Gray Days, Black Days...

It feels as if the Sun no longer shines over Baghdad...It's a perpetual Maghreb. Maghreb as in Sunset.

Daily killings. On good days, around 10 to 15, on bad days, up to 3'000 and on so-so days around 500. Today another 12 killed in one Sunni village on the outskirts of Baghdad, murdered by men in uniforms.

And the day has just this evening the toll will be mounting.

That's for the killings.

Then you have the up coming executions of 126 women, on Eid Al Adha, another set of sacrificial lamb offerings. They worked for the previous regime as professionals serving their country. I am sure Iran is behind these executions. The spirit of sectarian Shiite vengeance is deep and malignant, it bears all the hallmarks of Iran's deep hatred for Iraq. Not just for the previous regime, oh no, but for Iraq and for Arab Iraqis in particular. Iran for me is ten times worse than Israel.

Since am on the subject of this racist Shiite entity, I must tell you that Iran has over 18 official bureaus in Iraq, running all kinds of Intelligence operatives and this was stated by Muwaffak Al-Rubaie, aka Karim Shahpour (spokesman for Maliki)

Am absolutely certain there are more unofficial ones, unaccounted for. Hell the whole puppet government,its ministries and the Shiite Hawza/Marjaiyah are run by Iran.

Alongside Iranian intelligence, there are 23 other countries with intelligence agencies operating in Iraq. I repeat 23 other countries. The most prominent ones are of course the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

And there are 88 security companies. I repeat 88 security companies operating in Baghdad alone, they are affiliated to Blackwater and to another UK based firm (I have forgotten the name, as usual) Needless to say, these firms are another cover for intelligence agencies.

All the above's goal is to ensure that Iraq remains in a perpetual state of bloody chaos. All the above's goal is to make sure that the Sun never shines on Baghdad again...

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