Paranoia, Lies and Iran's Filthy Hands.

I was just zapping away, and I fell on a channel I had never bothered to watch before, called Al-Ghadeer.

It turned out to be another Iraqi satellite TV, funded by Iran and run by the Shiite Iraqi sectarians sell out and traitors.

The program was just the re-run of today's Friday sermon from Baghdad. Two groups, bearded men with silver rings from Qum and women in Iranian style chadors. The sermon was about Saddam Hussein and the Baathists.

The fake, corrupt charlatan of a mullah cleric was preaching to his faithful self flagellants, calling for a new Iraq and for solidarity with Iran, praising Larijani, head of the Iranian Shura (religious council) who congratulated Iraqis two days ago on their "new found democracy", calling for support and mobilization in favor of all of the sectarian Shiite parties including Al-Maliki's, calling for strong and loving ties with Iran, praising Larijani again and assuring his sheep listeners that Iran will "quench the thirst" of Iraqis and urged Iran to provide more "security" to the Iraqis and "protect" them specially in the South, from Saddam and the Baathists !

This cleric, this racist, Safavid, Shiite mullah, on Iran's payroll is spreading lies in the heart of "God's" house.

He is saying, as I am typing now...Saddam IS anti-Islam. For this son of a bitch from Shiastan, Muslims mean Shias only.

He is also saying that that Saddam banned all religious books, that Baathists are infidels, kaffirs, that Saddam killed all the clerics, that Saddam prevented Muslims (read Shiites) from praying in their mosques, that Saddam burned religious books, that Saddam forbade the call to prayer in all parts of Iraq, that Saddam forbade the reciting of the Koran, that Saddam (and Baathists) was and still is the Enemy of Islam. That all the "Tyrant's" effort (even from his grave) will not succeed, that Saddam and his Baath did nothing for Iraq or the Arab World, that he did nothing for the Palestinians, that he did nothing for the country, that he did not build anything, that all attempts of Baathists to return to power with Saddam Hussein as their leader will never materialize...

It's official : Shiites are as delusional paranoiacs as the Jews. And as good as fabricating their victim industry propaganda and even better than the Zionists in covering their deep racism under the cloak of Islam.

But more importantly, Iran and ALL of its parties inside and outside of Iran -- and that includes the sectarian Hezbollah who congratulated Maliki on his elections, and who trained and is still training the drillers of the Mahdi army militia in massacring Iraqis and Palestinians and who sent his condolences and his sympathies to the head of the Badr Brigade Militias of Al Hakeem who massacred Iraqis and Palestinians in the name of the Islamic Republic --- Iran (and all of its parties) is as filthy and as criminal as Israel.


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