American Clowns...

Frankly does anyone believe anything the U.S says ? I don't for sure...

Look at this piece from the New York Times, dated 16th February 2010.

 Gen. Ray Odierno, the senior American commander in Iraq, said Tuesday that two influential Iraqi politicians now involved in blocking candidates in the parliamentary election next month had close links to Iran, which the general said was trying to undermine the vote.
General Odierno was unusually blunt in publicly expressing concerns about the actions of the two Iraqis: Ahmed Chalabi, who was a confidant of Bush administration officials in the prelude to the 2003 invasion but now is perceived as having supplied false intelligence to the United States; and Ali Faisal al-Lami, suspected of involvement in murderous activities of Shiite militants, including a bombing in Baghdad, accusations that he denies.
The two Iraqi politicians “clearly are influenced by Iran,” General Odierno said. “We have direct intelligence that tells us that.” He said the two men had several meetings in Iran, including sessions with an Iranian who is on the United States terrorist watch list. General Odierno spoke during a forum in Washington sponsored by the Institute for the Study of War, a policy research center.
Hard-line Shiite leaders in Iran are seeking to influence the outcome of Iraq’s national election, he said, through public and covert action — investments and other financial assistance to influence voters, as well as its continued support to violent groups within Iraq.
Mr. Lami, a close aide to Mr. Chalabi, is in charge of a panel that has disqualified several hundred candidates who had planned to run in the March 7 election on the grounds that they had promoted the Baath Party. Hardest hit have been Sunni candidates, and the action has raised fears that Sunnis are being marginalized by Iraq’s Shiites. "

Excuse me , I don't wish to wake, General Odierno, up -- but what has been doing for the past 7 years, apart from snoring  ?!

Come on, which fool will believe this utter American bullshit. OK, overall, people are dumb but not that dumb...

So it is only now that the General has discovered that Chalabi is an Iranian agent, when this latter crook was the neo-cons chosen man for the "new Iraq " entreprise  for years ...well before 2003 ?!

Give us a break will you !

This embezzler, double agent has been on the CIA payroll ever since he and the Hakeem clan formed the Iraqi National Opposition and visited the White House in the 90's during Clinton's administration...

Are you telling me General that you did not know that Al-Hakeem and his milita were formed in Iran ? Are you telling me that you did not know that Al-Hakeem is directly linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and that he takes orders from them ?

And what about this ? Did you not know about it either ?

Here is  the dead A.Hakeem with G.Bush  and now replaced by his son Ammar Al-Hakeem...Chalabi and Al-Lami are part of the Hakeem, Muqtada Al-Sadr bloc --the Iraqi National Alliance...

On a side note, now that Chalabi is clearly an Iranian agent, it will not surprise me if the other set of clowns - the anti war idiots, hail him as anti-imperialist hero...

I mean frankly, General Odierno, you've been supposedly fighting "terrorists" in Iraq for the past 7 years and you did not know that these people who shook hands with your government were from Iran and were the real terrorists ?

This is becoming so laughable...I would hate to represent the USA in any way shape or form...people will take me for a clown...a murderous clown , but a clown nonetheless..

Come on folks, you really have ZERO credibility left.

Tell you what, how about you all abdicate and join a travelling travel far anyways, it's not like it will take much effort from you....recycle yourselves in a new career ...and I already guarantee you that the whole world will laugh at you ...oh but wait, it is already happening...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami - Death of a Clown. 2008

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