The Beirut "Coup"

In my last post, I said " I foresee a coup"- There you go, it happened.
Hezbollah thugs have taken control of West Beirut. View artice here.
Will update later with more thoughts on the same and will reply to the comments left on previous posts.
This is all very depressing...


G.Gar said…
Salam Layla,

Whenever the Zoroastar dirty Iran signals its clients in Lebanon to bring on some destruction, a subsequent Iranian ethnic cleansing campaign follows suit in Bahgdad; it has almost been a pattern so far.

I am worried. I hope that the brave Iraqi resitance and our Arab people in Bahgdad would be watchful.
Mister Ghost said…
Bonjour Layla,
Ma petite fleur gracieux, comment'allez vous?

Although we disagree on many issues, we both despise Hezb'allah and the rule of the clerics. The Lebanese Army, like all Arab armies is useless in confronting any crisis.

I know you, like most Arabs have a pathological hatred of Israel, but they are the one local force who could crush Hezb'allah.

Would you have any objections to Israelis coming in and just flattening them to pieces, and then getting out of Lebanon?

Because, if Lebanon falls under Hezb'allah control, it just means a war with Israel is closer on the horizon.

Take care, Habibti.
Anonymous said…
t seems at this convenient time of strife in Lebanon, Mr. Ghost has re-visited us. in the form of a spokesperson for the Zionists. What he is asking is, which group of terrorists in Lebanon would the Arab people like to have murder them on mass. The Iranian terrorists in the form of Iran's Hezbollah or the Zionist-Israeli terrorists. As Iran and their mates Israel, have both demonstrated their mutual hate for Arab people, what a clever game they and Mr. Ghost play. But then how transparent both they and Mr. Ghost are.

One could say the situation in Lebanon is akin to two corporate real estate firms who are in the process of commercial rivalry over the property of Lebanon. So they draw up a secret contract agreeing that they are both mutually happy to rid the property of the Arab owners, But on the side, of course, each firm is working out what advantages they can get from this. But whatever the outcome, if there were a take-over of sorts,, in this case, the winner, would be accepted. Because as far as these two terrorist firms go; as their main priority, they will go back to their “mutual convenient business of “getting rid of Arabs as usual”.

If we were to go along with Mr. Ghost's inferences, then perhaps it is time the Arabs in Lebanon, did some quick thinking, and after all, spontaneity can be effective. Because down the line,if Iran--Hezbollah and Zionist- Israel decide to stage a temporary quasi battle while each side is being cheered on, the highest numbers of dead and injured bodies lying in the streets will be those of Arabs.

And while we are on the subject perhaps Mr. Ghost can give that scandalous Old Mert and his Zionist mates a message. Tell them that they are not Kosher. Because we can still smell the blood on them from the dead Arab people they have murdered. One can even smell it as far as the Pacific Region. So they really are dirty buggers!

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