Finally, some Humanity out of the Silence.

I am touched, deeply touched by reading Hussein's Anwar last blog post about raped Iraqi women.

I felt for many years, I was alone, talking about, denouncing, writing, crying out in the wild about the fate of rape victims in societies that are not only occupied but that also show no mercy to its women, when it comes to questions of Male Ego, ( false) Pride and so-called Honor.

I had mentioned that hundreds of rape cases since 2003, go unreported, out of fear of reprisal by family members, clan, tribe...a heavy secret carried inside. Rape committed by the Occupying forces US/UK  and others. And not only in detention camps, but even during house raids. Rape by Shiite militiamen, Rape by the Police, Rape by neighbors, Rape by strangers...just Rape.

Some rape victims if not killed to "wash the family's honor"  are abandoned by their husbands and families...left alone, driven to prostitution, or suicide...and  there are so many forms of suicide...and so many ways of committing suicide...

I have also mentioned in many posts that Rape has become endemic since 2003, since the day the dirty, filthy, Americans set foot on our soil...

I am too emotional now, I will stop here.


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