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Anonymous said…
Thanks for bringing this back. This is my favorite part of the site!
Deennaa said…
I've met so very few americans who can understand rage. When I read your posts I felt I'd met a twin. Like you, I never apologize nor grieve any of my rages against american people. I earned my rage for all that has been done to me, my family & my peoples...right here in this red white & blue rag of a falsely named stolen country. Like you, I as a so-called "american" hate what this country of whites has done FIRST to us and then to the rest of the cultures of this world. I call these american's culture enviests for they have no rich, ancient culture to claim. It is also one of the reasons they do not YET know who they are. They have no background but as "witch burners, liars, cheats, THIEVES & VIOLENT MURDERERS - this is their general overlay of character - passed on from generation to generation. They cannot Be what they never were. I have more than volumes to say but am using up alot of space. Suffice it to say I sense a kindred spirit and only sad to say it comes through such grave tradgedy. You are a brilliant writer & I'm sure you must have been told that. Long live your heart & mind.

Deennaa - not "american Indian", but AHTNA TA'ENE of the Copper River Alaska EJISHUE PEOPLES
Anonymous said…
arrgh. Blame the Russians first.
Deennaa said…
"Blame the Russians first."
Why would it matter if I blamed them first? The key word is "white". You can call them "caucasian" if you feel better about that. The OUTCOME was, IS, the same from this horde of barbarians. Come on, overcome denial.
By the way, in our village - near(as in 19th century) the turn of the century - we had an elder who remembered the FIRST white man ever seen and it was no russian. It was the US calvary - sent up to stake out & steal as usual. For us in our area it was the copper. The first thing they tried to do was to literally, make slaves of our Dene people. Yeah, you don't have that in YOUR version of history books. Why? Not even because whites & especially military whites are bred to LIE, but because of the fact it would have been another "Custer's Last Stand" story. We killed all those calvary stupes who were sent up by the government. Their blind mindsets of "superior" over these "inferior, sub-human, savages" blinded them to their fate. Always assuming everything that in truth they have no clue of. NEVER underestimate ANY human being's capacity to DEFEND what belongs to them. The right minded will RESIST!
Now why would this truth of the first military incursion into the wilds of the far distant "territory" of Alaska even be told anywhere in this robbed country you call your own? It wouldn't. It wasn't & won't be told. Your government at work as it always was: covert at best & violent always. Do you think things are not connected always? The american government ASSUMED so much about the Iraqi people before they criminally & illegally (always illegally)INVADED that country. I would assume you already know that. What did the american whites know about this country & its peoples? ZILCH (except for a tiny tiny minority). Did not know that Iraq had one of the most advanced peoples in the Middle East. Especially for women. A generous peoples you would never find the likes of in your america. A social system that did not have the ills that america spends its billions upon billions for, such as Domestic Violence, criminal violences, child murdering, patricides, drug & alcohol programs, sexual predators upon women & CHILDREN, addictions of all manner which include the sexual(which appears to be your favorite & most obsessive obsession with all its fall-out in abuses- like teen pregnancies, epidemic sexual diseases(latest on that is teens now have the highest rate of that old dirty dangerous syphilis - look it up), and on & on. Another by the way, when your children become the object of all your vampirish sexual predations as is (was) your dire situation here now, then can you recognize that your so-called 'great" nation is collapsing? In decline? And in decline as in the manner of the Fall of the Roman Empire? god. what grand denials americans live in. You just give me one comment & I can write you volumes. These few words are just a tip of the iceberg.

No, it doesn't matter that the russians were first. But it wasn't the russians who STOLE Alaska was it? You whites called that grand theft "Seward's Folly" & even then did not know what & how much you had robbed. But it didn't take you long to make our vast "territory" your very own did it? That theft is still on-going & you must know that. There is volumes more to say. I scream VOLUMES. So much more for Iraq. So goddamned much.

Thank you Layla for allowing me to tell just a minutae of this information. I realize its your space & not mine. I don't have a blog...yet. I just have a blog title with a short blurb of me. I am too much in survival mode to give that attention. But it will come out. And it won't be any "sell-out" version of too many of my peoples who fell down into the "assimilation trap". Again thank you for letting me put words into your great space.

Chen'an se' gue (Thank you much)

Anonymous said…
mish mash,

I only have a few minutes. My ancestors once belonged to a great tribe - the "Anglo Saxons". Where the hell is my land?!? My ancestors were some peasants who were forced to work the land for the aristocracy. Guess what, if you didn't do it some white man would come along and put you in a cage until your flesh rotted off.

Well I have land (er control of land) now. I had to buy it, I pay 10 grand a year in taxes just to live on it, the bank really owns it, and the bank may go under or I could lose my job in this recession. Guess what happens if I have difficulty paying? Yep, white men will come to my house, the one that I put my blood sweat and tears into, and throw my family and I out. And if that happens? Tough shit, deal with it.

I took a quick look at your situation. Your ancestors had like a million acres of land per person. My ancestors were lucky if we could work one acre. In the 1800s the US buys Alaska from the Russians (which are your ancestors who crossed the land bridge) Also in the 1800s my ancestors probably hopped on a boat to America. So maybe one day at the turn of the century my greeeeat whatever goes up to Alaska to help build the railroad to carry away the copper ore. As for running into any native Alaskans (Indians), a quick search did not turn up any epic battles, just attacks on explorers.

"History.-The mouth of Copper River was discovered by Nagaieff in 1781, but expeditions into the interior met with such consistent hostility on the part of the natives that for a long time they were a simple record of failure. The attempts of Samoylof in 1796, Lastóchkin in 1798, Klimoffsky in 1819, and Gregorief in 1844 all ended in the same way. Serebrannikof ventured up the river in 1818, his disregard for the natives cost him his life and the lives of three of his companions. In 1882 after the cession of Alaska to the States, a trader named Holt ascended as far as Taral but on a subsequent visit he was killed by the natives. In 1884 Lt. Abercrombie explored a part of the river, and in 1885 a thorough exploration of the whole region was made by Lt. Allen, who visited the Ahtena villages on Copper River and on its principal tributaries. From that time on intercourse between the river people and Whites has been increasingly intimate."

An 1898 NYT article

An article about the railroad

So it looks like my greeeat whatever would have worked hard on the railroad (I never saw any of that money) and your greeeat whatever may have worked as well - nothing too shocking.

It looks like the courts sided in your favor in the 90s -

What gives you the right to millions of acres of all this land and me the right to nothing? Is it because you were born an Indian? Talk about racism. How much in taxes do you pay - Zippo?

If anyone should be complaining, it should be me. If I lose my job and get kicked off my land, maybe I will go on up there, squat on some of your land and fish salmon. But guess what, I would get thrown off by the white man and jailed for trespassing.
Anonymous said…
Mish Mash, like layla you are just a hateful nothing little person. You just sound pathetic & paralyzed. Rage all you want...who is listening or gives a fuck?
Anonymous said…
Mish Mash, your comments have been an education - thank you.

Ying yang, how very wrong you are!
Deennaa said…
oh don't worry you little boys(or girls) who cannot deal with rage whose roots descend from the ravages of your ancestry & continue through YOU.... you will be getting much more oh foolish ones. It seems you do give a "fuck" (will have to use YOUR language here. We don't have cuss words in our languages) and YOU are listening just by commenting. But you cannot suffer TRUTHS or LEARN TO BE TEACHABLe. No!

BTW: You don't know me at all & yet there you go with your grave disrespect. Is this your "way" to deal with statements, commentary, issues and all that is brought before you as information that you desperately need SELF-INTROSPECTION for?? I won't stoop to your level no matter how dirty & down you get - no matter how illiterate you come off with your petty name calling & assumptions of who we are. I'm never EVER surprised at your responses. Those just continue to corroborate WHO & WHAT we say about you.

Oh, there is much much more rage and anger to come. Don't hold your breath... your option is always to go away....god wouldn't that be nice. YES! Make room for some really brave ones who can at least intelligently and RESPECTFULLY converse or debate. Won't happen with the likes of you who slam at the drop of a hat...

As for Greg from usa: You need to get up off your butt & go get some fresh air. Those URL's you placed in your post showed just how bullying and lazy you are. Didn't you read that whole article? Down at the bottom was a disclaimer - "...This site includes some historical materials that may imply negative stereotypes reflecting the culture or language of a particular period or place. These items are presented as part of the historical record and should not be interpreted to mean that the WebMasters in any way endorse the stereotypes implied."

You thought you were so clever. Out of the billion or more websites you picked those really flaky, un-informing little sites to make your point? I'm never incredulous with "you people" use a piece of your own vernacular.

On that other blurby stuff you wrote so tongue-in-cheekily (foot in mouth) about: Too bad about the misfortune of you to have descended from the Barbarian Hordes (europeans) by your own admission.I don't believe there's any help for that. Your dumbest comment Greg whoever you are, was about my taxes. Any commentary you make further means absoultely and profoundly nothing just for the stupidity of that comment alone. There is only one more worse thing about it and of course, and as USUAL, USUAL, USUAL: DISRESPECTFUL!
I'm shouting! (otherwise I capitalize for emphasis)

Land ownership comes from inherent & habitual, longstanding occupation & use. We have a few ice-ages of that behind us - ALL "american INDIANS"! Get off that chair and do your research. What you offered was as usual, disprespectful, disrespectful, disrespectful. So nothing new there... the unteachables. It appears that is YOU (collectively, as a people) Keep proving it by what you say & do. You never come with a peace nor reconciliation.

YOU do and say your dirty dirty deeds and when the recipients come back with their angers and rage you instantly become defensive - can't figure out the ROOT & SOURCE of that anger --- like a tantrum throwing little child.

What you call "your" land is supposed to be a slap in the face. You only made yourself look worse by your little meaningless commentary. WE know whose bones are buried there STILL. Your mental illness is showing & that humor (vile as it is) never really covers that insanity you whites own as intrinsic to your BASIC character. Just one thought on that at the moment - the MURDERED NEVER FORGET WHO MURDERS THEM. Are you just a creature that cannot fathom the basics?!!

I'll say it again until I tire of your childish foolishness(which is always right now) - try to face who you REALLY are. You will not change anything until you really begin to be human. Up til now your only character seems to be that of deranged "creatures" - you know. Like the ones you make up from your hollywood movies - the monsters who are unkillable but still you pull out those guns guns guns. Because that's who you really unimaginatively really really really are. Everything settled with your particular violence ....

You want peace? NO. You don't. You love your gun-toting selves. Its your particular brain-rot. Oh yeah. Your over-lay is upon every thing everything everything. The internet abounds & teems with your childish, outlandish, immature, infantile outbursts. Your filthy little blurbs of total insanity: DISRESPECT - DISRESPECT -DISRESPECT. You cannot discern between genuine, bonafide and REAL grievances, injustices, travesties and grand crimes against humanity other than to dismiss them with your filthy little clouds of blurbs that poison every misspelled sentence you think is saying something in response. I say, again, your mental illnesses are constantly showing. Then of course, your total lack of intelligent thought SHOUTS from every where your clumsy ignorant feet plod. Only on the internet you particularly shine in outrageous & impenetrable din of dumbness. You can't smarten up stupid. There it is. Now THAT'S pathetic "ying yang". (which name, by the way, is stolen from the chinese)
You think you are so clever. Gargantuan Fools.

Oh yes. There's plenty more rage where that comes from. Don't hold your breath. There is lots more to learn but it won't be wasted upon you who put insanity to words with your "freedom of speech". Like you whites looove to say "if you don't like it here, go back to where you came from" ...

Saving the best for last(for now anyway) LITTLEDEER: Thank you.

Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for a great comment and very informative too. You are a very good writer.
Anonymous said…
I don't understand someone like Greg saying something like "my aner is more valid than yours (to mish mash)"
One is not more valid than the other. Let's pull together, people!
Anonymous said…
I am Chinese mish mash. Is that alright with you?

You are such a racist, it must kill you that you have to use the white man's language. Should you be using is at all? It's not yours is it? (that's your logic, not mine). --

By the way you wrote:

It seems you do give a "fuck" (will have to use YOUR language here. We don't have cuss words in our languages)
- First, you have been using our language the whole time here. Second, I am sure you have your own version of cuss words or yours is the only language on the face of the earth that doesn't - or do you need to feel superior even in that?

Most good human beings see people as individuals but you just see color. You throw out insults in paragrah after paragragh and then are outraged when someone insults you back!!!! Ofcourse, it seems that to you, anything anyone says that you disagree with is "disrespectful". How do you expect them to pay any attention to the TRUE FACTS you are trying to convey to them after all you do is disrespect an insult them?

Really, explain that to me?

oh yeah, "Mish Mash" the name is stolen from whites
Anonymous said…
Google this, "Pale faces speak with forked tongues."

"Baskets will never carry water;" - understanding is beyond "the products of the American Education System."

These "products" possess as much intelligence as it takes to pull a trigger. When "understanding" overwhelms, obliterate its origin.

Today, it's Muslims (while we conspire the "Chinese Threat.") Tomorrow, or perhaps next week, the wheels of "The Hindu Threat" will be oiled; at that time, we will discover that the oilers are all Hindus.

Happy Islamophobia, Chinaphobia and oiling.
Anonymous said…
I understand.
I am mostly Serbian.
Please know that ignorant and stupid sheep are the ones who belive western propaganda. Resonable people know that your country did nothing to anyone. We have known even before their invasion that you are not dangerous. THEY are a danger to the whole planet.
We know!!

There is no such thing as western democracy. A group of people who have enslaved one race, commited genocide over another and have been inflicting terror on the rest of the planet, has no bussiness speaking about human rights.

As this is your blog and not mine Layla, I will be brief.
I live in Slovenia. Where the west had sponsored a treson and forming of the state, with the help of our polititians, who are largely corrupt. They are servants of the west. They have sold their own people for cushy jobs in Brussels.
To say that I share your hatered towards Americans would be somewhat of an understatement.

I would write something about atrocities Americans have been commiting over us in the past decades. But a subject that extensive would require me starting a blog.


I would inform you of something. What you know as "whites" are Westerners or (even worse) Anglo Saxons. The only thing that I share with them is a skin colour. I am Slavic. The word comes from the word "sklav" or "sklavinia". An expression used by westerers of that time, meaning "slave". Which is what they have been using my ancestors for, ever since they first darkened our land with their presence.
I ask that you not put me in the same basket with them.
Anonymous said…
FIRST and FOREMOST - TO LAYLA ANWAR: ahlan wa sahlan. Shukran habibi..(forgive any misspellings. My arabic has a ways to go for fluency) hiakee allah alhamdulelah. Taala kulee youm. Ya albi is precious. Long live Iraqi "real" people's rou7. And same for all the "REAL" people as we Dene call them and as all true Indians of this land call them. In my language: Chen'An se'gue and ne'ets'kee'lahn forever and ever. Thank you and always may you have breath...That was a good compliment. Now I have to get to those "others" who refuse to become the "real people"...

YingYang: Let me set you straight little girl - my scant commentary(first time commentary at that by the way) was not DIRECTLY aimed at you. Your complete existence UNKNOWN to me when I posted. However, and CLEARLY, you with your little toxic cloud of B.S. & common yankee disrespect & I suspect a grand deal of cunning, THREW your inconsiderate self into a short frenzy of attack here - upon me - without ANY thought or knowledge of who I am. NO THOUGHT. KEY word there. So far you are missing ALL points of this blog - which by the way again - you have grossly disrespected its owner - BY your BARGING IN WITH NO THOUGHT BY BARGING IN WITH typical, typical, TYPICAL(I shout!)"american" pomposity and ignorance to ASSUME everything you have no clue to about the person of Layla Anwar. I don't have to ask what the hell you're thinking by doing that for the simple reason that you yourself showed your own butt right off the bat.

Ok. About that Chinese ancestry: First sentence you let everyone know you are Chinese. Then(to continue your attack on me)you make the statement that, and I quote you now - "...First, you have been using our language the whole time here..." I would underline the use of your word "OUR" in that sentence because you are saying that English is YOUR language. So what are you REALLY! Chinese or white! Oh, I get it. You are ASSIMILATED and lost your Chinese language? So, lets see. That would make you a white chinese! Make up your mind or tell the truth little girl. To continue addressing your grave DISRESPECT (because you whites NEVER get it):


In case you hadn't noticed you're not using Chinese here are you? Doesn't that just kill you! english is not yours is it? YOU MUST BE SUCH A RACIST. I'm wondering(silently to myself)if your illogical RIDICULOUS conclusions are apparent TO YOURSELF???

To continue - and this is really going to bother you - which part of "no, we do not have any cusswords in our language" - did you not understand?! It has nothing to do with superiority nor comparisons of languages. WHAT IT DOES HAVE TO DO WITH IN THE CONTEXT OF THESE POSTINGS IS: DISRESPECT. I'll say it AGAIN: D I S R E S P E C T. Do you GET IT?

What it points up to me is I am from a culture that never DEVALUED or DEMEANED ANYONE by usage of our language; whereas, as you have just made a perfect example(and most of the nasty commentators on this and all blogs where american whites bombard their wholly blasphemous toxic words upon especially), you USED THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE TO DO JUST THAT BLASPHEMOUS DEVALUING AND DEMEANING. I am saying you don't get it - chinese notwithstanding!

To break it down for you "yingyang", since YOU used the word "superior" - we're nicer and you're not. So, who do you think would have "a" superior language? Who would be the one welcomed with open arms? Who would be welcome period! ? Who would have a wider audience of acceptance? Who would everyone be happier to see? Again, breaking it down for you HERE, since you wouldn't, couldn't, won't be TEACHABLE - my reply posting was to give support to Layla Anwar, understand in solidarity what has happened to her and her country and its culture(one of the oldest on earth and one ALL humans descended from according to your own christian bible(oh you're Bhudda?) nonetheless, ANCIENT HUMANITY'S HISTORY BEING FROM THERE!)and do it in a way that is understandable to everyone in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Now, again I call you a foolish and immature person IN DEFENSE AGAINST YOUR FALSE, ERRONEOUS, IMPETUOUS, IMMATURE, UNTHINKING, STUPID, ARROGANT ATTACK. How would you have liked me to say this? AGAIN (groan)on that note of "superiority" you brought up, who would be the person more erudite - the BI-LINGUAL or the one who could only speak ONE language? I won't assume you get the point. It isn't any american who deemed to learn my language as important because they don't BELIEVE WE ARE IMPORTANT! You and your colonized mentality makes me want to holler!

I'm going to quote you again. I'm also going to say that you are simply a mimic and worse, a hypocrite in light of everything you posted. Your words: "...MishMash, like Layla you are just a hateful nothing little person. You just sound pathetic & paralyzed. Rage all you want...who is listening or who gives a fuck?..."

You and your posting was not intended to get to any TRUE FACTS. Nowhere in your posts is there evidence that you are making any intelligent cogent or coherent attempt to get to TRUE FACTS.


WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF MY PEOPLE!!! IF YOU REALLY WERE CHINESE YOU COULD AT LEAST HAVE A GLIMMER AS YOU ALSO WOULD BE AN OUTSIDER. NEED I REMIND YOU OF THE WHITES DESCRIPTIONS OF THE CHINESE AND THE UGLY VERNACULARIC THEY'VE USED FOR THEM? No, I needn't remind you of that because you are not one of the "real human beings". You foolish girl are just another trashy white american. Sorry for you. You did not prove it otherwise ying. Now, I say that realizing something other than what is presented on any post on any computer screen anywhere HIDES who is throwing out mostly worthless verbiage displaying the worst and therefore, exactly who is being hidden behind that screen. ITS YOU OH WHITE american. No matter what you might have been before ASSIMILATION.

Layla has your number. There are those of us out here who KNOW what she says is the UTMOST TRUTH in description. You little creatures just aren't used to the raw, BARBARIC truth of yourselves presented boldly as does Layla. You love your words minced. She does not.

We who have been among you from BEFORE your beginning here - WE KNOW YOU! You only want your package pretty on the outside to hide your evil. That IS the 'american way'. Don't you think it isn't! You are not the "real human beings".

Again: YOU attack. WE DEFEND!

I digress. Being a teacher to the unteachables makes you feel battered & emotionally wrung out. But to give you an iota of how that affects me: RAGE RAGE RAGE. You and those of your ilk I was/am not granted any opportunity to offer you anything resembling compassion. You've eaten it up with your voracious creature appetite. You collectively,are Like a dumb monster who can only grunt, growl and bare his yellowed sharp fangs. Oh go look at yourself in the mirror. Uncover your pretty little ribbon-wrapped package to FACE THE EVIL WITHIN. You won't. You don't have the courage of Layla Anwar.

You know she doesn't save ALL her vitriol for just american's. She indicts ALL THE INDICTABLE - even of her own. In your stupid haste and YOUR racism, you apparently did not get that either. So don't plant your fat or skinny lazy (chinese?)white ass in front of the pc screen & immediately start lambasting what you don't know zilch - zilch! -zilch about. Otherwise the rageous will BITE YOU BACK. You know. You OFFEND we DEFEND. In any sane situation that's what human beings will do.

But, and as noted before(sigh)- this isn't a lesson the UNTEACHABLES learn OR know.

One last thing - your duty as a human being is to GROW & LEARN & CHANGE. Its not for your media or your government to do that for you, i.e., INDOCTRINATE & PROPAGANDIZE. Your duty is to un-creaturize yourself into a LOVING, CARING HUMAN BEING that cares for its fellow human being. Didn't you get that from your religion or spirituality? If not, then you remain : f-----g CREATURES. There's some english you know best.

There will be more. Don't hold your breath.


oh and about that name "mishmash". That made me laugh what you said yang. The computer chose that for me. Obviously, its not what I chose, for I go with "Deennaa"! I'm still laughing about that one.

All that aside. If you have any courage at all for looking into the mirror of yourselves, this MIGHT help: (i have no real hopes for your redemption though. It will take an act of the GREAT SPIRIT to step down & end your misery-causing selves)
Anonymous said…
I saw the video on the page of the American soldiers.

It appears to be some kind of a production and not actual footage.
I say this as there are discrepencies in uniforms, weapons, camera angle and sound as well as 'actors' or subjects.

It's been going around as 'real footage'.

If this is some kind of 'reneactment', it should be tagged as such.
Anonymous said…
It's not right to make out all Americans to be bad. Sure we have our fill of ass holes just like every other country. Not everyone is like that, were not all murderers, were not all violent. I don't much like being grouped up as a criminal.

As for U.S soldiers. I know for a fact that there are some whom do rape woman, but not all, don't lump them all in together, but isn't there rape already going on in your country without Our soldiers being there! Well? I'm positive there is, we have it here to in America. It's foul and loathsome.

Try and think, we do have a positive side, were not all negative. Living in hate is sad, and painful. It really wears out the heart after a while, to which a point were it may crack. If only we could all just get along it would be so much better, no more violence, no more hate, it could be so much better. Though young children may be the only ones who can truly understand that, they don't hate someone for coming from a different country. Try getting over yourselves, stop being so high and mighty, and try and make life positive, to were you can live in peace.

For now that is all i have to say. Hopefully you can understand my opinion, or accept my way of thinking about this matter. I don't think I want to be an adult anymore if it is this complicated,It's a shame all can't keep their child-side.

Bye for now.
Kosta said…
Kosta said…
you know the Chinese saying Ying Yang?

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