Climaxing Collective Psychosis

A few weeks back I was watching one of my favorite TV channels, National Geo Adventures. I like this channel because it combines travel, anthropology, geography, history and psychology all in just one program.

That day, there was a program on commemorating religious days by inflicting self inflicting pain on the self.

The program started with my least favorite country on the globe, the Philippines. Ordinary men who were preparing themselves to be crucified for a couple of hours, in the center of the village, and thus reenacting the crucifixion of Christ.

One of the guys said that while he was being crucified, literally, and was standing on that cross, he felt his sins being washed away and saw Jesus talk to him...

His subjective experience may very well be true, I just hope that in his after life he will not discover that there was no crucifixion to start with, and realize that Spirit cannot be crucified. You agree, it would amount to undergoing much self inflicted pain in this life time, for nothing. But, this another subject matter I will not go into now.

Then the program showed other groups in other countries, walking on hot coal, sticking arrows through their cheeks, walking long miles with chained bleeding swollen ankles, chewing and swallowing broken glass...the whole bloody works.

Many theories have been advanced as to why would any seemingly sane human being inflict some much bodily harm on himself.

A short note here, women are rarely seen engaging in such strange collective acts - I suppose we have experienced and still experience enough pain from male violence, under its many forms, a violence we are daily exposed to. Plus the sight of blood is no big thing for us, we are the only ones to regularly bleed.

And those of us women with too much inner pain, a consequence of bad treatment and prolonged grief from endless oppression and losses, self mutilate instead, or pull their hair out, or tear their clothes, but in secret...

I personally opt for writing, instead. Thank you but I have enough pain in my life and surely there must be other ways to exorcise it. I would personally advice with -- go ahead, keep a diary, stop holding those tears back and have a good cry but kindly, leave that sharp nail, razor, knife, whatever it is that brings you a relieving joy, and opt for something more constructive.

As I said, many theories have been advanced as to why would anyone find relief at the sight of blood and pain, theories ranging from pure masochism, to severe personality disorders to more esoteric explanations like mind over matter, trance and ecstasy, and of course the usual religious justifications, as the washing away of remorse/guilt/sins through Paaaiiinnn and more Paaaiiinnn.

I will not go through all the theories, this is not a dissertation.

However, an idea, more of a question just popped up in my head ; I am wondering if the self infliction of serious pain, does not protect one from a greater pain, like some incurable disease. You know the famous Woody Allen line - I don't get angry, I just develop tumors. Well this is what am thinking, anger at others or self lashed out in a good self whipping/flagellating session. Anyway, this is just a thought definitely worth exploring...but if that is the case, just go for a very long jog instead , that should get rid of the excess energy and is much healthier and safer. OK ?

Another thought just popped up in my mind ; if researchers are really serious about getting to the bottom of it, of it meaning -- the reasons behind self pain, (I can already picture the pervert Brits - very much into bottom spanking as a pass time - eyes twinkle with excitement, just at the thought of it...) so if these researchers are really serious about it, they should actually go and ask the Sadists of this world -- seriously.

My theory is, if you can't find the answer in the thing you are looking for, go and find it in its opposite.

So the logical thing to do would be to go and research the sadistic behavior of let's say --- the Americans. Now this is a good place to start. After all they can provide you with ample examples of ways and means of inflicting harm on others. Shit, they are experts in the field...they have the top notch advisers and scientists continuously developing and refining techniques in inflicting harm/pain onto others. Some of their best brains are to be found in Israel. Seriously, am not joking. The Jewish entity excels in that field.

And if for political reasons, you don't want to deal with the Beast, go to Iran. They're pretty good at this shit too. Their best area of expertise is in training others to do the shit work of real, no nonsense Paaaiiinnn. You know, the hardcore, serious, solid, good Sadism.

And if you really don't want to venture too far, you can always come to this poor Arab -Iraqi woman, who has pulled enough of her hair out, and she can tell you all about Sadism in Iraq.

You name it, we've had it...full technicolor screen, dolby stereo system, hardcore, real, live, gory stuff...even the Marquis de Sade presented his resignation saying -- you motherfuckers, you really beat me to it. And they did beat him to it.

You see, they received the best training ever...from the most brilliant experts in the field. The créme de la créme from America, England, Israel and Iran. Wow, is that not wonderful ?!

I mean, where on this fucking earth, can you find a congregation of the most advanced techniques in pain infliction, to conduct your research on Paaaiiinnn but in Iraq ?!

This is proving to be a long post but fuck it, I've had to go through a lot of your long bullshit myself...

Let's face it, Iraq is the best example to study, in this field. It beats Vietnam and Gaza by far. And I shall I tell you why.

You see, Iraq has been already fertilized by centuries of Pain, most notably with the seeds planted since the 15th century or so, by Safavid Iran, exalting Pain both on self and others, exalting it and elevating to a God like Manichean creature - more like a fucking horror zombie, if you ask me.

If you study closely the Shiite "culture" in Iraq, you will find it wringing with Paaaiiinnn. If you don't get the picture, think of the Jews and how much they love talking and indulging in their chronic Paaaiiinnn, exaggerating, aggrandizing and making good profit out of it. You get my drift ?

However, in the case of the Shiites of Iraq, it all starts with self inflicting pain, because if you dig deep in history, you will find out that the source of their pain, i.e their killing of Imam Ali and Hussein, were done by none other but themselves. This is something they don't like to talk about. Basically, the story goes, someone bribed a few of the partisans and these guys went for the kill. And that was fucking centuries ago.

I mean shit, they did it. They accepted the bribe. Right ? The Judas amongst them is not our fucking fault. And ever since, this Judas not only keeps self flagellating but also flagellates others. A bit like the Jews really.

Now the self flagellation is not only physical, it extends to all aspects - chronic lamentations, chronic latmias - pounding chest, wailing, pulling hair out, tearing clothes, chronic grief (occupations and wars aside), chronic mourning, chronic fucking BLACK. CHRONIC.

Now you can understand the great ideological affinity between the Jews and the Shiites. They share the exact same violent neurosis. And both have, with the twist of fate and politics, managed to project that violent neurosis on others...

So in Iraq, with the quadruple whammy of an occupation, and with top notch training from IRAN combined with the "refined" Anglo-American and Jewish Israeli methods, our "dear" chronic complainers and whiners -- the Shiites, not only fertilized the grounds the Safavid Persian way, oh no, they made it fucking bloom.

Basically, to give you a rough picture of our blooming fields, 12 months of the year they inflict their pain on others,(I will get to the methods later), and during one day of the year, the CLIMAX of Ashura, they inflict it on themselves.

Now the CLIMAX of Ashura,(religious mourning session which culminates in some serious no nonsense self flagellation) reminds me so much of the CLIMAX of their sectarian cleansing of the "impure", very much like the racial cleansing of Gaza by the "chosen pure ones.". Except for the drills.

You see, at the height of the Shiite sectarian pre-CLIMAX, the drill, (you can't get more phallic than that) was a necessary tool, an aphrodisiac, in the hands of the collective RAPISTS of religion. And how they loved using that drill, with the exact same fervor and zeal that you witness during the CLIMAX of their Ashura.

Sometimes drilling "impure" ones was not enough...and from the throes of the CLIMAX, surged the dark forces of cannibalism. Chests would be ripped open and "impure" Sunni hearts (yes the organ) would be presented as a gift, "impure" children heads would be presented on a tray to the parents, "impure" female genitals would be ganged raped and slashed with knives before dumping the corpses...I am not even going to mention the use of rods, chains and whips because these were nothing compared to the rest of the hardcore methods used by the chosen, pure, Shiite zealots. Remember, they had received excellent training.

I guess they were not as smart as the Jews who harvested Palestinian organs, but they did catch up later in the lucrative business..when rings of sectarian criminals would trade in Iraqi kidneys, corneas, livers, and take them to IRAN along with stolen Mesopotamian ancient artifacts.

What you have read above is no exaggeration. Those who have followed my blog regularly would have already come across all that, as it has been mentioned, in details, in my posts. Plus, I have a "cool" collections of pictures in my archives, plus hundreds of stories from witnesses and surviving victims. And if you insist, I shall publish them on this blog. Wait, I think I will give you one now.

The Drills took place in several locations in Baghdad, some in the Husseiniyat gatherings (Shiite religious gatherings), in the backroom of mosques, some in the Ministry of Interior whose ex-minister now runs the Ministry of Finance, some in the parties HQ of the Hakeem-Badr and Muqtada Al Sadr group, some in Sadr City where the kidnapped victims would be taken to meet their fate...

Impure then, now purified dead bodies would later be dumped in Nejaf and Kerbala, deliberately so, to make it a symbolic point for the non Shiites, the Arab Sunnis in particular, and to lay another trap for yet another victim, should the family of the murdered one wish to go and retrieve the now purified corpse.
Some did not get the luxury of this treatment, i.e a burial, they were thrown in numerous mass graves, and only discovered later, when the stench of decaying cadavers was too strong to bear...And I have more and more stories, hundreds of them...

And since I consider myself a Muslim, albeit of the impure sort, my religion has taught me "Insaf". Insaf means merciful fairness. And I want to be mercifully fair to the Shiites of Iraq and say that not all them supported the acts of their militias, but many of them did. The Shiite parties and the militias had the support of a good number of the Iraqi Shiites. And those who did not support their acts, still pledge allegiance to their clerics, who in most cases failed to condemn, and in some instances, quite the opposite. Many actually encouraged this "purification" process, the most notorious among them is still a member of parliament today, his name is Jalal Al-Sagheer, not mentioning other religious and political figures such as members of parliament and ministers who are still running the Iraqi show.

I personally have not read one letter/article of condemnation from ANY Shiite group, condemning the sectarian cleansing that took place in Baghdad. NOT ONE !

And I wish it stopped there, because the post-CLIMAX was shared by many others; Arabs, Muslim Sunnis, including Hamas and its supporters and the grotesque Muslim Brothers movement in Egypt, Palestinians, Leftists, anti-war clowns, Latin American anti-imperialists, so called patriotic resistance fighters like the Hezbollah and their head charlatan Nasrallah, and the rest...

Yes, the post-climax was shared by many because at the height of the ethnic/sectarian cleansing in U.S occupied Iraq, a cleansing conducted by the Shiite militias, Nasrallah of Ze Lebanon, found a good pretext under the orders of Iran, to divert attention AWAY from what was actually taking place in the Iraqi orgy, and engaged in a bloody war where he could claim a divine victory for his sectarian party, and thus reinforce the role of that criminal Shiite entity in the region...

And while our blood was being poured in gallons in the streets of Baghdad, while our bodies were being dumped in morgues and mass graves by the thousands and while sectarian WALLS, the same walls that you lot bark about in occupied Palestine, were being and are still being erected in Baghdad...all heads turned to Iran, ululating like women in a wedding celebration...drunk with pistachio flavored divine victory...

Wait am not done yet...

Am on a roll, an ecstatic roll, commemorating MY Ashura climax, commemorating MY battle of Kerbala, my battle against your hypocrisy, your silence, your complicity and your falsehood.

Am not done...

The reason I am mentioning this political charlatan Nasrallah, is because many have flocked like sheep to listen to his Ashura speech that spoke of Gaza.

You see, Nasrallah, Khameini, Ahmadinejad, all those pathological liars that you worship, will ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS use the anti-Zionist rhetoric as a cover up for their political agendas - agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with Palestine and destroying Israel. In particular Hezbollah and that quack Nasrallah who likes to portray himself as defending Ze "Arab" cause from Ze Lebanon.

Had it been the case, as a good number of you like to believe, then you would not have the following :

- You would not have Hezbollah of Ze Lebanon training Muqtada Al-Sadr drillers who are today part of the Iraqi political process and have always been. And specially not have them trained in liquidating the Palestinians of Iraq, because this is exactly what the Sadrists did. The Palestinians of Iraq are still in a no mans land in the fucking desert !

- You would not have Hezbollah congratulate the Shiite DAWA party, the party that came to power THANKS to the U.S occupation, and congratulate Nouri Al-Maliki the puppet PM on winning the elections.

- You would not have Hezbollah paying its commiserations when that criminal Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem of the Badr brigades died, and give a long eulogy calling him a revolutionary martyr, because every one knows that Hakeem was not only an Iranian stooge but also one of the main puppets for AMERICA, and was able to return to what was once, this clean pure land, pure from this filth, thanks to American tanks. Today his son Ammar, the Basra thief, smuggler and playboy is continuing his father's dirty criminal work. Not only that, but the Badr Brigades along with the Sadrists and the Dawa party were known and are still known and that bastard Nasrallah knows it best, to have engaged in the MOST grotesque acts of torture and crimes against ARABS and Palestinians in IRAQ, notably in Baghdad and the South. And that piece of garbage, the Sayyed of Bullshit, Nasrallah knows it all too well...

But what do you get instead today ? You get the leftists, Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and Christians monkeys, sheep, cattle...whirl in a frenzied trance climaxing on Ashura sermons with the psychopaths from Iran.

What do you get instead today ? You get the oratory speeches of collective orgasms, of collective delusions, of collective hallucinations, trembling, shivering, about to flagellate themselves, in some collective spill over of martyrdom, of blood letting, hair pulling, clothes tearing, ecstatic trance.

Who the fuck needs drugs, this is the ultimate trip. The Trip into illusions, the trip of delusions...

And what about the millions of Iraqis, ARAB Iraqis, who were meat for the continuous Ashura festivities, what about them ?

What about the crimes committed on them, what about the horrors they endured, what about their losses, their grief, their exile, their.....

What about them ARAB Iraqis, raped, tortured, murdered, OCCUPIED by the collective hands of the "anti-imperialist, anti-zionist" Ashura militias and at the collective hands of your acquiescence and silence, what about them ?

I know what you're saying secretly to yourselves, I know, I fucking know.

You are saying what Madeleine Albright said when asked about the millions of Iraqis who died during the 13 years of sanctions, during the brutal Zionist embargo, during the Zionist Siege, the same siege that is taking place now in Gaza, you are saying :

If this is the price to pay for eventually liberating Palestine, then the price is well worth it.

Nota Bene:  If you don't know what Ashura means, which you probably don't, since you know literally fuck all about anything, you can check it out  here.

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