To Hell With Democracy...

To Hell with you and with your Democracy. To Hell with you and with your "Human Rights".

We have experienced nothing from your "democracy" and "freedom" but pain and loss. We have experienced nothing from your democracy but bombs, radiation, diseases,  imprisonment, torture, rapes, killings, ruins, exiile and death....

Fuck you and fuck your freedoms. And fuck your left, all of your left that barks about freedom and human rights.

You are a fucking circus and a sham all of you.

And take your theories, your books , your alternative readings, your sources, your gurus, your academics and shove them up your collective asses.

Am done with you shitty lot, am done with your pussy footings, am done with your reverence to mediocrity, am done with your fucking leftists gurus, am done with your theories of imperialism, capitalism, zionism, communism....

Seven years on and you still bark the same shit our way....the shit you read and regurgitate like fucking parrots, the shit from America, right from the heart of the beast  and its so called alternative media and experts, the fucking Arab experts sitting on their big fat greasy asses in the belly of the monster...the American experts  trained in Kibbutz, the constipated liberal Academia of my butt, the pedantic moronic politically know it all liberals progressives, the retarded dumb politically correct farts...I have seen it all.

Tell you what motherfuckers, rapists of nations, yes you are rapists of nations, I don't want your fucking democracy. I don't give a fuck about your so called human rights. I don't give a shit about your freedoms, all I want is to live. Give me back dictatorship now.

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