Beirut Jokes - not really.

In Doha, the Lebanese politicians/mafiosi are still "debating."

The Hariri camp, has agreed to 90% of the "opposition's" demands, yet this latter wants more. Crucial to the talks is the question of the Hezb's "arms". The Hezb will never relinquinsh its arms.

The average Lebanese rightly asks himself/herself, what are the guarantees that these arms will not be used against him/her again. Just like any Iraqi will ask the same question concerning the sectarian militias's arms in Baghdad. Nothing strange here.

What is strange though, in a dumb sort of way, is that the luminary that represents the American people, and who goes by the name of G.Bush said in the Knesset
"Hezbollah's arms are to fight Israel, why have they turned them against the Lebanese people ?" --- This is how bright your president is.

But your president reflects your own dumbness - the American dumbness and by God, Americans are so fucking dumb. No wonder you guys have been hijacked in your politics, both domestic and foreign, in your economy and in your media by the Jews.

Not that the Zionist Jews are a terribly bright people themselves, contrary to their self aggrandizing claims. No, they are not particularly bright, they are simply more intelligent than you. The Zionists Jews have been able to control America because you people are simply dumb.

Besides, no one in Sharm El-Sheikh today, where your president has been delivering his usual drivel, is impressed. A show, a big show and everyone went home empty handed, just like the Lebanese will return home empty handed.

But --

What interests me are the Lebanese people not their politicians/mafiosi.

A group of Lebanese stood in the Airport with banners that read "If you can't agree, don't come back." Others were hoping that the Airport shuts down completely so all parties can stay in Doha for ever...

Ordinary people in the streets were interviewed, they kind of said the same thing.

"If you can't agree, don't come back" An elderly man playing backgammon with his friend, on the pavement, added " Since 1948 we've had wars. We have not known one day of peace. Enough. Let them all stay in Doha." I agree.

The Lebanese people seemed to manage their lives quite well without their politicians. The streets opened up again, the caf├ęs too, and the Corniche was full of walkers all hoping that their "representatives" will not return.

The "Sayyed" is not in Doha. He stayed in Lebanon or maybe Tehran, we don't know, but I guess he's hoping that the airport closes down again, so he can be the sole player and turn Lebanon into a full fledged Iranian colony. But I guess that is no joke.


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