Failed Journalism.

You know something, I have had it with propaganda reporting from so called respectable media.
I've had had it with whitewashing, hiding, covering up truths that are glaring us Iraqis in the face and I am sick and tired of your so-called objective reporting which is nothing but towing to political agendas.

In the case of the BBC and this grotesque piece by one of its so-called reporters Gabriel Gatehouse in Baghdad, or maybe we need to call him Gabriel Whitehouse. The article is here. It seems to me that the BBC has not learned its lessons, having edited its professionalism and conscience, and that over 1.5 M Iraqis dead and 4.5 displaced does not seem to have an effect on the way it reports "truth".

And it seems that their Gabriel Gatehouse in the heart of Baghdad is unaware of people being gunned down in broad day light on bogus charges of Baathism nor is he aware that scores of Iraqis are already fleeing the capital and heading towards Syria and Jordan....

That shameless disgusting BBC so reminiscent of the colonial days of the British empire, still uses that same perfidious language and word twisting. BBC you hate Saddam Hussein because he would not bend over for your politicians. You only approve of those whom you can bugger. And some of us Iraqis will not be buggered.

And it seems to me despite all the information in your possession, you still hold that Ahmed Chalabi, the crook, the embezzler and the spy for Iran as a reference and a credible source of information. and that, despite the fact that your fucked up nation is still inquiring into the " legality " of  your going to "war"  in Iraq.

You truly have ZERO shame and ZERO ethics.

As for the latest from English Al-Jazeera, I really want to vomit. In that 3 minute video, it shows protests in Kerbala against so called Baathists  and their return to power -- but what Al-Jazeera does not tell you outright, is that the man giving the speech in Kerbala, is none other but SOLAGHR JABER, the ex minister of Interior, and now minister of Finance.

If you want to know the track record of Solagh Jaber, you need to see , read that document again and SEE THE PICTURES. And send a copy to BBC and Al-Jazeera.

Solagh Jaber - an IRANIAN national, was in charge of  ordering and coordinating the death squads  in their crimes. And I need not remind you what happened in the dungeons of the Ministry of Interior. This is all documented. Which of course Al-Jazeera English and Arabic, wanting to please Ahmedinejad will fail to tell or show you.

What goes today by the name of Journalism, Journalists and Reporting  is nothing but a charade, a scam, a sham, covering up real crimes, real abuses - in short covering up Truth.

And you still swallow, digest and burp out that shit daily and you don't stop to think...And these medias are relying on sheep like you -- for exactly that.

And the video from the shameless Al- Jazeera. can be watched here.

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