Saddam Hussein 1937 -

I am on Twitter. And this past week, Twitter has known a hyperactivity of tweets, tweeting for Gaza. The Israeli Zionist war on Gaza took place on the 27th of December.

A frenzy of anti-Zionist tweets and I think that is a very good thing. Palestine should be, must be FREE. There are no two ways about it.

A man on the 30th of December 2006, on the day of the Eid and on the eve of the New Year, stood at the gallows, meeting his "fate", and said those same exact words -- in his last minutes, he said those exact same words, facing death in the eye - He said:

"Long live Iraq, Free - Long live Palestine, Free..."

He was no ordinary man. Sure, he was no God and he was no prophet, but he was no ordinary man.

How many of your world leaders, Arab leaders, any leader would exhibit so much courage, heroism, bravery, nobility, fortitude, deep faith, dignity and surrender like Saddam Hussein did in his last minutes? How many ? Name me one in history. Just one.

To my knowledge - NONE.

What does that tell you about the man ?

Yes, that's right, keep those lips sealed out of cowardice and political opportunism...keep them sealed.

Mine are not and will not be sealed...not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow, not in a hundred years...

History will not keep its lips sealed the deaf and mute shadows that you have become...

You are thinking -- he was a dictator, Iraq is better off.

Oh really ? Are you sure about that ? Are you sure about that, you -- revisionists of holocausts. Are you sure about that, you -- revisionists of genocides.

Show me the true face of dictatorship, show me the true face of tyranny today, you bunch of cowards, you bunch of political prostitutes of the new world order and of the new left...Yes that's right, show me the real face of tyranny, hiding behind your slogans, your tweets, your messages, your solidarity, your media, your articles, your blogs, your flags...

Today, I demand that you show me the real face of tyranny. Tonight, I want you to name it for me...

Was it really the face of the man that stood at the gallows with a rope around his neck on the 30th of December 2006 ? Was it ?

Despicable, stinking -- Arabs, Palestinian, Western -- writers, bloggers, journalists, and the rest... on that same day, many hours later, after they woke up from their joyful ejaculations from the lynching, they wrote "Don't cry for me Mesopotamia", "the Tyrant is finally dead", "It was not him, it was his double" and much more...while the sound of American bombs and tanks and the sound of Iranian drills were piercing us, piercing our homes, our ears, our bodies...

Saddam Hussein 1937 ---

There is no date of death. You know why, because Saddam Hussein is alive. Yes he is.

You think life is about physical forms only ? How deluded you are...

True honorable men live on by their thoughts, their struggles, their ideals, their sacrifices...

And Saddam Hussein, President Saddam Hussein lives on...yesterday, today, tomorrow...and for a hundred years to come...for he saw both Death and Truth in the eye...and he chose Truth over Death.

He is alive and you are all dead.

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