Ugly Tidbits.

A University- Baghdad :Al Mustansiriyah used to be one of the best in the Middle East.
Over 70 people blown to pieces. Mainly female students. Why target students ? Bunch of CRIMINALS! Pools of blood mixed with sewage and rain and human limbs and books floating amidst the debris.
Bush blames Al-Qaeda . Seems that is the only word he can pronounce correctly. He is also disappointed that they "fumbled" Saddam's killing. And the other dumbass Al-Maliki, the new Cyrus of Iraq, blames Saddamists terrorists. A new term in the genius vocabulary. And Blair the liar says these deaths are tragic but cannot be blamed on the occupation.

UN : Has finally awoken from its past Kofi Annan overdosing. It published today that the Iraqi government figures for Iraq's dead were underrated. It is not 16'000 as those bastards pretended, it is in fact 34'400 plus. And around another 34'000 injured. I say Bullshit. The figure for 2006 is around 60'000 dead and don't ask me for sources. I will not give them to you.

"Green"Kurdistan: is sending troops trained by Israhell to back the Americans/Iraqi Army.
Did I say Iraqi Army? typo. There is no Iraqi Army. There is a grouping of Militias/Death Squads/Badr Brigades/Al Mahdi thugs with the Ministry of Interior criminals and they constitute the so called Iraqi Army. The Kurdish general is requesting a translator since his boys can't speak Arabic. What ? And you claimed and whined for decades about forced Arabization !

And according to the UN again , Kirkuk is heading for some major troubles as our kurdish "brothers" are now found guilty of gross human rights violations and detentions with no charges of Arabs and Turkmen. No shit, did you just wake up now or what ? Plan - to annex Kirkuk and have the independent state of pastoral Kurdistan. Again, whilst the prime and proper english democrats supported an independent kurdistan, they are "edgy" about an independent Scotland. Blair calls the idea "crazy".Typical english hypocrisy.

The Iranian/Iraqi Boys : The lunatic Al Sadr has decided to end his "dignified" boycott of the puppet goverment . Ha,Ha and Ha. He has officially joined with the Badr Brigades to form a unified army for purging Baghdad from all Sunnis.
Meanwhile a document from the Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran - sorry meant Iraq gives out clearn plans on how to proceed with the cleansing. The kurdish minister (too big of a word) Zebari confirms on the other hand that Iraq is edging closer to Iran with or without this latter's blessings. On a side note , all Iraqi embassies worldwide are now run by a majority of Kurds.
The foreign ministry of Kurdish Iraqi Affairs. Great representation of "Iraqi interests" abroad!

On the ayatollah's and mullah's front : This off the wires.
The not so grand ayatollah Sistani issued a fatwa that was quickly removed from his website, urging his faithful followers to undergo another set of ablutions if they ever shake hands with a sunni. This does not surprise me one bit. My good friend S. who is also a shi'a but not a retard, confirmed to me that when he was very young, he was told that sunnis have tails like dogs and he should avoid them at all costs.
On another note- Nasrallah from Hizballah of Ze Lebanon will be visiting Najaf and Kerbala soon before heading to Teheran. Maybe he needs to thank Sistani for his latest fatwa and train a few more Iraqi hizballah fighters in good ethnic cleansing. Notice the lebanese party of "God" never condemned any of the sectarian killings in Iraq and has kept conveniently quiet. Of course dears, Zionism oblige !

The Arab Fart World : is watching Iraq with dread , impotent and unable to move despite the heavy ass kissing they administered to Condi Rice. She needs to change that ugly hairdo by the way. Seems that Iraq is not as interesting as the sex tourism provided by Ze Lebanon. N'est ce pas Your Royal Highness ?
Oh and Syria has been engaging in secret talks with Israel since 2004 whilst beating the cacophonic anti-zionist drum.

Meanwhile :
- the killings, murdering, slaughtering in Iraq continue. Families are imprisoned and divided by fear.

-Prisons and detentions camps are overflowing with men as young as 13 years old held up with no charges. The latest official figure is around 30'000 (lost the link- do your own research).Of course nothing is done by the shitty government of Iraq to release them. Naturally, they are soooneees. But mountains were moved to release 5 iranian agents ( see here as well) from The Islamic republic Revolutionary Guards caught trafficking arms to their darling Death Squads. One of them is their Guru, Hassan Abassi also named as "Dr.Kissinger"(source Iran Press News)

-U.S Air strikes have sieged Baquba.

- More Palestinians are being massacred by the Mahdi Army. Hey Nasrallah where are your brave boys ? SorryI forgot, you are training the Iraqi death squads in Lebanon. Others are left stranded in no man's land as refugees again and again !

- It is now semi-official: the Husseiniyats have become torture and spy centers in and outside Iraq.
(many "refugees" who were also Dawah party members were actually spying on Iraqis and providing names to Mama Iran, to Papa America and its puppets. How do you think the liberation/occupation took place? Overnight ? It was planned long ago. Wake up !

- Another execution is planned for the end of the month.

- The worst refugee crisis since World War II - which will prove to be worse than the Palestinian exodus.

-Umm Yasser sold 2 year old Yasser to her neighbor for 10'000 dollars. She needed the money to bribe the prison guards at Abu Ghraib before they move her husband to Bokka prison.By then it would be too late. Her husband was arrested with no charges. Need I repeat myself all the time?
The neighbor wanted little Mariam (3months old) but then realized Mariam was still suckling.
Besides, Umm Yasser could not accept the 6'000 dollars offered for Mariam as the guards wanted 10'000. So Yasser has been sold. The father released . The mother, suicidal, is begging anyone who has seen Yasser (sems he is now in Egypt) to ask the lady to return the boy and Umm Yasser promises she will sell herself instead- just bring the boy back she cries.
(you will not find this story on your respectable CNN nor on your BBC.)

- My friend Nadia finally managed to get a box of antibiotics in capsule form.
She tried to swallow one but something stuck to her palate. She spat it out and found that the capsules have been emptied of the medication and filled with sand instead.

- Still no news from O. Maybe he is dead, maybe he is alive , or maybe he is a vegetable because of torture. Remains to be seen in the next gory episode from the "New Partitioned Iraq."

Sweet Dreams !

Painting : Iraqi artist, Munthir Ali.


Anonymous said…
Layla, I can only hope that something happens to end the madness. The bomb at the university especially, because I go to a university known to have many Muslims, and the Shi'a woman I love could easily be among them. Especially because many people here in America harbor a resentment and fear of all of the Arab World (And yet they still drink their coffee and eat their ice cream, as if George Washington invented them himself!).

I mention that the woman I love is a Shi'a, but, not a bad one. Indeed, she and I see no point nor reason for the Sunni/Shi'a hatred at all, and we both see no reason why so many fear the followers of Islam. Just more of the same to us, but what do you expect? Most of this world is made up of fools and those without courage.

May your friends, relations, and everyone in Iraq find peace, the medicine they need, and, hopefully, soon be able to truely rebuild, rebuild their once-beautiful homeland and their proud culture!
Anonymous said…
I saw the news of the bombing last night at the collage.
I thought of you layla as I listened to the story.
The suicide bombings and mass bombings are always on the news here. It is to keep the american sheeple conditioned. OOOH TERRORISTS, We must remain vigilant. That is the government mindset but less than 35% of American citizens actually support bush's "war".
There is rumor here of even dissent and mutiny within the troops that are in Iraq. Many not doing as told and disobeying orders. There are many active protests as well but I am afraid there is nothing that will stop Bush co. except the second american revolution. The bastard needs to be impeached and thrown out of the country. I hate them all...
There is rumor here also (which many choose NOT to believe) that mass detention centers are up and functioning within American borders. Supposed to be used in the event of a natural catastrophy or major influx of mexican illegals. But I see the truth for what it is. Those detainment camps are for us. They were built by Halliburton to imprison us, any patriot or person who disagrees, at one time or another, with the current administration which does as it wants withou asking ANYONE.
I tried to preach to the choir and tell people of all this years ago but I was told I was crazy. The people who called me crazy are now telling me I was right.

I took the time to start at the beginning and read your entire blog last night.
I cannot (do not want to) believe the things I read but I know it all to be true.
Selling babies, prostituting for survival, killing innocents of all ages, tortue, on and on..
It sickens my soul.
They will never capture nor kill my spirit but they sicken me with the things they allow to happen and even participate in.

I can only hope that soon the people will take a stand against the government of USA, or that bush will throw down martial law and leave us no choice but to revolt.
I am sick of all the punishment that other countries take from the USA.
And while I am writing this, you CIA guys and NSA guys who read all of my electronic can kiss my ass! Come and "silence" me anytime. I am sure you will have no trouble finding me with all of your omnipotant surveilance equipment.
Come get me. I have been waiting for you for many years.

I have to stop now...

Thank you for the real news, as painful as it all is...

Survive layla.
Stay safe.
God bless.
Anonymous said…
(#6 here)

hi layla... can you clear something up for me?

this is from the al jazeera link.

"Hoda Abdel Hamid, Al Jazeera's Iraq correspondent, said: (snip) ... and some people have said that the university is controlled by the al-Mahdi army, although we have no way of independently confirming this."

then you refer to... "Al Mahdi thugs"

so... is this civil war? are these bombers iraqi nationals fighting over control of the military?

i'd say most americans don't know anything about why tensions exist between sunni/shia muslims. i'd also hedge a bet that those are the same people who supported this bullshit war in the first place.

i'd love to hear what you have to say about that.

j (anon.#6)
Anonymous said…

Phase II of the neo-con project is under way. Iran is in the cross hairs.
looba said…
The one who blew the Golden Mosque which stood for 1000 year is America,Britain,and Chalabis.

The one who blew incocent school girls are America,Britain,Al-Maliki,Al-Hakim and others.

We "Arab Street" arent amused.To pay this hineous crimes Iraqi borders for people with grudges against Imperialism are open.
looba said…
The one who blew the Golden Mosque which stood for 1000 year is America,Britain,and Chalabis.

The one who blew incocent school girls are America,Britain,Al-Maliki,Al-Hakim and others.

We "Arab Street" arent amused.To pay this hineous crimes Iraqi borders for people with grudges against Imperialism are open.
I just saw a tv programme called In the Shadow of the Palms:Iraq yesterday.

Before the war people just doing everyday things going to work,school, parties etc

During the war people getting killed etc etc

After the war not safe to go out,unemployment etc etc

And the Chimp says thing are better after the war.
Red Jenny said…
America is not a democracy. If it was the war would be over. So many Americans have been protesting. They kicked out the Republican congress and they get betrayed with this "surge".

Your blog is amazing. It is painful to read. Thank you for sharing. I wish more Americans would read this instead of watching CNN or fox.
Layla Anwar said…
Matthew F,

Am sure your fiancee is a great lady.
When I refer to shi'a or anything to do with them , I am actually referring to sectarians backed by Iran and as I read it somewhere, the Iranians see themselves first as persians, then shi'as then muslims, whilst those shia' arabs who back them see themselves as shia's, muslims,then arabs. The latter is duped beyond belief.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank for your comments and courage.
And for taking the time to read my posts, hope they did not depress you coz I know they can be quite depressing. What you read is what really happens.And have only shared a mere 15% of it . It is much much worse. Unfortunately, Iraq has been in the obscurity insofar as the humanitarian condition is concerned.
As if we don't really exist, or as if we don't really matter. Typical zionist, racist thinking. I bet you anything they would love to see us totally eradicated. Sad but true.
The USA has become a very UGLY country.
All the best and take care
Layla Anwar said…

Thank for your comments and courage.
And for taking the time to read my posts, hope they did not depress you coz I know they can be quite depressing. What you read is what really happens.And have only shared a mere 15% of it . It is much much worse. Unfortunately, Iraq has been in the obscurity insofar as the humanitarian condition is concerned.
As if we don't really exist, or as if we don't really matter. Typical zionist, racist thinking. I bet you anything they would love to see us totally eradicated. Sad but true.
The USA has become a very UGLY country.
All the best and take care
Layla Anwar said…
anon no 6

The situation is very complex and rumors keep spreading. I did see that the university is controlled by Al Mahdi militia. Nothing can be confirmed though.
Now the ultimate fight if for the sovereingty of Iraq and control of its resources.
Either the americans will get away with it. very doubtful though
or the Iranians who are backing
shi'a militants loyal to Iran and not Iraq. A lot of them have dual nationalities and some of them are pure iranians. (read my post persian for dummies).
The Govt is made up of shi'as . Al Hakim with his Badr Brigades, M.Al Sadr with his Mahdi Army, The ministry of Interior with his shi'a Maghawir squads and al- Maliki who is a shi'a backed by Iran who uses all those squads to uphold his govt. The army (if any) and the police (if any) are totally infiltrated by those death squads whose main aim is to cleanse Baghdad from Sunnis.
I need to remind you that this was the American PLAN during the invasion. It is the americans as per the zionists directives who partitioned the country into ethnic groups: Shia's , sunnis and kurds.
Note that these three groups belong to the same religion Islam. And kurds are not a religion they are an ethnicity and they are sunnis. Get it now ?
So Iran moved in and the Americans knew it would do so. The US opened the doors for Iran to meddle into Iraqi affairs. And the same puppets brought by the Americans are also backed by the Iranians.
Layla Anwar said…

This is part of the problem. The borders are open for anyone.
Iranian militants, mossad, mercenaries and god knows who else- hence the chaos.
Layla Anwar said…
red jenny,

Thanks for passing by . Had a look at your blog and found it very interesting and refreshing.
This was not a war. This was and is an occupation. Fact.
The democrats are not very different than the republicans, at least insofar as Iraqis are concerned.
We are not counting on either.
Layla Anwar said…
I believe that Good will conquer evil but not necessarily here on earth.I hope am wrong. Surely am wrong.
There will be no attack on Iran.
US is stupid but not suicidal.
Layla Anwar said…
JonM, Hi!

Maybe, maybe not. In any event , there will be NO attack on Iran.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,
Thank you for all the kind words.
I went back and now see that you are quite responsive to peoples postings.
That is very considerate of you. Considerate and with Courage as you say.

About your friend that was burned. I thought medical help would not be able to come to her. I just did not, and still do not, know what to say. And the change of the medication to sand. People are evil. Or something makes them evil. I don't know what happens to them. Something in their mind? Something in their soul? They do absolutly EVIL and HORRIBLE things to each other. Hate, anger. I cannot understand except when I think of George Bush and others whom I do not need to name here. They invoke the hate and the anger that I have. My contempt. And although war is not in USA, not for now, I have infinate reasons to be concerned.
You mention Layla, in this reply, about me not getting depressed. LOL
Seriously DO NOT worry about that! It is a problem I have suffered with for many years. Again something I do not really understand. I control it but don't really understand it. I am hard and calloused from any event or the other from my past...depression was just extra fun.
Some due to my life in USA. At one time I had a blog on this same server. Mine was called THIRD WORLD AMERICA. But unlike you layla, I did not have the patience to continue witing, and at times the problems of my topic were, and are, so emmense and entangled that it could drive one insane...
I tried to find my old blog but couldn't...
At one time I was going to leave USA for Moldova or Romania, and quite possibly not return. I know things are tough all over so to speak, but I had fallen in love with the idea and the culture.
And saddened and sickened by sitting here watching this country go to hell and fall apart. Our founding principles and our founding freedoms being taken from us. People hungry in "the land of the free"? And after hurricane Katrina, people lay dead and floating in sewer filled water as dumbass bush (I hate to even write his name) flys overhead in his airplane 6 or 7 days AFTER the storm! This fucking shit IS NOT supposed to happen here in "The home of the brave". Police officers in Louisianna committing suicide! It was , and still is, insane! The Leaders of this country treat many sects of it's own citizentry as though they do not exist and as though they do not matter. Why the people in New Orleans? Because they were black? Because they were poor? Well FUCK YOU! You can't call the events following Katrina a "mistake". And his whore mother got on TV and said "many of these people were destitute anyway, so living at this football field is realy better conditions for them". Really? Well FUCK YOU MRS.BUSH! I HATE YOU! A football stadium better than being in their homes? Elderly, childern, sick people. People in hospital were euthanized by overdose of medication from the doctors because the water became so high that it was evident that no one was coming to help. Insane. FUCK YOU BUSH!

And now this...
With Iraq...

I apologize for the harsh language Layla but I know you understand. My anger.

There is more to come here in USA.
It is just time that stops it.
I expect history making events here, and NOT good ones. Things most would think would never happen here. But if you live here look around, as well as around the world, it already is.

Layla,what is zionist?
I tried to find the definition but could not really. You mentioned racist. It must be similar.

You also say they would love to see "us" eradicated. Do you mean Iraqi's as a race?

Could you explain to me this as well? There is all this talk about USA attacking Iran. But I also read that USA is backing Iran and encouraging involvement in the conflict. Yet there president speaks defiantly against USA. I have heard the people do not support him.
It is all quite confusing.

I ask alot of questions here Layla. Answer them at your liesure. If you want.
It is a bit of reading if nothing else :)

I will most likely be here to join you quite often so long as you do not mind.
You mentioned that you felt "called" to write at times.
Then you understand why I will be here.

I apologize if this is too long.

You see,even though oceans, cultures,race and wars divide us , we are not so different after all.

Please take care and stay safe.
God bless.
Anonymous said…
Sorry Layla.
I didn't mean to pollute your blog. The above post was meant for your writing about the stray dog.

And I questioned Iran because in many ways the people of USA are being led to believe than an invasion or attack on Iran is possible.
Also I know just a handfull of people that were deployed thinking to Iraq but their papers said Iran?

Stay safe.
looba said…
The Philippines which was a colony of US could have been the best example of US Democracy to the 3rd World. Or at least Mexico a neighbour of US could have shown us stubborn Arabs what democracy means.

My Motto; “Nations of the World !! United States of America and Britain used depleted uranium and phosphorus against our Iraqi people.It is a blasphemy and a crime for us Arabs to ever forget this.
Guerrilla war fares against US Imperialism always win”.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your political analysis as much as your poetry(proesy).
Do you say US will not attack Iran because of Chinese and russian subs mainly?
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

I can't say that I've enjoyed the blog :-( but it has been instructive.

>There will be no attack on Iran.
>US is stupid but not suicidal.

I'm not entirely sure on that. :-( The Administration appears to be, unfortunately, rather out of touch with reality, so they may not see it as suicidal. If a bunch of people are collectively out of their trees, all bets are off. :-(

Back in 1998 the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) urged Clinton to remove Saddam Hussein from power. PNAC expanded on their thinking in 2000:

"while the unresolved conflict in Iraq provides the immediate justification [for US military presence], the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein"

"Over the long term, Iran may well prove as large a threat to U.S. interests in the Gulf as Iraq has. And even should U.S.-Iranian relations improve, retaining forward-based forces in the region would still be an essential element in U.S. security strategy given the longstanding American interests in the region".

In short, they suggested invading Iraq in order to have forward bases to intimidate and, if necessary, attack Iran. I wouldn't mind guessing that that was a major reason for the invasion of Iraq.

Then again, Bush had been going on about fuel security for the US. Still you can kill two birds with one stone - install a puppet government that lets you have bases in Iraq, take charge of the oil for the good of the Iraqi people, and you've achieved both goals. :-(

Unfortunately the US administration seemed to be unable to predict what was going to happen, and seems to be unable to accept that it has happened. I'd not guarantee they'd have a similar mindset when it came to thinking about attacking Iran. After all, it's another member of Bush's Axis of Evil, and they Have A Job to Finish. :-(

There are reports of moves afoot:

"One of the military proposals calls for the use of bunker-buster tactical nuclear weapons against underground nuclear sites in Iran. That would mean "mushroom clouds, radiation, mass casualties, and contamination over years," a former senior intelligence official told Hersh. A Pentagon adviser said the Air Force would strike many hundreds of targets in Iran, 99 percent of which have nothing to do with nuclear proliferation."

"A former defense official who still advises the Bush administration informed Hersh the military planning was grounded in the belief that "a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate the religious leadership and lead the public to rise up and overthrow the government." That's the same faulty logic the US government has used to justify its cruel embargo and blockade of Cuba since Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution."

See also:

That said, one or two seem to be backpedalling on the idea - perhaps someone has realised that there are an awful lot of American troops within range of Iranian missiles, although Bush may reckon that patriot anti-missile batteries can deal with them. Alternatively perhaps the US administration doesn't want to rattle the American public and the rest of the world too soon:

We will wait and see. Then again, the joker in the pack is China:

Though it is always possible that the chaos and mayhem in Iraq will forestall such military adventures. One can hope . . .
Anonymous said…
Uau! (anglo-saxons says "wow!") for me, a Brazilian, it's incredible read that the Hezbollah, that kick the Israeli ass, sometime ago, it's a "sionist" tool! By the way, why Syria it's wrong in to talk to the Israelis? The long war can be finished only by two ways: to exterminate to the last Israeli, ou to make some deal with them. Arabs (and Persians) never could to destroy Israeli (with your 300 nuclear warheads). Because this, the only option, it's to talk. Of course that, the majority of Israelis don't want the peace with Arabs, but the victory over the Arabs. But it's don't change the fact that talk it's the only solution (in my opinion, of course.) By the way, I have little knowledge about English language...

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