’d gladly die in a trench with a rifle in his hand defending Israel.
Why Bush invoked the word “CRUSADE”
Why the “DANCING ISRAELIS” (google it)(youtube it) were released from American custody after 911, even though they have admitted that their purpose for being in USA on 911 was to “record the”.. clearly foreknown… “event”.
Why CNN (Formerly, AT LEAST, proven to have been infiltrated with CIA imbedded operatives). Shows footage of Palestinians (not recognised by MSWord98) dancing to suggest it justifies an attack against them too.

“Manifest Destiny” was mentioned earlier. What’s that?
Well, it’s akin to the divine right of kings.
The belief that America has the moral imperative to spread their values, nay.. ‘force it’ upon other nations, but it doesn’t just stop at Sth. America.

Let us pause in remembrance of September the 11th.
The day that America brought about the deaths of so many people in Chile; by destroying the 1st democratically elected Gov in Sth America, killing Salvatore Alliendes and propping up Pinochet.

Do they teach that in American History classes? I’d wager not.

Do they teach you about ‘Operation AJAX’?
Where USA & UK brought about the fall of the Secular Democratic Iranian Gov of Mohammad Mosadeq in the 50’s because he nationalised the oil industry.
& how USA forced the Shah and his torture squads back upon the Iranians.

Do they tell you how you supported the Taliban in Afghanistan a good 6mths prior to Russian deployment of troops.
Hell, your Carter advisor Brzezinski even boasted this and how he brought Russia their own Vietnam.

Do they tell you that you supported Saddam at the age of 21 or so, in his and his then insignificant Bathist Party’s botched attempt to assassinate the then Prime Minister of Iraq.

It seems there is much they don’t teach you.
Most of you don’t even know that your own Federal Reserve Bank is not Federal nor a Reserve; and that it’s in fact a private company.
So don’t profess to understand the deep workings of other people’s nations.
A unified, self determining Iraq is the furthest thing from your leaders’ minds.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry you're so full of hate towards America. FYI: America is a big piece of the world map - so you may want to specify whether you are speaking of South America, Central America, or good ol' North America. For the purposes of this long string, we'll assume you are speaking of North America. As a whole Americans are not stupid or heartless or cold. We don't want to be in your country at all. It's also hard to find many Americans that like the current president. He did after all lose the presidential election.

It makes us sick to think of all of the profiteering going on in your country by some of the larger companies from our country. No one should profit from the death and misery of others, but apparently the Vice Pres didn't get that memo. I've never seen such an unscrupulous and shifty presidential cabinet. It's as if they have absolutely no regard for what the people think or want. THEY also believe that Americans are stupid.

I to have felt the hatred you feel, but not for America. Instead I have felt a strong hatred for the majority of the Arabic world. The ignorant blind rage inside of me says that your people are ignorantly single minded, fundamentally stupid, unpleasant to smell, almost robotic in their inability to accept other ideas or ideals, the list goes on. Your people accept no one else's religion or belief. Americans accept all beliefs, except for those that make a point to incorporate that "Death to America" slogan. We generally frown on that. Even then we have to accept those beliefs, until they begin to impose on other people's rights to live in peace.

I'm not saying that all Americans do this willingly. Acceptance takes time and we have laws in place that are there to prevent people from lashing out against other people simply because of what they believe. We DO enforce our laws, for better or for worse.

So let's begin the recap. Arrogant, yes at times. Can you blame us? We've been on top for so long. We're like Lenox Lewis, only not as ugly, ignorant or anywhere near ready to retire. We also don't have that pretentious British accent. (Another FYI, I become very ignorant from here on out.) Stupid, not really. If you go by the center of our nation, then yes by all means, specially if you're focusing on Texas. Don't even get me started on Ohio - that is a retard factory to be sure. I'm sure you'll have your smelly celebration when America falls, as all great empires do. By that time, Muslims will have taken over the world. People will have forgotten what a woman looks like, since they'll all wear "them sheets", or what a woman is supposed to smells like, or that woman used to shave their body hair.

I'm sure that when aliens finally land on Earth and try to communicate with humans, your people will immediately behead them because they won't be wearing clothes. It will be Allah's will. How do I know that aliens won't be wearing clothes you may ask? It's because I've come back form the future to write this mindless diatribe, but also to tell you that you suck and that you smell like the place that old penises go to die. More importantly, I hope that you're the pretentious, high brow, arrogant, mistrusting, and pathetic woman that your blog makes you out to be. I hope you marry a man from your country and that one day he thinks you've disrespected him or shamed the family in some way. Once your head is on the chopping block, then and only then, you'll realize what a great nation USA is. You'll wish you were pretty enough to attract a good American man that would respect your thoughts, views, ideas, that big mouth of yours, your shitty art, that undoubtedly hairy ass/back/entire body covered in an inappropriate amount of curly and course body hair, the hideous were-babies you would no doubt produce for him, and let's not forget the fact that you would have him bare the cost of saving your entire beastly family from that forsaken anus of a country you're from.

You know something? Iraq used to be filled with brilliant minds, the likes of doctors, scientists and scholars. But those people have long since left there during Saddam's reign, and if they didn't they were killed by Saddam's people. I don't think you hate America for being in your country - I really think you're so hate filled because you believe we got there too late. Peace out, fuck Mohamed the 7/11 clerk.
Anonymous said…
When I read your blog post, I felt nothing but pity for you. I will not return hatred for hatred. It is useless. Hatred only breeds more hate.

My husband is a United States soldier. He does not hate you. He doesn't hate anyone because of their race or nationality. He is a wonderful man. He is kind, caring and considerate. If you knew him, and could move past your blind hatred, then you would like him. He would be proud to call you "friend".

My husband worked in the operating room of a military hospital, while in your country. Every single day he struggled to save the lives of American soldiers... but he also fought for the lives of your countrymen. American military hospitals try to save Iraqis too, you know!

Because of my husband's efforts, there are countless Iraqis alive today, who would have otherwise died. He helped them with love in his heart. It would never cross his mind to give substandard care to an Iraqi... ven if that Iraqi just killed an American soldier.

He held the hand of small Iraqi children who were injured through the actions of your countrymen. And he never hated them... not for one moment. His saddest memories of Iraq revolve around children who had lost limbs, or their lives, because of roadside bombs.

One day we will leave your country. We don't want to be there anyway. Not because we dislike you or your country, but because we want our loved ones to come home!

Our soldiers don't revel in hurting your people. They have families at home too. It hurts them to see your people in pain. But part of being a soldier is hardening your heart, in order to complete your mission. It doesn't mean that's who they are inside.

If we stay, you will hate us as invaders... if we leave you will hate us for abandoning you to religious extremists, who will kill and control you all. What is the answer?

Your country was full of hatred, fighting and death before the Americans came. If you have hate in your heart then it will be just as full of those things after we leave.

Nonetheless, I wish you the best. I hope that you have much success in your life and that you learn the gift of love for all living things.
iamsuperwoman77 said…
I don't understand how any of you can justify blanket hatred on any level. I may not be able to empathize with torture, or rape, or bombs falling on my babies, but I can't see how hating everyone from one country is the answer. Layla, you don't know me, my family or my neighbors. How can you just blindly hate us? If we were to meet, I can promise that I would do all that I could do in my power to ease your suffering. I am a woman like you, and I have four children. I teach my children everyday to be loving, caring and contributing members of the human race. I teach them to help their fellow human beings at all costs. I teach them that if they see someone in need, to do anything and everything in their power to help that person. How can you just hate me? How can you hold me, my family and neighbors responsible for crimes that criminals have perpetrated against your people? That would be like me saying that you and all of your people are personally responsible for the twin towers. That's just stupid blind hate. I don't hold you, your family and neighbors or your countrymen responsible for the acts of a few extremist criminal mass murderers. Why is it ok for you to hate all Americans?
I'm sitting here right now looking at my four year old son and my five year old daughter and am feeling my fourth unborn child kick inside of me, and can't imagine how you could hate them just because of where they were born. They are so full of love and hope and joy. It just baffles me. I know that if they were introduced to you they would treat you with love and respect because that is what I have taught them. What have you taught your children?
We are all dealt a path to follow in our lives. Along that path, we must make choices. Why have you chosen blind blanketed hate? Are you just in so much pain emotionally that you would lash out at the world? How can you hold an entire people responsible for the actions of criminals? I certainly do NOT condone any criminal acts perpetrated against your people. Why would you?
Anonymous said…
This is the most discusting thing i have ever heard in my life. I cant even think where to begin. Every word every sentence in this blog makes me angry. Still i stop to think about how someone could hold so much anger against a whole country of people that are the same as you. We have mothers and brothers husbands and children just like you. We have a beating heart and soul just like you. I think that many americans like myself have nothing to do with this war others are drafted and forced to fight and some were just young student who didnt know what to do with their lives now finding that they have bit off more than they could chew. We need to pray and try to remeber the words of god.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs in the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. -Mathew 5:3-11
Anonymous said…
So many angry people 0o. Who ever hates shall burn in hell.
Anonymous said…
And where will be the first place she will come to have an art show? To sell her "art"? AMERICA. Truly a "Whore of Babylon".

I'm sure the SS would have been much nicer to your people.
Anonymous said…
"I live in the US, and even with all the media bullshit coverup of Iraq and ME, I am still aware of what is happening, and the shit"

Please leave this country.

p.s. cover up is two words.
Anonymous said…
response to Temujjin

"Proverbs 18:2
A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions."

Are you serious? Then you must be the biggest fool on this blog. Quoting those archaic writings is the reason we are dealing with brainwashed monsters flying jets into civilian buildings.

"But I can't judge anyone. Layla can tell me how much she hates me, I will still listen."

No, please let me start a blog on that topic, I insist.

"Don't mean to preach"?

A bit late to say at the end of a five paragraph nonsensical rant. How are your immigrant parents doing, living well now in the awful US? What was wrong with the country they left? Maybe you would like to move back there?
Anonymous said…
Maybe instead of focusing on hating Americans, you should allocate some of that energy to helping better your backwards ass people.

What was the last invention that came from the ME, a water jug?? Latest medical breakthrough?? Cant recall!!

You are in the cradle of civilization yet your people still live in mud huts and bang rocks together. Take the bone from your nose, put some shoes on, evolve, and join the rest of civilization you savage simpleton cunt.

Cheers all the same
Anonymous said…
response to anti-hypocrites,

Hows that mud hut working for you?

Anonymous said…
"The rest of the world can't wait for the end of your hick little country and none including us Canadians will do anything but piss over the border on you as you beg."

Take a pill you hoser, eh?

^_^ lol
Anonymous said…
Re: Layla

"Americans expect me to be grateful..and or the shit in the pan and tell us fix it..."

No, just quit being such a cunt.
Anonymous said…
Thank god for Greg from USA,
Hey types what the rest of us haven't the patience to type.
Its like reading to the deaf.

Frenchie, or whomever you are child,

The "civilized" world does not hate us, we are a financial back bone and a driving progressive force.

Been around the world, never a problem. Can't wait to travel more.

Rant all you like, The only place America is headed, is forward.

I'm sorry that some of you will never accept a chance to see what it is that makes us Americans happy, what positive things we enjoy in our country. You condemn us and turn a deaf ear to our invitations and answer back with a slap in the face. The anger and hatred voiced by the majority on this blog toward America, is an unfortunate proclamation that maybe parts of the world are not ready for peace and will never have it.
Anonymous said…
I am sorry, we do suck and we are allowing people to murder in iraq. some of us are trying to stop it, we have to fight them same people you do. But realize this: they want to breed hate, hate separates us all and we are the weaker for it. if we all join ranks we will be an unstopable force!
Anonymous said…
bush is a liar, a lap dog if you will. We need to wake up people everything is not o.k.
Anonymous said…
Ahh the joys of late-night internet surfing, you never know what you might find. This blog has earned more than a few chuckles, as have most of those who have commented on it. The hatred is really quite extraordinary...

All I can say is: hats off to the Arab world. Oppression, corruption, poverty, stupidity...we've got it all!

You can spit your venom all you like Madame Layla, but in the end the West still wins. Freedom of speech? Women's rights? The internet?د Shoddy warfighting aside, America does have its uses. The ME, meanwhile...thanks for the oil! There's a quote from that movie, Syriana, that about sums things up -

"You know what the business community thinks of you? They think that a hundred years ago you were living in tents out here in the desert chopping each other's heads off and that's where you'll be in another hundred years, so on behalf of my firm I accept your offer."

So go ahead. Rant and rave against the evils of America, but it makes no difference in the end. Sure, some of your points are valid, but then you don't get to become a hyperpower by being Nice. And besides, would you really prefer it if the USSR had won the Cold War? Yes Western behavior in the ME is often far from admirable... but at least it's better than the alternative. We saw how Russia treated the Afghanis...not that the West is doing much better, but at least they're TRYING.

I'm sad to say that the ME is screwed. And believe me, it breaks my heart to say it. I lived there for the first 30 years of my life, and I can almost guarantee I've seen more of it than 99% of the posters here. Perhaps even more than our friend, Madame Layla?

Yes I am Arab. But I refuse to associate myself with a land so poisoned by hatred and ignorance.
So call me a traitor to my faith, my people, whatever you want. Reality doesn't care. I've made my peace with the ugly nature of the world we live in, I can only hope that all those with such hatred in your hearts can one day do the same.
Anonymous said…
Jesus loves you! Allah is not real only the good lord Jesus can help you ! Praise him and the great U.S.A!
Anonymous said…
They should read this blog on The Late Show with David Letterman. ^_^
Anonymous said…
It is people like yourself that are responsible for the situation in your country and others around you. Your false religion, your anitquated social and cultural beliefs, your acceptance of oppression, your lack of courage and action etc. etc. I hate that great Americans are dying for a lost cause in the middle east. It is your hatred of anything different and lack of vision to advance your society that will keep you down for longer than any of us will be around. America will be out of your nation in time, and your problems will remain; social, political, economic, health and well being, you name it. I am proud to be an American. Americans have a passion and resolve you could never understand, you have little to lose, so you are satisfied to remain in your status quo, for us who have much to lose and appreciate, we will fight harder, work harder and persevere beyond anything you could hope to imagine.
Anonymous said…
I love how you bash the U.S., yet use an American based website to vent your vomit. Hypocrisy at it's best. Your people are killing their soldiers, who are trying to help you ignorant monkeys out.
Mike Golby said…
Ah ignorant monkey...

It's like looking in a mirror and seeing only yourself, isn't it? At least you now know why your countrymen have been characterized as 'feelthy Amerikan Yankee peeg dogs' for centuries, i.e. no good reason but impotent frustration -- yours, that is.

Whipped in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Georgia... what's next? You're going to elect the world's longest-serving prisoner of war (POW) to the presidency to perpetuate your unending misery and increasingly embarrassing reputation as a failed state.

What will that give you? More opportunity for name calling? Get a grip on yourself and try to acquire some self-respect, man.

Go pay Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's bills. They're past due.
Anonymous said…
American -

I know what you say is true and I'm sorry for all the stupid people who take our government and media word that we are saving people. Its just another version of the crusades of medevil times.

We are awaking to the truth and it only sets more and more people free, and soon enough American's will wake and relize that we are the worlds terriost.

American's dont research, they only listen to what they are told, we have been bred for corperate, to be thier sheeps and messengers

I love your site and keep the truth out there it will all end soon and we will be a better world and "better people" after.

Anonymous said…
You're not being fair with your blanket statements about sheets. You don't get to hate me personally. You don't even know me. It's amazing to me how-even with all the help I'VE given YOUR people, you still throw rocks at me. I'm sorry that you hate your own life and your own country so much that you must become jealous of and hate my country enough to write about it-like you think anyone will see it.

Make no mistake with the american people, though-everyone who reads all this little rant that you believe is so justified and harsh(like you think I'm going to cry or something)-This will all be forgotten five minutes after being read-if even completed. You are so insignifican and unimportant that'll you'll never understand how little your typed words matter. We've got a of soldiers in your backyard trying to do some good in the world, and what are you? An angry little person with an internet connection. THAT'S WHAT. -US ARMY RANGER
Anonymous said…
Hooah Army Ranger!!!! Well said!
Anonymous said…
Hooah Army Ranger! Well spoken! I was reading on one of Layla's blogs that she thought that Saddam was dignified as he was being executed. She spoke of him as if he were a beloved father that had gone to an early grave because he was murdered. Are you kidding me?! I wonder if he was dignified when he was ordering mass murders and genocide? Was he dignified when he was experimenting with biological and chemical warfare on the people of your country? Or do they not count because they don't share the same belief system as you?
You're an amazing writer, but a stupid woman. Your views are so myopic to your little corner of the universe. I wish you could travel the world as I have and see the rest of the world. I guarantee that you would most certainly learn tolerance-of which you have none.
What's it like to have that kind of evil and hatred in your black heart? To wish death and misery on your enemies.
My husband is an American Soldier. Do you honestly believe that he wants to be in your God forsaken third world country? This is his FOURTH deployment! Because you people can't get your shit together he's missed the births of all four of his children. He-like most soldiers- is sick to death of being there cleaning up your damn messes. They wish they could go home and never step foot again on your soil. You know what? He feels sorry for your people and wishes he could do more to help. Even after all of the horrors he's endured on behalf or your people. So do I.
I organized a drive to get school supplies to your children. The American people that you hate so much put pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, rulers and backpacks in you children's hands by the thousands. Which is more than you could do! I spent four months gathering donations and having fundraisers to cover the cost of shipping. Because I believe that the children of your country deserve an education so that one day they can pull your country out of the ashes and make a better place to live.
In the last 7 years, I've put together mass drives like that for clothes, food, and medical supplies. I don't even belong to any organization. I'm just a regular American woman who tried to do something to help your people.
What have you done on a grand scale to help your people since the war began? Nothing I'd bet. I imagine that you're content to just sit on you ass at your computer and whine about the very people who are trying to help you. You're like a big evil two year old having a venomous online tantrum. Someone needs to go in the corner for a time out to think about their behavior.
Anonymous said…
And another thing...I'm going to spend the next four to six months of my life working on getting donations of toys, blankets, clothes and pots and pans for cooking. Anything I can get for you while you sit at your computer hating me? You see that's what Americans are really like. You hate me and still I would do everything in my power to make sure you have what you need to lead a better life.
Anonymous said…
And another thing- I just finished reading your post on the story of "o". This part in particular stuck me:
"O" looks ashamed, embarrassed for being there, here. Ashamed for still being alive.
She is in need. Dire need. All kinds of needs. The most urgent is food and shelter.
This basic need takes up most of her time, maybe a blessing in disguise, at least for parts of the day...but at night, she just blends herself into the darkness, hoping to disappear before sunrise.

Her other needs have become so distorted, engulfing the little of any seeming sanity left.

Almost impossible to get her full story. She just said, they had a big house in an up scale neighborhood in Baghdad. She lived there alone with her sister. Twenty armed men dressed in black stormed the house. She inaudibly muttered, lowering her gaze into the bare dirtied floor, as if trying to become one with it, "and you know what happens to two women alone."
So what have you done about it? You like to sit at your computer and ponder the condition of you country and nurse your hatred and rage. My question is what are you going to DO about it?
I'd like to share a little story with you in return. Here where I live, I heard of a family in need. The husband was a local EMT currently serving in Iraq. The wife is left behind to raise their six children. After they lost every thing in Hurricane Katrina, they moved here and started all over again. Well, two weeks ago, their house caught fire in the middle of the night and they once again lost everything. When I heard their story, my heart broke. I had to do something. I made a community wide plea. As a community, we found them a new place to live, got them new clothes, furniture, household supplies, food and money. They're doing fine today. When hurricane Katrina hit, my husband and I took in 15 people into our home (at the time we had three children of our own-we have four now) for a year and got donations from the community to feed and clothe everyone.
What did you do for "o"? Did you just feel sorry for her and write about it? You like to sit at you computer and muse at the injustice of it all. What the fuck are you DOING about it? Did you invite "o" and her sister into your home and give them food and clothing? Have you gone out into you community or around you country and rolled up your fucking sleeves and grabbed a shovel and start cleaning up the rubble? Are you finding homes for orphans? Are you refusing to cooperate with terrorists? Are you at the steps of your government buildings demanding an end to corruption?
For fuck's sake stop your damn whining and go out your front door right fucking now and make a positive impact on your community. Stop spreading hate and DO something positive. Go to a local school that's been bombed and bring a shovel and a wheel barrel. Recruit people passing by to help out. Clear the rubble and then find the supplies to fucking rebuild it!
What have you physically done to fix the problem? Stop sitting around on your ass blaming the "very dumb" Americans for all that is wrong in your life. In fact stop blaming people period. Stop being a whinny victim. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE. And get other people to join you. No more bombings, name calling, beheadings and violence. Instead of throwing stones, you should be using those same stones to rebuild your neighbor's house. And while you're at it, let them stay in your home while their house is being rebuilt.
If your people would just stop complaining and band together to fix the problems, your life would improve. If your country would just band together and fix it's problems, we Americans would freaking leave! Or is it just easier to sit there on your computer and spread hate?
By the way, I did all of that-finding the family of 8 a new home and clothes and such, getting donations for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and having them shipped overseas, helping Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ike victims- all while working a full time job, going to college online full time, raising four children while my husband is deployed. If I can do it, I KNOW you can.
Anonymous said…
That wasn't really necessary. You haven't meet all the people in the United States. So you have no right to judge something you don't know everything about. And you can't just base it off of one thing. Everything has its good and bad. And sometimes the bad comes out more and sometimes things aren't done the right way. I'm saying you don't have your own opinioning, but don't get mad at American people over some things we can't controll.
Anonymous said…
Not all Americans are like that.

Some of us really hate the war, too. And some of us really want us to get out because we know how wrong it was to go and harm your country.

Some of us are protesting for your peace and some of us are raising money to try to stop fighting in other places too.

I think there's a lot of ignorance on both sides of the spectrum.

Where you are, you only see the bigoted morons that we have to shamefully and guiltily admit are citizens of our nation.

And where we are, we see a totally different vision of you entirely. Some of us don't see a people, they see terrorists and it scares them.

But then there are some of us that actually see you for what you are -- people. Suffering people that just want peace and to be left alone, am I right?

I understand why you hate us so much. I hate us too, believe me. If I was old enough I'd move away from here, you can quote me on that one. My whole family knows, my whole school system knows that I hate the way this place is run sometimes.

You've got my condolences, but please try to understand that there are some people that are sane out there. ♥
Anonymous said…
i dont agree with a single word that you say, and your opinions really are absolutely drenched in ignorance... really they are, but it's your right to say what you feel. the great thing about the united states is that it is a country built not around a single race of people, but around a set of ideas: that everyone should be free and have an equal chance to succeed. i dont agree at all with my country's decision to invade iraq or with the way it has handled the matter since, and i find the crimes committed by some americans to be disgusting. there is absolutely no excuse for violating the geneva conventions, and for all your suffering and loss i truly am sorry.
please don't let yourself fall victim to ignorance because of hate. we all need to step up and try to be the change we see in the world, maybe through a little kindness and leadership by example the world will become a better place.
i know that i'm probably gonna have all of this jammed right back down my throat, but i dont mind. im in college right now, but early last month i signed a contract committing me to eight years of service in the United States Army. who knows, maybe someday in the future i'll get to meet you face to face. it must take a lot of courage to write something like this about a foreign country while its soldiers walk your streets. please dont judge an entire society based upon the actions of a few, there are good people everywhere and most evil deeds result from ignorance or fear.

be the change you want to see in the world.
who knows, maybe this time it will meet you halfway.
Anonymous said…
There are a lot of comments from both Americans and non-Americans on this blog. Some have very good points, some are blind, ignorant patriots. If I cross the border to Canada, will you suddenly not hate me? I don't understand your logic of hate towards people in a locale.

And for the record, every country on this planet has had war by taking territory from another, including Iraq. You can't single out Native Americans. You also can't hold people responsible for their ancestors sins.

Layla, you have to understand, if you're so prejudice to hate all of America, you're as blind and ignorant as the Americans you hate.

Hate will bring you to ruin. I love too many countries and cultures to mention here, and would love to visit them all, change their opinion of Americans. I can do that, because I have an open mind. If you hate a populous so blindly, people will worsen their thoughts of you and nothing will improve.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
"I am sorry, we do suck and we are allowing people to murder in iraq. some of us are trying to stop it, we have to fight them same people you do. But realize this: they want to breed hate, hate separates us all and we are the weaker for it. if we all join ranks we will be an unstopable force!"

well why don't you go to the ME and suck off every arab man you see. speak for yourself when you say "WE suck". better yet go suck Layla's dick. I bet she's some ugly ass spoiled rich ass arab girl who moved to London because of her rich ass parents, who bitch about how much we're destroying their country instead of supporting it. Which I believe is funny because they're not doing a damn thing or investing any money in their country what-so-ever. I know, I've been there I know how the rich arabs are. I used to go to school with them. I used to work with them. don't get me wrong, I love them to death. Now you have rich ass Iraqi kids strolling down the streets of london robbing people just because they are upset, and pussies like this anoymous guy backing them up and saying "well you should feel sorry for them because of what is going on in their country". No fuck you dude. And I know this because my Arab friends that live there tell me. The only people I feel sorry for are the poor Iraqis that have no money to escape or any money for food because we shot their goats or camels and any other animals they have. I feel sorry only for those people who can't escape the hardcore bloodshed happening in their country. but people like you Layla, I don't get along with too well. Fuck you Layla
Good God. I can't believe anyone would post a response you message of hate as those i have read here...

Hate, like an aggravated wound never heals. Given time, infection spreads, and the body itself is destroyed.

I can appreciate your sentiments, and your hate for the American People. The American people have been mass murderers since the inception of the nation.

Today the people of America, however, are not coextensive with the the being of the American people as they have comported themselves these past two centuries.

Millions of us are descendants of those who came here searching for freedom and equity, and have had no part in the atrocities which America as a nation has been a part of.

And you say that a nation is the spirit and will of the people, and therefore we are all to blame, are all to hate. Yet we have never hated you. Our hearts cry out...

As a nation we are a cowed people. We have dictated beliefs and a controlled media; education has been geared to make us easy to manipulate, and we have shown this indeed in the past decade.

But remember: The criminals Bush and Cheney were never legitimate leaders of this country. So outraged were some of us, that when Bush took office he had to sneak in the back door for his own inauguration.

I know nothing i personally say here will change your mind, but know this: There are many throughout the world who profit from the proliferation of hate and strife. They further their agenda by playing one side against the other.

But really the only sides are Us and Them. Those that embrace humanity in all its colors and beauty, ugliness and nobility, and those obsessed with pride and infantile opposition.

The people of the world are becoming of one spirit. Not of creed or belief, but instead of understanding that we are indeed one people.

Soon those who seek to hid this fundamental truth from us will know that the spirit of mankind is not something that can be hidden by lies, or divided through meaningless distinctions.

I must say: I appreciate your anger. I understand your hate. These, however, are exactly the feelings They wish to spread through the purposeful infliction of suffering on you and your people.

Jihad is a battle against lies and hypocrisy; it is a fight against those who would like to divide what is obviously and indivisibly One.

I know that we are one. And soon, when these criminals are rotting behind bars, this truth will be (at least a little more) evident to all.

Anonymous said…
My name is Samantha and I was born and will most likely die in America. It deeply saddens me that you think all Americans are alike in the same ways. I choose not to live in a home of my own, I am able to stay with friends for a short while at times or with people I meet along the way of my travels. I refuse to ever have to pay taxes and give support to our disgusting government. My great grandmother was full blooded Osage Indian, some of the stories she would tell about her ancestors would bring me to tears. Columbus' acts of Genocide should appall this country, but instead he has his own celebratory day. I am very in touch with my roots and am very hostile towards the county I live in. I think you American's writing on this blog praising America should think twice, think about all of the blood we have on our hands when it was never necessary, Vietnam bombings, the invasion of Iraq(torturing and killing innocent civilians). How can you agree that it is right to force your government upon people and tell another country what is best for it? I am ashamed that I live in such a country and I believe you have every right to hate America as a whole, but I hope you can some how believe me when I say that some people here in America would do anything to change the way things are. I speak out every day of my life, and have been put in jail for doing so, but I will never stop. America is supposed to be a free country, but I'd like to know when I get to start feeling free. Free of this fascist society obsessed with money and murder. I feel I could go on forever, but I'm not sure how anyone from either side of this issue will feel about what I say. I speak from my heart.

Anonymous said…
I am also not saying that America is the only country to have ever done wrong, I just think that American's make up a lot of excuses for the past, calling incidents of mass murder "mistakes"(a word I've heard my boyfriend's father use in arguments about Vietnam)but clearly no other country makes "mistakes" those countries are all terrible, we are the almighty America.
Allicia said…
for a minute, forgetting any motives... is the cost worth the gain? are any more innocent people dying from the American occupation than under Saddams rule? Do the benifits the country could reap, with the education of women, and the womens rights, and educating everyone more, outweigh the costs? America will only be there so long.. this is actual curiosity, please dont bite my head off.
Anonymous said…
Why cant we all just get along? Most of these comments just prove that humans cannot ever get along. How can peace ever be established if we cannot give eachother a chance. I am just a young American, but I am a dreamer. Love is such a powerful thing and it astonishes me that people would rather discusss and display violence than promote peace. It appears that humans will never be satisfied with good and will always look for the worse in eachother. rather attacking verbally or physically, humans apparently need to be attacking in some way. Dont take my input as an insult, but rather a suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Why cant we all just get along? Most of these comments just prove that humans cannot ever get along. How can peace ever be established if we cannot give eachother a chance. I am just a young American, but I am a dreamer. Love is such a powerful thing and it astonishes me that people would rather discusss and display violence than promote peace. It appears that humans will never be satisfied with good and will always look for the worse in eachother. rather attacking verbally or physically, humans apparently need to be attacking in some way. Dont take my input as an insult, but rather a suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Why cant we all just get along? Most of these comments just prove that humans cannot ever get along. How can peace ever be established if we cannot give eachother a chance. I am just a young American, but I am a dreamer. Love is such a powerful thing and it astonishes me that people would rather discusss and display violence than promote peace. It appears that humans will never be satisfied with good and will always look for the worse in eachother. rather attacking verbally or physically, humans apparently need to be attacking in some way. Dont take my input as an insult, but rather a suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Layla, thank you for sharing your art and your thoughts. There is a large Arab community in my area, and a year ago today I went to an outreach progam of theirs. I wasn't there as a spectator but rather as a speaker. They had asked for US Veterans of the Iraq invasion and Iraqi immegrants to come and speak. At the end of the day, the conclusion which had already been known was said... USA's arrogance and international meddling are the failings of every Empire that has ever existed. Regardless of what group of people have made an empire, they all have caused sadness on epic levels. As a US citizen and Army veteran, I will charish the day when my countrymen are removed from foreign countries and our empire is dismantled. People are people, and all people want the same thing: food, shelter, companionship, and stability. For what little it is worth, I am truely sorry for what we have done to you and your country. I pray that whatever God's plan is, that it leads us to peace soon.
Anonymous said…
Christianity will NEVER bow to the heathen and uncivilized who practice Islam. NEVER. Call the U.S. a "Godless" country if you must. The fact is that the entire ME is a wasteland of intolerance, racism, misogyny and corruption. I find it both interesting and ignorant that those on here love to point the finger at the U.S. and our "evil empire". Get a grip, pick up a history book and stop listening to the conspiracy theorists who want nothing more than to see the end of the United State.
Anonymous said…
first of all, wow i feel bad for all of you people who have such hatred. no, not all people who live in the United States are the same. there are actually some people who realize the faults of this country and world and want to make it a better place. you people expressing such hate are the exact people who are keeping this world from ever being remotely peaceful. you are ignorant to generalize "all americans" just like anyone would be ignorant to generalize any one of you! and if you hate this country so much and find nothing good about it or any of it's people, many of whom are spending their lives working their asses off to make the world a better place, then go somewhere else where the people are better and the country has no corruption. good luck finding that. maybe everyone should stop hating every single thing they see, and work to change the things you think are wrong. you are getting no where by saying that all americans are evil and hating people with such a passion. luckily, some people aren't racist and filled with such hatred like you, layla, and might someday make a small and peaceful change in the world. something you seem to want but will never do with all your hate.
Anonymous said…
Dear Greg and all Bloggers, I am an American like many of you, and I am also a Soldier. I have been to the lands of Iraq and Afgan; I have seen the good and the bad that we as Americans have instilled upon the people of said forth nations; I would just like to remind all of the users of this sight that even though we all do not agree with the statments made by this lady on her blog, she has the right to say and post whatever she so pleases. She is a free women now. Under the rain of Saddam had she made a statement like this and he or his men found it, we do not know what would of become of her; but now she has the right to freedom of speech and can say what she pleases no matter how much we dislike it. And mam when i read this artical it brought sorrow to my heart. I lost my friends in your land and gave 3 years of my life to try and better yours and your peoples but I now Know my efforts in your opion where unwarrented. Well mam not everyone there hates us for what we have done and I will continue to give my best so maybe one day you will find the love for my men and I, that I have for YOU and your people. Yes mam I LOVE YOU and no matter what you say about me and my men I promise you I always will.

SSgt. U.S. Army
Hi Layla!

I know you posted this a LONG time ago and I see that you have received TONS of comments about this rather controversial entry but I felt so moved by what you had to say that I've decided to offer my belated input:
I do not blame your strong feelings. What America has done to the Middle East is measurable to what Hitler had done to the Jews. Unfortunately, Western media does not show us the whole truth...it is always biased because at the end of the day Americans need to believe that they are doing something good for other people. This leads me to the point I am trying to make. Layla, I am American. I was born here, raised here, and this is my country. However, my parents are Egyptian-Muslims, and I too am Muslim. I hurt for the Iraqis just as I hurt for the Americans because in a sense, I am connected to both....just as I am connected to all of humanity. The American people are Good people. They do not want to hurt others, and they do not want to spread pain. While 5% of America was destroying Iraq, 95% of America was saying No, asking Why, and shouting Stop. You have every right to be angry....I too am angry. But try not to hate the Americans...we have contributed much greatness to the world. In fact, try not to Hate at all (I realize this is easier said than done...I am no t living amidst a sea of blood from my slaughtered relatives). I say this only because all will be made right on "yom il ayama". Of course this does not mean just sit back, be passive, and get stepped on. You should DEFINITELY get your voice out there. Be heard. Be Loud. But be respectful. Remember there are Americans out there who are hurting for the Middle East as well.
Anyway, Inshallah Rabina will take care of all those who died wrongfully.
Stay strong!
Anonymous said…
oh what the heck

lets just pull us/uk troops out and let these iraqi fuckers rot
Anonymous said…
I'm almost positive that my comment won't mean anything to both sides of the argument, but friends, PLEASE. Listen! Why are we doing this? Why are we fighting? I read this whole blog and I have read all of your comments and arguments and complaints, and I just want to say this: My Christian brothers and sisters, how are we showing Christ's love and compassion? We aren't spreading the Gospel, we aren't spreading Christ's love! We aren't doing anything! How can we sit here and say to others "I am a Christian" and then say "I hope all you Iraqis die and burn in hell." NO, my friends, NO! This isn't loving, this is demonic! How would you think Christ would feel about us labeling ourselves "Christian" with His name, and spreading hate and anger? That is not Christianity. This is simply demonic. Let's not do this. Let's love one another just as Jesus Christ loved us all first. Not just us Christians, but non-Christians, everyone! Please. And to my Muslim brothers and sisters. We don't have same beliefs, but to me, you are still family. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. But please, how do you say to us that your religion is a religion of peace and love when you hate on others? Yes, we have wronged. But haven't you wronged in your life too? I beg of you, please, let us not harden our hearts. Let Christ into your lives, my friends. I tell you the truth, He does change your life. He has truly changed mine.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

"Do to others as you would have them do to you." Luke 6:31

God bless all.
omi said…
thank you for being brave enough to say this.

thank you for the imagery that shows the TRUTH of the mess of war.

"mainstream" & assimilated america (read: white & under-educated colored allies) doesn't like to admit it, but many people of color who were born here have the same hate, the same memories, the same anger...albeit conflicted. by convergence of history and/or birth, we are here. but some of us were stolen or nearly exterminated to be here, standing witness to the pain of our ancestors.

anyone who doesn't understand where you're coming from is still in denial that they're living on stolen land.

Anonymous said…
Wow, someone really has more daddy issues than Charles Manson... have you ever been treated by a psychologist?
From what I can gather, you sound like someone just screaming and reaching for attention. Well geuss what, YOU WIN ! ! ! I mean after all, you got the attention of myself and everyone else who's commented on your little poem or expression, whatever the hell you want to call it.
I'll bet you're wearing all black right now aren't you? thought so...
And just something I was wondering, why don't you live in Iraq anymore??? You obviously had some reason to leave. Sounds like you need to go back so that you can become the colateral damage of one your own IRAQI Jihadist! Or did you forget about the number of civilians they have murdered?
If you're really looking for a fight, look into your mirror.

Anonymous said…
yeah, America is evil
we hate all non-white people that don't love george bush and guns and we really love eating fatty foods and sitting in our la-z-boys and killing everyone and blah, blah, blah
although i have to admit
i love being an American soldier
you know i think I'll just go on about it

I am an American Soldier
I am a Warrior and a member of a team
I serve the people of the United States, and live the Army Values
I will always place the mission first
I will never accept defeat
I will never quit
I will never leave a fallen comrade
I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, and proficient in my Warrior tasks and drills
I am an Expert, and I am a Professional
I stand ready to deploy, engage, and DESTROY the enemies of the United States in close combat
I am a Guardian of freedom and the American way of life

and I'm sorry you're jealous
but really, trashing an entire country through the anonymity of the internet?
that's very brave of you
why don't you attack America again so I can fight in the Middle East a little longer?
cause I kinda like it
Anonymous said…
I'm an American male and I'm proud of it. Hate me, I could care less. My life is better than yours and I'm gonna live a longer and healthier life than you without any regrets. Well I'm sorry that's a lie, my only regret is not being able to piss upon your shallow sand grave. You assholes generalize Americans because you hate our government and hate our troops. I'm 18 years old, just graduated high school, and haven't ever done a single thing to harm anybody in any other country. You people hate us because we have it better than you and that's called jealousy. Is jealousy justified? It's people like you who make me wish that we could just bomb and kill all you hateful scum. I'm proud to be an American. Go ahead and post messages insulting me or trying to outwit me, I'm not ever going to read this again. Waste your time if you want, my message has been put out there so yeah...have fun. :)

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