Don't like the Heat ?

You don't like the Heat ? Get out of the Kitchen.

Yes, it's that simple.

I am firm believer in Simplicity. But am no simpleton.

Been reading about the deteriorating mental health of your brave boys.

Follow the simple piece of advice above...

No need to cry wolf and no need for all those PTSDs. Get the fuck out now. That would be a long lasting, proven solution for your mental ills.

No need, no more, to worry about suicide and burning your girlfriend alive once you're back home....

Get the fuck out.

Out, as in OUT. And we will deal with the rest...Promise.

You don't have resilience, you don't have what it takes... I don't want to rub it in, but face don't.

We are armed to our teeth....

CIA and others just panicked now with -- armed to our teeth.

No need to panic.

You are armed, we are armed...different kinds of arms...not found in your war manuals...

Besides, you are on our territory...

You don't like the heat ?

Get the fuck out.

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