A Short Note on the Iraqi Resistance.

I have much to write about, it may come across as spamming the reader with too many posts...but I have a new policy for this blog, like the one I had for the other Uncensored blog -- I shall write only for myself.

I want all of these posts as witnesses...I write for History.
I am no longer writing to inform...I am writing for the record...

Yesterday a spokesman for the Iraqi Resistance was shortly interviewed on Al-Jazeera.

He said in very simple terms :

We don't believe in the political and election process under Occupation. For us this is like Kiosk politics alluding to a vendor's mentality.
Now, there are some who are marketing themselves as the Resistance and have joined the political process time and time again (referring to Muqtada Al Sadr and the Sadrists.) They are no Resistance.
The truth is that we are all alone, all by ourselves, with no outside support, no external funding, nor external arming, and there is a huge blackout on us.
Many attempts and ploys have been made to discredit us. The Sahwa, the Al-Qaeda and others...but we resisted those as well...
In the very complex context we find ourselves in, we are doing what we can, the best we can...we have not stopped and we will not stop until Iraq is Free.

And he repeated:
We are ALL alone, with NO outside support from anyone.

So true. The Iraqi resistance has been all alone from the very beginning, with absolutely no support from anyone.

For seven years, it turned the Occupier's "cakewalk" into a quagmire and a graveyard...all alone...

It got no support from anyone. There is no funding and arming it like with Hamas and Hezbollah. So in that light, the Iraqi Resistance is way more resilient and way more brave and valiant than the other resistance movements...

It does not receive moral support and political acclaims like the other resistance movements do. It gets no coverage and no extensive interviews. No delegations flock to it and hardly anyone wants to engage it in a serious political dialogue like with the other resistance movements.

On the Arab level, it does not titillate as much as a Hezbollah who is supported and armed to its teeth by a regional superpower(Iran) nor does it evoke romantic visions of victory like Hamas did, who also has the full backing of Iran.

Yet the Iraqi Resistance relentlessly fought alone, totally alone...it fought not only the greatest superpower on earth, the US, not only GB, not only Iran and its sectarian militias who wiped out most of its members, not only the Kurdish Peshmergas trained by Israel, not only the mercenaries, snipers and contractors from the whole bloody globe, not only the Al-Qaeda, not only....

Yet not one word about this persevering, enduring, self sacrificing, unyielding pure, giving, resilient, brave, courageous, and noble Resistance.

Do you understand now why I only want to write to myself from now on ?

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