Face the Music.

Come on people, you really ought to get your heads out of your butts and face the facts.

This operation Freedom of yours has been a TOTAL flop. From whichever angle you look at it, it's a TOTAL failure.

Article after article, even your mainstream media, your great brainwashing machine, can no longer hide the facts of your FAILURE.

Quickly browsing through the headlines and you would see that Iraq is ranked amongst the most corrupt countries in the world. That even your so called sham elections process, require "herculean efforts" as per the UN envoy, in order to reach the minimum standards of transparency and credibility. That Iraq is an environmental disaster area. That fraud and the swindling of contract money is endemic. That till this very day, there are daily killings of innocent civilians. That there is no infrastructure and no services. That till this very day curfews and banning of vehicles are declared every other day in some province. That even a 10000000 barracks and checkpoints are not providing security. That sectarianism is embedded into the new government. That public facilities are non existent. That 7 years on, not only there is STILL NO electricity and running water, but there is also a drought that has forced hundreds into urban migration. That the sectarian quota system is still very much in place and that the refugees and IDP issues are still very much pending. That homes are still occupied and threats are still issued preventing the effective return of any refugee. That massive ethnic cleansing is taking place in the North of the country. That this bullshit business of national reconciliation is nothing but bullshit. That Iran is literally controlling the South and the Center of the country. That it is impossible to tear down the walls segregating neighborhoods and more are being erected. That schools and hospitals are totally non functional. That the brain drain is continuing till this very day. That Iraqis have absolutely no faith in their government. That Iraqis live in a state of perpetual insecurity and fear. That unemployment is over 50%. That issues regarding victims of war occupation like widows and orphans in the millions, are still not being addressed. That waves of criminal activities like kidnapping for ransom are for ever increasing. That there are still 1000's of detainees held up with no charges. That Iraq is now one of the worst violators of Human rights with its arbitrary arrests and executions. That censorship and evidence of present torture are still very rampant... (you did set a wonderful example, didn't you?!)

Should I go on ?

Come on folks, face it. Your Operation Iraqi Freedom has been a total failure - a but like yourselves, really.

Someone ought to liberate us from all your "Freedom" and fast !

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