Joking Apart,

I love comedy and one of the best stand up comedians around is Russell Peters.
An Indian/Canadian, very politically incorrect and I have watched all of his videos on youtube. He is funny in his impersonations of accents, I even remember uploading a video of his about the English, which has since been removed from youtube.

I don't know if Russell Peters is actually his real name, or if he is trying to be smart and have his name resonate the same as Peter Sellers who was a genius.

OK, Russell is funny but he is no genius. His jokes are hilarious but he is no fucking genius...

As I said I watched all of his youtube shit, and I noticed something quite peculiar, well maybe it's not peculiar after all...

His jokes about Indians, Chinese, Italians, Sri Lankans are not offensive, sure they are politically incorrect but not offensive.

But the few youtube videos on the Arabs are offensive...You really ought to watch them over and over again...I sure did.

I personally don't mind someone making fun of the Arabs, (with allusions to the Palestinians and the Iraqis - 2 countries under occupations, like this wanker does)... I really don't. Hell, I do it all the time...

I don't mind it especially not when it's coming from a greasy cheap Indian...and greasy cheap Indians are known for their anti-Arab racism. Oh yes, they are.

I remember once in an Indian boutique, the woman said to me in the usual accent of theirs and the typical head shake

- where do you come from ?
- Arab
- I don't mean it bad..but Arabs are so dishonest...

I ignored her and asked her again..

- so how much did you say this costs ?
- 70 dollars only, (head shake) it's 100% silk (head shake)
- it's written polyester on the tag and does not look like it's worth more than 10 dollars, I bet  it cost you less than 2 rupees
- Oh no, it's silk, 100%, they made a printing error...

And Arabs are the dishonest ones, huh ?!

This bunch of curry smelling lot, really think they are more sophisticated with their cow worshiping dung, their monkey and elephant gods, their fucked up caste system which they rationalize with the all too handy concept of Karma plus their antiquated superstitions with their exclusion of widows, and their burning them alive for bringing bad luck to the crocked husband who has just kicked the bucket...not mentioning of course their dowry system that leaves women as slaves and their widespread practice of female infanticide...just to name a few...

Oh no, but Indians still like to believe they are much more sophisticated and advanced than them Arabs.

The other thing that bugs me with this white Indian, called Russell Peters is that he never makes fun of the Jews and the Israelis -- the chosen farts of the cosmos. Nor does he make fun of the fucktards morons called Americans.

I bet you on the Jewish/Israeli front he minds his words...for that ball-less greasy coward with his stupid hairdo that looks like "Tintin", knows all too well that the chosen farts will hang him from his teeny weeny Indian willy, that teeny weeny Indian dick of his,  should he dare to do so...hang him right in the middle of his fucked up Canada. Oh yeah.

Besides making fun of Arabs brings in greater crowds...and more dough for that Indian -- White, Jewish, ass licking -- faggot.

What do you expect when North America, including Canada, shits out its colored immigrants ? They come out a White Brown.

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