More on the Concoction of Etho-Sectarianism

I really urge to watch this video in 2 parts and do so very carefully.

I really urge you to listen to the Iraqis guests -Pachachi, Bayati and Al-Mukhtar. I agree with the third guest by the way.

The reason I am asking you to take time to watch this program is because it will provide you with vital and important information on the American/Iranian ethno-sectarian agenda in Iraq.

And it will also confirm to you, what I have endlessly repeated in all of my previous posts, namely that there was NO sectarianism in Iraq prior to the Occupation. The words of the Shiite Imam to the same effect in the 2nd part of the program when discussing Iraqi marriages before and after the US-Iranian occupations is just an added proof. Even though I don't agree with him when he says that the sectarianism didn't spill into other Arab/Muslim countries.

Yesterday there were clashes in Yemen between government forces and Shias. The same happened in Pakistan and I will not be surprised to see similar events taking place in Saudi Arabia. Remember there was the incident of this woman who was raped and charged and the media immediately felt the need to mention her sect. She was a Shia. This was followed by a fire in the Eastern Provinces in Saudi Arabia and the media immediately harped on the Saudi government and the Shias...

What am really saying is that more will be concocted along the Iraqi experiment's lines and the question to ask is who really benefits from that ?

I know who benefits, but do you ?


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