An Iranian - American Photo Album...

This is a GOOD reply to Nasrallah's speech of a few days ago regarding his statement on the IRAQI Resistance.

It was posted on by the pen of Abdel Jabbar Saad.

It is in Arabic and unfortunately, I really don't have the time to translate it for you.... BUT, BUT, BUT.

Do click on the link and watch the photos here.

For those of you who know sweet fuck all about Iran, Iraq and their respective players, I will walk you through one picture at a time.

So if you click on the link I've provided, we'll work our way from top to bottom , you will get to enjoy a lovely, cosy, photo album ...

Picture 1 : Nassrallah kissing Khameini's hands.

Picture 2 : Nassrallah kissing Khameini's sleeves

If you don't know who Khameini is, I suggest you stop reading about Middle Eastern politics altogether and NOW. Take up knitting or gardening instead. Enough of your fucking ignorance permeating everything.

Picture 3: Nassrallah jovially sitting with Khameini - taking orders

Picture 4: Ohhhhhh! the big hug. Nassrallah hugging Ahmedinejad.

Picture 5: Nassrallah sitting with Ahmadinejad - taking orders

Picture 6: Now that one is really hot - Papa Al-Hakeem, founder of SCII aka the Badr Brigades, kissing the American chief gangster/embezzler Bremer. It looks like a nice, long French kiss to me.

Picture 7: Al-Jaafari (another sectarian Iranian stooge) presenting a sword to Rumsfeld, the war criminal. Not the same sword that Jaafari used in his ethnic cleansing campaign though. For the ethnic cleansing campaign, it was Muqtada Al-Sadr's drills that worked most effectively...

Picture 8: A nice lunch party with the American chief gangster and embezzler - Bremer, Muwafak Al-Rubaie (whose real Iranian name is Karim Shahpour)and now national security advisor/pimp to Maliki, and some Hawza Supreme cleric/Ayatollah, (looks like Papa Mohamed Baqir Al-Hakeem of the SCII, but a chubbier version of him - with all this food, understandably so.)

Picture 9: Ahhh, that's a nice one. Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, the brother of Papa Mohamed Baqir Al-Hakeem of SCII, now head of the Badr Brigades (also known for their sectarian ethnic cleansing, like Muqtada Al-Sadr, the Driller -- two asses in one pants) with guess who ? Ahhhhhhhhh!

Picture 10 : -------------------

For picture 10, you can add another of your favorite thug, mullah, sayyed, ayatollah, complete this wonderful album.

For those of you are Bilingual- ARABIC-ENGLISH and wish to translate bits of the accompanying article - Please feel free to post your translations on the comment section.

For those who would like to compile a more comprehensive album on the Shia Hawza of Iraq and its IRANIAN links, read the latest post from Roads to Iraq and in particular the list of the "Supreme Clerics" from the last century until this day.


G.Gar said…
This post is knock out.

I hope that the proponents of the faggot American occupation soldiers and their Persian allies would have a nice time going through it:)
Iraqi Mojo said…
How many Iraqis did the resistance kill today?
Anonymous said…
Amre, we all know that Sweden is like mecca for faggots of the Iraqi persuasion. From what I hear, it's even more welcoming of faggots than San Francisco so no doubt you are in heaven!
G.Gar said…
@ perverted anon, I don't think that we should clog layla's blog with irrelevent issues.
Anonymous said…
KARLMARXWASRIGHT--These pictures are fabulous!! Have no time at the moment for blogs.Rushing. An outstanding post!! Wish I could read the Arabic. PLEASE--someone, literal translation not necessary. Just the gist of the highlights--a synopsis in English. The main points. Great work by whomever it is that posted this and thanks for reposting it, sans English text. One or more pictures are worth a thousand words and more.
Anonymous said…
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Who is conspiring with Israel? Funny that I didn't find Iran any where on the lists.

I wonder if we checked U.S. trading companies how many we would find in the above listed countries and how many we would find in Iran?
KM said…
..about the photos, etc...

The overall theme is about comparing Lebanon & Iraq. Nassrallah saying that all Iraqis need to come together to help in the resistence. That those that are against the resistence are for Israel.

He says he believes that it is no matter if one is Sunni, Christian or Shia, all must come together to fight in the resistence.

Says that all Iraqis must get together to be free of the burdens that are now inside Iraq.

Nassrallah was being critical on Sistani & Hakeem for allowing the US in Iraq. He also is saying that the Resistence is not getting help from other countries ( Syria & Iran ) and being critical for bowing to the US.

Emphasizing again that those that are against the resitence are for Israel...comparing Iraq & Lebanon.

Regarding Powell & Bremer - he is basically saying that occupations come under the name of bringing democracy.

Rummy photo - Iraq is divided...some are with the government and some with the resistence, and Hez is with the resistence.

Bush photo - says that Maliki & Hakeen bend to the US's wishes.
Layla Anwar said…
not quite KM...but thanks for trying.
Layla Anwar said…
hmmm anonymous above,

I am too tired to post links of the oil companies that deal with Israel and advice to you, don't fart higher than your ass.
KM said…
Photo 1 may be interesting. I am still in the learning phases of Arabic and Chinese BUT...the wording is saying along the lines that they respect each other because of being of the same faith. They agree on issues when it comes to Israel but they differ on some things including what is being done in Yemen.
Anonymous said…

Yes that bit is correct but ...KHAMEINI the supreme the authority in Iran commands spiritually and politically and in political shi'ism both aspects are intertwined...he commands Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Muqtada Al-Sadr, Jaafari, the Hakeems, the Sistanis...and even Maliki.

You need to understand that Iran and the US in Iraq and the rest of the ME are competitors not enemies per se. Hence they can make alliances when necessary and break them when trying to reach the final goal. And the final goal in both cases is NOT to the advantage of the Arabs.
KM said…
Yes. I know Im putting my balls on the chopping block here if there's any Catholics around...but he's in a position similar to the Pope.

And don't Shia belief keep it in the familiy or bloodline? Almost like a monarchy similar to Kings & Queens?

Yes, his position is one where he can do now wrong and his words are as good as gold.
KM said…
I see Iran & US as competitors and beneficial co-conspirators when a situation arises.

Both have benefited from removing Saddam Hussein. He was was keeping both of them out. Now Iraq has alot of potential for both countries.

Knowing what I know about the history of the US, they will schmooze up to one where they think they can get an advantage or a benefit...while at the same time setting up defenses where they think they may get 'screwed'. The same approach is probably taken by Iran.

It's like their in a dance together towards a cliff but during the dance each one is thinking of how to push the other over the cliff as they approach it.

Once business dealing are made, it seems all loyalties ( other than to greed ) are abandoned.
KM said…
Layla, check this link please. It is from 2003 and also click on the highlited "B".

It backs up what you have been saying. It also demonstrates that as Iran [publicly]was wanting more from the UN to stop a US assault on Iraq, secretly Iran was wishing (and helping the US) for a 'regime change' inside Iraq....Iran of course wanted the US to do it, etc.
Anonymous said…
"You need to understand that Iran and the US in Iraq and the rest of the ME are competitors not enemies per se. Hence they can make alliances when necessary and break them when trying to reach the final goal. And the final goal in both cases is NOT to the advantage of the Arabs."--Layla

Well maybe you should tell that to the Arab leaders who hate each other while they are in bed with both the U.S. and Iran Layla.
Anonymous said…
"Well maybe you should tell that to the Arab leaders who hate each other while they are in bed with both the U.S. and Iran Layla."

I am sure if Layla could speak DIRECTLY with the morons, Layla would do more than just what you ask.

Btw, you must be new here.
Anonymous said…
Can you recommend any good books on gardening and knitting?
Layla Anwar said…
last anonymouse,

In reply to your question, you're better off asking your mother and father who conceived an ignorant jackass like yourself.

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