A quick thought on Saddam Hussein.

You know something, the more I think about it, the more it is confirmed to me - Saddam Hussein was indeed not only a visionary but also a GREAT ARAB LEADER.

Let alone all what he's done for Iraq and the Iraqis, but the fact that the fascist, retrograde, chauvinist, assassins iranians and their sectarian proxies (both shia and non shia - yes ALL of them) hate him so much, the fact that the backward, bigoted, racist, criminal americans hate him so much and the fact that the terrorist, nazi, zionist jews hate him so much -- just confirm how GREAT he actually was.

Yalla, catch you later with more...


Anonymous said…
On this I agree with you 100%!...
Anonymous said…
unrelated but interesting -Dublin, Ireland, a new cinema, "art" films, outside a market stall selling as I termed it to the trader "Arab delicacies" - No-from the Middle East, he said. As Arabs have warmk relations with Irish, (the types that they are likely to meet) must I assume that Iranians have arrived?

My best regards always to you Layla, and included my daughter Lucy who has just recently been reading your texts.Jocelyn
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Jocelyn,

The market guy probably meant either Iranian or Israeli....

Warms Regards to you and your daughter and I hope she is over
18, because I have used and will most likely use some "coarse" words in my posts...
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, it is an established fact that human beings harbour hatred towards those they envy. It's because the person who hates believes that the object of their hatred is better, smarter, etc., and this could be either imagined or true.

In the case of President Saddam Hussein, the infantile chimpanzee who is ultimately responsible for his murder, has given a wide range of excuses/reasons for his violent hatred for the President. It's obvious that the chimp was always threatened by the President, beginning with the childish 'he tried to kill my daddy'. This chimp could not handle dealing with a MAN who was a true leader of his nation.

As for the rest, the President's unwavering stand on many issues made him an object of hate, simply because, deep down, all of them knew, and still know, that what he stood for was the bare Truth and, yes, he was a great LEADER.

Only yesterday, I met someone who said that President Saddam Hussein was the only man who could have successfully led Iraq - and this person is absolutely correct. This is evident today when we see how Iraq has broken up in so many ways and innocent Iraqis thrown to all corners of the globe. The President had a vision for his beautiful land. This showed up in so many ways: unity among all Iraqis; the very high standards of education and health services despite crippling sanctions (and these were also enjoyed by people from neighbouring countries who came across to Iraq); food packages for all Iraqis so nobody went hungry; basic services such as water and electricity; widows and orphans cared for (Iraq never had orphanages prior to this occupation); women who played an active role in all national affairs; a well functioning infrastructure which was destroyed by the occupiers early days of the invasion. And these privileges were accessible to ALL Iraqis - sect was never an issue.

Today, most likely outside Iraq's borders because they've had to escape from their land, one meets Iraqis who are highly educated - brilliant doctors, scientists, teachers, etc. When one gets to know them better, one learns (and this is only because the ethnic issue has been raised by occupiers so loudly in order to cause DIVISION)that these professionals come from across the social fabric of Iraq - Sunni, Shia, Kurd, Christian. Does this tangible evidence not confirm that the President encouraged better living standards for ALL despite all the terrible challenges he faced?

None of the leaders in ME today can be compared, and this is a fact which we cannot hide from. They lack what the President possessed - charisma.

Following the 1991 USUK-led Gulf War which destroyed the infrastructure in Iraq, electricity was restored within a short time by IRAQIS, despite sanctions which did not permit the importation of vital spare parts. Today, Iraqis suffer from a serious lack of electricity - right now, Baghdad has not had electricity for over six days ... Did anyone hear of Iraqi 'refugees' during his time, apart from his political opponents who were given 'refuge' by those who wanted to destroy him? And I believe very strongly that if the occupiers (the whole range of them) got out of Iraq today, Iraqis are perfectly capable of rebuilding their country with their own skills and expertise of which there is an abundance. The lying media leads the world to believe that Iraqis are no more than 'terrorists' and gullible idiots outside believe.

The President had a dream - to raise the Arab world to great heights despite the fact that he was being constantly demonised outside. And if all Arabs had stood together and supported his Vision, the ME would not have been what it is today - breaking up and completely divided.

So, YES, he was GREAT. History (genuine) will be kind to President Saddam Hussein. He is greatly missed and dearly loved, always. His memory will always cause a painful ache which will not diminish with time. May his soul rest in peace and may his murderers be brought to justice.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
I forgot to add that, even in death, President Saddam Hussein continues to be demonised and hated. Why? Because, even in death, he diminishes the small men with big egos, who could never reach his stature, however hard they tried. If anyone can point out ONE leader with his charisma, I will retract my words ... I believe such a leader cannot be identified, so I won't have to!!

In solidarity
Anonymous said…
The measure of a man is the quality of his enemies.
Anonymous said…
Layla, have you always felt this way about Saddam ?
I mean, when he was alive and in power and you lived there as a citizen, were you as ardent a fan as you are now ?
G.Gar said…
"Saddam Hussein was indeed not only a visionary but also a GREAT ARAB LEADER"

What are you talking about Layla!?

This is a self-evident fact.

Or else Why did he send half of the Iraqi army in 1973 to save Damascus, at a time when Iraq was looked upon with admiration from the western world!? it happened depite of the fact that Iran was mobilising its army to turn Iraq away from the front.

And why did he provide Egypt with Scuds and sky hunters in 1973?

Why did Saddam Hussien repel a congressional delegation in 1989 when they asked him to recognize Israel? Why did Saddam give $25,ooo for the familly of each Palestinian martyr.

Don't tell me that in spite of all these upper hands the man held on the entire nation, some prick would step his ass forward and call him a CIA stooge, or even cast the slightest doubt on his historical status as being one of the greatest characters of Arab history along with Saladin, Omar Ibn El-Khatab, Sa3d, Nasser ..etc
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Thanks for this beautiful and accurate tribute. What you said is true throughout and can be corroborated. However, BAD FAITH RULES !
Layla Anwar said…

What is self evident to you may not be self evident to brainwashed parrots. So this little post was just a reminder !

And thank you for reminding the readers about Iraq's role in the 1973 War with your concise information on that period. Another good tribute.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous with the question,

Always ? No not always. I had my share of skeptical doubts.
And I think it is healthy that I doubted, Saddam never pretended to be God and he was not God.
But I think overall I was manifestly wrong in doubting. Everything he said proved to be true...that is why I used the word Visionary. And we all know what happens to Visonaries - those who are well ahead of their times.
Anonymous said…
Saddam Hussein's Double?


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