A long way from Home...

Do you have any idea what's happening to the 4.5 million Iraqi refugees also known as DPs (displaced person)

DP no. 354,670,890,1001,2003...

DPs walking around with numbers and badges, carrying pieces of yellowed paper, application forms that they've shown over and over, old ID cards, expired passports, begging an administrator, supplicating an officer, knocking on NGOs doors only to hear what they've heard before ---sorry we can't help you.

Kawthar and her sister. Two orphaned women, the rest of the family has been murdered by the Mahdi Army, you know the Mahdi army don't you? The ones you support as a "patriotic resistance". Forced to leave their home in Baghdad and now in Damascus. The deal is they pay a rent they can't afford in exchange for food, sharing an apartment with a Syrian family.

What about Qutaiba - Do you know Qutaiba ? He's 20 years old. He dreams of becoming a doctor, no university accepts him and besides, he can't afford it. He plays football with plastic slippers, he has no shoes. He looks forward to summer, so he can play football barefoot in some garbage dump that he considers his football field. "I am king here" he says, looking at the waste surrounding him.

And what about Hanan, have you ever heard of Hanan? Her one bedroom apartment has leaks everywhere. Her son picks old rusty cans and carefully places them where the water leaks, at the bottom of the 4 walls that surround her.

Did you come across Marwan ? He is only 40 but he looks 80. He is half paralyzed. "Torture" he says, without blinking...He has 7 kids to look after, the oldest is 13. The eldest now sells combs and bubble gums from a card box. Sometimes they eat, sometimes they don't.

What about Shereen, Batul, Afaf and Rima ? Have you seen them ?
Around 7 pm they head towards the Red Cabaret, all painted up with cheap make up, the ones you get from the card box vendors on that same street. They plaster the smile and the chewing gum. I asked one of them why the chewing gum ? She said "so as to be recognized..."

Recognized ? Do you recognize any of them ? Most likely not. Why should you care, now that we've been "liberated"...

The US doesn't want them. Sweden charges them just to have a look at their emigration request. Canada can't afford them. Britain doesn't want to hear about them. Switzerland has its quota already full. Germany has enough of them...and so on.

Recognized ? Oh sure they can be recognized. Just notice the chewing gum, the card box, the paralysis, the leaks and the barefooted football player in the garbage dump... And these are only a few examples. I have tons more, but why should you care?

We are drinking, eating and breathing "liberation" daily...It's our daily bread,
"Father who is heaven give us today our daily bread..." Now we have it. Thank you very much.

The voices muffled and the tears silent. Wipe them with Dignity we say to ourselves...Those of us who still have some energy left, go around asking for money...You know money don't you ? Your little God. You must know all about money...

Please spare 20$ for this family. OK make it 10$. OK, make it whatever you can...

Wipe them tears with dignity and swallow the pride, let it slip down one's throat like a stone that lodges in one's stomach and remains there...a stone, a rock, a mountain...you've got to do something, you say to yourself.

So what about those 10$ Sir? It's urgent please. So and so is behind in the rent, so and so needs medication, so and so needs clothes, so and so needs food...

And one day, you make that visit, and the door closes in your face. You are considered another beggar...And you keep swallowing that stone and dry those tears with Dignity.

OK enough of that!

You dirty motherfuckers. Iraqis refugees are YOUR responsibility. YOU are responsible for them. By all laws and by all conventions, they fall under YOUR obligation.

Straight after the 1990-1991 Desert Storm - your Desert Farts, the crappy, corrupt institution called the United Nations was quick to set up a new "agency" called the UN Compensation Fund. They rented a whole fucking building and employed hundreds of staff. Do you know what their mission is ?

Their mission was/is to compensate every single motherfucker who was "slighted" by the invasion of that worthless dump called Kuwait.

Do you know what that means in practice ?

That meant that every single motherfucker could file a compensation claim. From the Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian grocer in Kuwait city, to the Israelis who were "traumatized", to the Filipino who had his glass window shattered, to the Kuwaitis themselves...

And hell no, it did not stop there...Until this very day, the UN compensation fund is fully operational, still cashing in money from Iraq.

Today and these are the latest news:

Kuwait will be cashing an extra 775 million $
Saudi Arabia - 148 million $
USA - 70 million$ (over and above what you mother fuckers have stolen and are still counting in New York)
Turkey - 23 million $

All of the above figures are extra figures - meaning that a good amount of cash in the billions has already been handed over to the "concerned parties".

This money will be taken from Iraqi oil exports.

As for the rat Iran, since 2003 the reparation money has not stopped. The Iraqi "government" transfers to Iran on a regular basis reparation money. Not to mention all the contracts given to that whore Iran, and the oil that this whore is pumping away for FREE from Basrah.

And what about Kawthar, Qutaiba, Sheereen, Rima, Hanan, Afaf, Marwan and the rest ?

Is there no UN compensation fund for them ? Who will pay the damage ? Who will restore them to basic humanity ?

Ah! No need, we are now "liberated."

O' Father who are in heaven give us today our daily bread...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Dr.Mahoud Ahmed.


onix said…
love ur energy, in usia they'd debilitate u with drugs, here they'd sedate you untill u are a good and dumbwitted kid these day, followers of usia that we are.

There is a nonkapitalist solution, all your well educated and expatriat iraki's
could go somewhere and help building a nation where there ain't one, for as long they can't do that back home. Wich still appears to be a matter of oil running out.
Anyhow why would you build in an irak that has her resources and attempts stolen and destroyed?

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