Muqtada Al-Sadr & other Shiite Assassins.

Before I start this post, I can already tell that some of you will say - it is not appropriate to say "Shiite" in the title but refer to them  simply as sectarian, or sectarian Shiite.

My response is : 1) the word sectarian has lost its full meaning. 2) Shiite political ideology is de facto sectarian very much like Jewish political ideology, if not more. 3) I don't care what you think or say. I have proof, you don't.

Most of the readers don't have access to the vast literature pertaining to Shii'te revivalism and fundamentalism and most of you don't understand Arabic either. But I can safely tell you that just a quick perusal of their articles and videos, is enough to give a bad case of the shivers...

Their Shiite ideology is anachronistic, very much exclusive, downright Takfiri, i.e meaning that any Muslim who does not subscribe to their basic tenants is considered impure and therefore his/her elimination is Halal, i.e meaning religiously proscribed. It is very much like the Jewish dogma of  "chosen and goyim."

And a bad case of shivers is exactly what I woke up with this morning - a real cold sweat.

Some people dream of nice things, some dream of the mundane; an argument with the boss, an affair behind the wife or husband's back, winning the lottery, or being stuck in traffic and running late....I, on the other hand dream of bloody Shiite assassins. Am I jinxed or am I jinxed ?

I dreamt I was in some waiting room, and traveled quite a bit to get there, to that room. I saw familiar faces waiting for the apparition of someone. Some of the faces were people I knew back, most were Iraqi leftists and communists. So I asked what was this gathering all about and they told me that Muqtada Al-Sadr was to appear any minute and give a lecture on anti-occupation and that I was to assist the conference and ask him questions. In the dream I froze. I started stuttering , hoping he will not find out who I am :  an anti-occupation Sunni.
So I asked those Iraqi leftists and communists who were carrying tons of posters and pamphlets of Muqtada Al-Sadr. I said : Is he really fighting the occupation ? They replied with severity that of course he is, and that they will be voting for him.

Their mahdi appeared, that chief  fat bastard of a driller. He could not speak proper Arabic, his accent was more Farsee than anything else, he made zero sense, he did not know what he was saying, he was incoherent, jumbled, and he turned to me and asked me what I thought of his speech. It seemed that he had won some major seats in the elections. And in the dream, I had one look at him and I froze and started stuttering, and thankfully I woke up and it was just a dream...but what a cold sweat shiver it was !

That dream is not too far from reality. 

- Muqtada Al-Sadr is still in Iran studying "theology" 
- Many Iraqi communists and leftists voted for him and supported him, and the rest joined the DAWA party.
- He does not make sense in real life, His speech is incoherent, he has no idea what he talks about, he is being forced into becoming some leader of something, the guy besides being a murderer is an actual certified idiot.
-I remember in Baghdad, he was known for wearing jeans and playing baby foot and pool, dropped out of school and was known for  harassing girls. Serious I am not joking. This is common knowledge.
- now he has graduated from all of that by following elementary schooling in Qum, traded his jeans for the turban and  instead of harassing girls, he and his thugs rape, torture and kill them, the Sunni women that is.

But not only...

And this is a SURE piece of information that I have deliberately kept away from public knowledge until the time was right.. And now, the time is right.

Muqtada Al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army, are NOT a separate organization from the Badr Brigades/Maghaweer of Ammar Al-Hakeem (ISCI) and tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or Quds Brigades of Tehran.

How do I know that ? Simple. 

My relative who has spend over 4 years in American and Iraqi dungeons and suffered the most disgusting of Torture, had during those past 4 years access to much info, from other prisoners, from janitors, and even from the Americans themselves. And he said to me textually :

 It is now very clear that both JAM and Badr are the same organization. At the top level, both are directed from Iran and follow orders from the same source. The short conflict they had in Kerbala, (between JAM and Badr) was an internal feud at the local Iraqi level, but not at the level of decision making and execution of orders. The proof is that Muqtada and Al-Hakeem are running on the same electoral list - The Iraqi National Alliance.

Furthermore, my relative told me that this informaton was even confirmed to him by one of the prisoners, the head of Jund Al-Sama' -- another kooky Shiite party. This guy from Jund Al-Sama' even gave his daughter to the Imam Mahdi, the Hidden Imam, in marriage-- in Abstentia. Serious am not joking.

The above information, i.e that JAM (Sadrists) and Badr (ISCI) organizations are both one and the same, has been further corroborated to me by other sources inside of Iraq and later on by the various articles I have been reading.

And if there is one article/document that you need to save and thoroughly read, it is this one:

Death Squads in Iraq - An in depth, albeit partial study with VERY graphic pictures.

This study was presented to Ban Ki Moon of the U.N in 2007. I am sure you will still find it shelved there, in the offices of the U.N.

The U.N and other bodies were fully aware of the role of Iran and its death squads in the ethnic cleansing of Iraq and they did nothing.

Do you think anyone will do anything for the second round of ethnic cleansing that is taking place now in Baghdad and its provinces, before the up-coming elections ? I doubt it.

But do stay tuned, because Insha'Allah, by the will of the Almighty, I will be coming back with more information on the role of Iran and its Shiite assassins, and how they ignited sectarianism in Iraq, including their role in the Samarra, Al-Askari Shiite shrine bombing.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami.

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