From the "Weaker Sex"

I've stopped celebrating the 8th of March a few years ago...already.

A few years ago, my so called "feminist male" friends, would drop by and offer a bouquet of flowers or send a few words of solidarity and undying devotion to the female cause...

Most of these guys were what you can consider on the left of the political spectrum.
And oh they were so good with words...We'd discuss till the early morning hours about dialectics, materialism, patriarchy and the permanent revolution...I was very touched by this overt demonstration of friendship and trust, until...

Until I heard that a good number of these guys supposedly on the left to the very left, some considered themselves hardcore marxists, others trotskyists, others oh so progressive...until some of these leftists voted for Muqtada Al-Sadr, Allawi, Al-Hakeem, supporting the occupation...

Have you ever heard of a die hard communist become a sadrist, a folllower of a would be mullah whose men are renowned for raping, drilling and mutilating women ?

Have you ever heard of a marxist supporting the butcher Allawi, responsible for collaborating with the American psychopaths who burned the women of Fallujah with napalm?

Have you ever heard of a leftie singing the praises of Ayatollah Khomeini and his Quds brigades of which the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iraq aka the SCII of the Badr Brigades is an offshoot, responsible for burning nawasib women alive just because they are sunnis ?

And do you think it stops there ? Go beyond Iraq and have a hard look at the Arab leftist men and you will see the same... You will see them supporting the most backward retrograde political movements parading as "anti imperialist", the most backward and fascist movements when it comes to women...such as the supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran...

Now extend all of the above to encompass the Western left then add the Arab feminists and Western feminists and you will get a full picture of what has happened and is happening to the women of Iraq...

So seeing all this disgusting political hypocrisy, I declare the 8th of March a day of mourning, a day of mourning for the women of Iraq.

In other words you can stuff your 8th of March celebrations, up, way up...

I, off course, hate the American occupation which is ultimately responsible for the current predicament Iraqi women find themselves in.

I also hold all accomplices on the right end of the political spectrum equally responsible...

But nothing, absolutely nothing, beats my utter contempt for the left in general including the anti-war clowns and in particular leftist Arab men...

I know where I stand with the current all male Islamist discourse, I know where I stand vis-a- vis Zionism, I know where I stand vis-a-vis the neo cons and democrats alike but the worst of the worst is the Left...They are an insidious cancerous disease, in sheep's skin, in dove's feathers....they are an abomination and in particular leftist Arab men...

Their total lack of a clear principled stand, their manipulative propaganda, their support for fascist movements in the name of anti-imperialism, make them in my eyes a hundred times worse than an open ended occupation.

Foreign occupations do not last, they will ALL eventually be vanquished, but what do you do with the enemy within your own ranks ?

What do you do with the communist who has turned into a sectarian driller ? What do you do with the progressive who rapes? What do you do with the pan Arabist who supports the Hezbollahs and the mullahs of this world ? What do you do with him short of banishing him into political and physical oblivion ?

What do you do with these political whores pretending to be men?

What will you tell Amal who was gang raped by the sectarian militias and tortured ?

What will you tell Dr.Farida who is sweeping floors in Damascus?

What will you tell Umm Zayd who witnessed her own daughter burned alive in front of her eyes by Hezbollah Iraq ?

What will you tell Aisha who found her sister raped, mutilated in her genitals and dumped in a street by the Sadr militias?

What will you tell Afaf who was raped and tortured by the Badr Brigades of your "anti Imperialist Iran"

What will you tell Sawsan who is barely 16, forced to prostitute herself ?

What will you tell Dalal, a professor, who has taken to begging in the streets?

What will you tell us women who lost our husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, sisters, mothers, aunts, children, and forced into exile with no income and no right to work, with no health care, and having to fend for whole families, alone ?

You bastards of Arab men, you leftists of my butt, what will you tell us on the 8th of March ?

What will you offer us you disgusting, depraved, decadent lot ?

I do not address the Americans, I do not consider them to be human beings...
And I considered you human but I was wrong.

You are full of hot air, full of shit, full of bravado words, and you turned out to be nothing but a bunch of cowardly eunuchs...

Be my guests -- shove your political theories, concepts, analysis, articles, conferences, congresses, parties, poetry, prose, slogans, jargons...up your collective asses.

None of you are fit to rule anything or are nothing but political prostitutes who will surrender to the most flashy pimp du jour...

And this is what I offer you ,on the 8th of March, you proselyted, ideological harlots.

Go to hell, all of you.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.


Anonymous said…
Hello there Layla, I have been meaning to leave you a message on this post. Personally, I think this piece is one of your best writings.

I hope you are not put off by the lack of response. My view is that it is one of those articles that are so powerful, nobody has what it takes to respond to it.

In this I mean those you have referred to in the piece. I hope this piece gets sent far and wide,because it pierces the big black blanket of denial that hangs over the world at present.

Even when I read some of those articles in Uruknet, some of the are good, and others make me puke. Notice most of the western writers and some Arabs too, like the recent Guardian article on the Iraqi journalist returning. I do not know whether you read it, but he reminds me of all the righteous middle-class political shits around this part of the town. I noticed the dig he had about Saddam Hussein. My, he must have felt good canning everyone and everything while he strolls around back in there.
I noticed here never made any constructive fighting statement.

I intend making making some comments on your other piece regarding Syria. In my opinion I think so far they have been let off very lightly.

"Haditha" will be on SBS TV very shortly. After seeing that I will be wondering why I bothered replying to that Greg - he is really a sneaky stooge and a waste of time. But I suppose it helps debate with others.

Anyway as they say, keep on keeping on.
And the recent responses to your posts have been great.

In solidarity
Anonymous said…
Your hatred of Americans is understandable.
The male need to dominate women is a totally different issue. It crosses cultures.
My daughter wonders why Iraqi and Afghani women seem to have lost their personhood--after being "liberated" by our feminist Marines (sic).
All I can tell her is that women's rights are the first thing to go. Always.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Bluegum,

Thanks for ALL of your thoughtful comments, some of them cracked me up....
I agree with you about Gaith Abdul Ahad from the Guardian, his first video was typical in the spirit of white middle class brits.
However his second video on, does show THE REAL MASS GRAVES of the IRANIAN backed Shia militias.

Bet you anything Americans will not want to watch that.

As for Syria. I am still waiting for your comment, I think it is long overdue :-)

Roads to Iraq blogspot has a interesting link on Syrian Baath wanting to join Maliki's govt.

Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for your comment.
Iraqi women have lost all of their rights with the American occupation. They took us back to the pre Islamic era.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I just read your post at ICH (Information Clearing House). This is what I posted in the comments (responding to all the comments that appreciate and understand you):

We understand? Now we understand the anger?
Do we now think that there might have been a reason to be angry before this?
Long before this?

If we didn’t know about current events—wouldn’t we wonder at the anger?
What about historical events—how much do we know? Do we wonder at the anger?

We will only wonder . . . in as much as we don’t know.

We will only wonder . . . in as much as we don’t know.

(PS: Layla, I am American. I can feel hate too, as you express it. It doesn't scare me. Nor does love. I am an artist too. Artists allow for their feelings. I'm glad you are an artist.)
Anonymous said…
What you fail to understand is that feminism is a hate movement that has completely taken over and runs America. You are being invaded and occupied by THE FEMINIST COUNTRY (USA). The strategy of Feminism is to divide the sexes and create gender war (see You have been invaded by a matriarchal culture. The purpose of the USA matriarchy invasion is to destroy the few remaining family oriented patriarchies in the world. Feminism permeates every aspect of American culture. Government, media, education, business, and worst of all Family Court. Read a book by Baskerville called Taken Into Custody to understand what Feminists and the USA matriarchal Govt. are doing to Fathers, Families and Men. Feminists and Govt. are working together to control & destroy men throughout Western Civlization. This is the system they want to spread to the Mid-East. The Mid-East is the last bastion of Patriarchy. Once the USA matriarchy defeats it, the world will be one big Feminist Matriarchy. Read up on VAWA & IMBRA in the USA. And don't forget, FEMINISM was created by the CIA. Plenty of information about this on the internet. So, we have extremes at both ends of the spectrum. In Western Civilization we have out of control Matriarchy and in the Mid-East we have out of control Patriarchy. We need to meet in the middle. I'm sure the Jews are laughing at all of this as usual. Maybe they are the problem? Most prominent Feminists are Jewish Women. Go figure. There is an increasing number of American Men who hate the Feminist USA and their Govt. Who they ally themselves with is yet to be scene. I know some who are converting to Islam. FEMINISM is not the answer. Family is the only thing that matters and Feminism wants to destroy that.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla ! I have responded to your post, but I wanted to send this first, and it will be all too long, so I will post the other tomorrow. I just needed to talk about this
I have just heard some goods news. The Barwon l3 Muslim Men have been in solitary confinement in Barwon Maximum Security Prison for 2 years and 5 months without charge while the police built up a case to charge them with under the terrorist laws. The trial started 2 weeks ago. The Judge tonight has ordered the trial to be stopped, until these men are placed in normal prison conditions and given 10 hours sunlight a day. The Judge also questioned why these men were in maximum security.

This is a a Guantanamo Bay situation. These men mostly young men with young wives and some with small babies have been rotting away in solitary confinement with the orange jump suits and leg irons, and no sunlight There has been one small demo down at Barwon which I went to and that is all. All in all it has been like they do not exist as far as the media and public are concerned. Barwon is 40 miles out of Melbourne near Geelong. (That is why they were put there out of site, out of mind) And you should read the lies Murdoch has been putting in his papers while the prosecution have been presenting their case. My country is a disgrace! This case is a put up job from start to finish. Again we see Muslims being used for political scapegoats, innocent lives put through this brutality. You can probably get the info from google – The Age. But usually the Sydney Morning Herald is better reading. (I will get the true information of this sordid business for you) as the media will not tell you all the true facts.

The Muslim here have been silent about this too. Even high-profile Muslims have said nothing publicly.

I can understand they are frightened. But fear will not save anyone. When I was down at Barwon I spoke to one of the young men's wives who had about a 3 month old baby. She had just been on a visit. She told me that some of her friends would not speak to her any more. I gave her my contact number and told her to get in touch with me,but I never heard from her.
Actually it is some of the Australian lawyers who have been sincere in helping these men, and are not doing it just for a job.

I can see how the lawyers have done this. They could not get the men out of the maximum prison until they got to trial. And it has succeeded this way

The anti-Muslim propaganda has gone quiet since Howard has gone. One can only hope it stays this way.
warmest regards,
Anonymous said…
Hello there Layla! Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. I see today on your Karbala blog. KM has answered the question for me about Cheney & Arabs It was KM being ironic. I would like you and KM to both be aware that when writing my concerns, am not being a critical repugnant pedantic prat. It is just that my grass-roots politics have made me very aware why the ordinary person is left ignorant. and I always think from this level when it comes to communicating with the average person. I have found when they are given give them information in the right way. They can understand alright! (as we see on your blogs)

No way are the US going to bomb Iran. That is nonsense, everything points the other way. When Kissinger comes into the picture and makes statements saying that this matter can be settled amiably, then things are happening And as we know when Israel and Iran are there, Robert Gates is always with them.

If many of the Shia's in Iraq do not want Iran and US in Iraq, and they are iffy over a secular society mmm! for the moment. I can understand why they are iffy when one sees the Kurds role in all this.

Iran was the key to the US invasion. and Iran is still the key to the US having control in Iraq. And Iran, like you said is the key to Israel And in turn, this is the same reason the left support Iran – Israel. The left (Chomsky etc.) could not care a shit about Iraq. Iran in Iraq is only a means to an end for them – the end being 'peace' for Israel.

I keep an eye on occasionally. just to check on the the articles re bombing of Iran. They still continue but number have dropped off dramatically. Never mention Iran in Iraq of course.

To me the issue of Iran in Iraq is the key issue as to the flak on here from the US. . It may seem like the US in support of US, but the repeating flak only gives this illusion. And the other posters from the US usually agree with you. I notice the flackers never mention Iran either. I read where the Islamic Scholars called for verbal aggression re US Wondered why only US? But no doubt they know a lot more than me as to what is going on. And the other big issue President Saddam Hussein/social policy. They are terrified of this one. Very fitting dam good article today today Layla. Has given me a lift.

Also the sanctions on Iran are a big big laugh, when compared to Iraq. Again - political stage-managing with the US trying to get a bit of control of their Iranian mates of convenience at the same time. This country is still trading healthily with Iran. All spices etc.

On Gaith Abdul Ahad's videos. I only read the article in Uruknet. I need to get a new server because cannot watch videos as there is not enough power and they stay on same picture for yonks before moving on.

Mal's article “5,000 years of culture stolen from Baghdad 16th March”, Uruknet. (sorry for previous sloppy referencing on this) last 3 paras. After his consistent stand on this issue, I am sure he did not intend it, but he sounded a bit like a moralist sitting above. I felt that under what he describes Iraq as having been through, he was now turning around and hitting the victims of this, into the moral/physical ground with a sledgehammer. I saw it as rather cruel, and because in the way he has written this, it has created some very useful quotes for some. Playing the devils advocate, I would certainly use some of these statements. And I do not like reading things like 'Iraq has been defeated'. Anyway, I will await your thoughts on this.

Hope to get my thoughts on Syria to you by at least tomorrow, as well as getting my surroundings in some respectable order. And I include my head in that at the moment, hence the vague references.
Take care,
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

There is nothing to add to this article. You have said it all with eloquence I can only strive for.
Anonymous said…
I applaud your honesty, appreciate your anger, and admit that I'm "one of them," an American male.

All of the disgusting things you describe, about "lefties," etc., are tactics that the Patriarchal Order has been using for thousands of years in order to remain in power.

Divide and conqer is their mantra, and they do in the USA to divide up women themselves into warring camps. The results are horrendous: Iraq today and woment there and in every country in the world.
Anonymous said…
The Iraq war is a feminist conquest, womendownedbylies. Get real.

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