UPDATE 3. URGENT - Hiba Al-Shamaree Iraqi Writer/Blogger.

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I have received fresh information concerning the arrest and detention of Hiba Al-Shamaree, whose real name is Hanan Al-Mashadani, 33 years old,  and a medical doctor, arrested on the 20th of January 2010, upon her arrival in Baghdad from Jordan.

Hiba was arrested after her laptop and her mobile phone were searched and her articles as well as her medical files/reports were read. Articles that are critical of the present government and medical reports that point to the failure of the health system due to endemic corruption of the current government.

Hiba Al-Shamaree was arrested and then transferred to the notorious, infamous Al-Kadhimiya prison, the sectarians favorite detention center where formidable torture and executions regularly take place.

She now detained by Nouri Al-Maliki's special forces - guards and secret service men

As I am writing now, Hiba Al-Shamaree is being tortured, raped and threatened to be killed...

Are you going to do anything about that, in the name of your Democracy ?

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