Iraq, Libya ....It's all the Same.

I was starting to feel guilty about my absence from this blog. Here I was supposed to continue on the Cleansing of Iraq, only to be faced with the Cleansing of Libya.

I hear myself say the same words - who would have thought that Libya would be suffer the same fate as Iraq.

Granted, there are some variations, differences, but is not the theme very much the same? Are not the discourses, be it from the media, the governments and that dreaded damned cursed "antiwar" the same ?

Did the Americans, and NATO (France, UK, and the coalition of the willing) not use the same excuses, the same wordings, the same sentences, identical to Iraq ?

Of course they did. And again, we are seeing it all over again, just like they did in Iraq, i.e use so called "Islamists" be it of the Shia (Iraq) or Sunni (Libya) type to invade and conquer another sovereign Arab state, destroy it and pillage its resources.

The "Islamists" have become the puppets of the Emperor.

It is an intelligent ploy, because after all, all those Arab and Muslim masses are so attached to Islam. Why not destroy it from the inside ?!

This is not a joke, this is a very serious and grave ideological manipulation, to not only occupy and plunder but also to kill any "fitra"- spirit of Resistance.

I will not say more - I urge the reader to think deeply. If that's at all possible.

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