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G.Gar said…
“I am not sure military armed men have the same effect though...specially not on the women of Iraq. Different goals, I suppose”.

America is occupying Iraq with almost its entire military power.

Iraq has been subjected to genocidal siege for 16 years where bombing Iraqi cities and army was the daily routine. In 2003 nothing was left in Iraq except some scrap metal T54 tanks.

No power on earth ever is supporting the resistance men, unlike Vietnam. The civil population of Iraq is subjected to horrendous ethnic cleansing campaign conducted by what is worse than Americans- the Iranian death squads.

In 2003 despite of the dramatic difference in fire power and the fact that Kurds turned against Iraq and that Iranians started off the terror, the cowardly Americans had no choice but to use neutron bombs . Iraqi wheeled vehicles attacked the M1A1 Abrams- which drove some American commander to some moronic bewilderment. I think that manliness is a rare commodity in a country like the U.S.

In the battle of Fallujah , the city was besieged completely bombed to the ground by F16s and B52s, Americans fired depleted Uranium shells, thermal bombs armoured forces, yet Iraqis fought to the last men from one house to another.

Americans couldn’t understand how could humans fight in this incredibly ferocious and stubborn way.

So now after 5 years, let’s look at the American losses using the highly dubious American figures:

4100 killed leaving alone green card holders, mercenaries, and personnel with no family ties

30,000 seriously wounded.

Those figures would have doubled in a seventies war, hadn’t it been for the tremendous progress in medical technology ( and anti bullets vests)

300,000 America soldiers are suffering from serious psychological disorders.

The fact the a bunch of Iraqi men have brought down the entire American army ..gives you hint about what sort of men Americans are.

How on earth do you expect this exclusively American gender aka American soldiers which is something in between fagots and women be attractive to anyone.

Abou Greeb as far as I know was bombarded tens of times in one single attack American casualties were 30 or 40 of the gender over there.

The psyop of sexual torture backfired as it brought on more American casualties. And the contempt for Americans increased. We no longer here about such atrocities.

After all this , how would anyone expect anyone to be attracted to those faggot soldiers.
Layla Anwar said…
hahahahahahaha @ Amre,

Maybe western shia woman is very attracted to these kind of soldiers. She loves to see Arab Iraqis and specially sunnis. finished off.

You are right, a few armed men not the american army...hiding in bushes and huts spoiled the Western Shia women's dreams...

You are right - The Iraqi Resistance (the stenchy Muqtada Al-Sadr is not resistance and I need to qualify that every time since now the west and some arab idiots like to think he is.) is totally alone. ALONE. the Vietnamese at least had support from other countries in a then bi-polar political world. That is obviously not the case today.

Besides Vietnam did not have the filthy iranians meddle either...

But the fight is not over. It has only just started.
KM said…
It's all about ball control. :-)
Layla Anwar said…

hahahahahahahaha @ KM
Anonymous said…
Brilliant, Amre - great and accurate comments!

Hi Layla!

Long live Iraqi Resistance!
Anonymous said…
To Amre and Little Deer,

"it is an established fact that human beings harbour hatred towards those they envy. It's because the person who hates believes that the object of their hatred is better, smarter, etc., and this could be either imagined or true."

Explains your comments on EVERYSTHNG American....
G.Gar said…
American woman

This Layla's blog, If you have any questions aske the owner of the blog.............

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