So Obama, the booma, won.

So Obama, the booma, won the elections. I had already predicted that in my post "A long American-Iranian Film".

I said the following : " My hunch is and my hunches are rarely wrong, if Obama the booma wins, and he will, by a small margin, Iraq will be handed over to Iran..."

I also said that Obama will strike a deal with Ahmadenejad on Iraq and in particular Southern Iraq.

And lo and behold, the vice president for the booma Obama is none other than J.Biden. J.Biden, the Zionist, is an ardent supporter of the partition of Iraq into three statelets. No wonder Maliki and Co were also backing the booma along with Iran. I also know that Iran had generously contributed to the Obama campaign.

I am glad that the evil, bastard Bush is out. No doubt about it. But I shall not congratulate you on your 44th president. He will simply finish off what the other Zionists had started -- The final partition of my country.

To hell with all of you and all of your presidents.


Sinbad said…
In full support of her view-her prescience demands my respect.
Unknown said…
The U.S. is toast, and the presidential elections offered no real choices. I wrote in Ron Paul because I was not going to vote for an evil, regardless of which was of the lesser two.

Unfortunatly, here you have to play the corporate game if you are president, and part of that is war; which makes a hell of a lot of money for those involved, or you are dead. The president obviously does not rule. Just ask JFK.

If everyone had written in Ron Paul, he would have gotten assassinated, but hey. He stands for all the right things.
KM said…
The Left ( the Democrats in US politics and their completely moronic supporters ) really show themselves to be of the same stuff the Bushites are.

We have no fucking choices in America. Its like having to choose between a somewhat skilled public speaker / serial killer and the other that is a 70-something year old child with his finger on the red button...and the American public just eats it up!!

The Left..the Democrats..with their millions of have-not simply want freebies from the government and hope to continue to go to malls and but big scree TV's and I-pods, etc.

The American culture is a ghost town with vultures tripping over themselves to get the last bits of morsels and the ones that DO HAVE way in hell wanna give it up. Fucking pathetic.


Obama kisses the Zionists ass and will continue to support Isreal full heartedly. Obama will stick the US's nose deeper in Pakistan & Afghanistan affairs.

Obama lied about Russia & Osettia. Obama lied about 9/11. Obama will not bring the neo-cons to justice. He's a liar.

I will call him, McBamabush.

...thinking of you....
KM said…
Morgan, glad to see you wrote in Ron Paul. You voted yer conscience and to me, that shows yer integrity.

I will say no more on these US elections for it is beginning to make Layls'a blog smell really bad.
Anonymous said…
What's a booma?
Anonymous said…
what's a booma?

Booma is an owl. It is also a derogatory term meaning -stupid
Anonymous said…
Obama will be nothing more than a ventriloquist's puppet, a pair of Hollywood black gloves "glamorizing" the blood-stained clutches of the imperial eagle.

The waters will be further muddied, myopy everywhere will degenerate into blindness, America will become a Leftist (wet) dream-land, Israel will lose nothing and Iran will take over everything.

What "lesser evil" of my least with the crazed old butcher McCain, things would have been CLEAR.

Fuck the US demonocracy.
Sinbad said…
The world no longer belongs to people-but to the corporate gangs. The high driven corporate thugs especially in America are the ones in charge. They have the politicians and the media in their pockets- they are so hungry that they will eat anything in their way to capitalize-the whole world. They are constantly on the prowl to steal the world’s resources-they manipulate, threaten and kill to fulfill their ill desires-Iraq was no exception.

America’s image has been dented far beyond repair-its military aptitude has been drained and stretched over limits. Its moral authority has been diluted by events from Guantanamo Bay to Abu Gharib.

The first thing the new Government will try is to stabilize their economy and return confidence in the financial sector. It will not be easy to rein in over-spending.

As we all know that American foreign policies hardly shifts no matter which Government is in office. But this time the interesting issue is that their internal strategy will also be stagnant-since the deficit in their National budget-is so big that it can’t be quantified and there are no quick-fix solutions.

Gordon brown has rushed to the Middle-East to borrow from the oil-rich Arab states and Obama could follow suit. The Arab head of states should be vigil and diversify their investments else where otherwise they will be sailing in troubled waters. They should desist from buying their toxic paper outright.

We all know that the bail out plan- is bailing out the fat cats-which ate all the cheese in the first place- so it’s not a tangible plan. American financial sector which thrives on un-regulated banking system will not succumb to any demand to be regularized soon. That means whoever will invest will go down the tunnel further.

Change of guard at the oval office will hardly bring any positive change in the world. The faces have changed the theatre and the theme is likely to remain the same.
Maysaloon said…
I agree - To hell with them all

دنب الكلب أعوج لو حطيته بمائة قالب
Sinbad said…
Excuse me please do cats really eat cheese?
Anonymous said…
KMWR--As I had on my blogs, I know where the money came from, the money that BOUGHT Obama's campaign, the astronomical sums poured into it, the money he said he would NOT take. It came from the same sources as the Gulf financed bubble. And, our Fascist led unions whose pensions are investing into the Gulf bubble. Policies continue. Only the external packaging changes, to make it look like we have change. What we have is perpetual continuity. As for what will happen with Iran, that's another matter. Expect more war, more militarization, greater conflict, more of everything negative and everything else wrong. Nothing is resolved and nothing is solved.
Anonymous said…
Sinbad said...
"Excuse me please do cats really eat cheese ?"

what the hell are you blabbering about ?


when will your ship call at...again ?
Anonymous said…
My God KM, YOU are the fucking pathetic one. You are a product of the America you claim to hate. Tell me, do you do anything but whine and complain in the comment section of blogs? Oh, I know what you will say - America is too far gone and there is nothing we can do - You are a cop-out, a do-nothing complainer. You are fun to laugh at, I will give you that much. I mean, really. Obama is a serial killer...that's a good one. Let's see, the fact a black man is President means nothing but writing in an asshole like Ron Paul's name on a ballot is considered twisted is that. I know how you think you are superior to other Americans but face it KM you are as American as apple pie.
Anonymous said…
From "Il Gattopardo" by G. Tomasi di Lampedusa:

"If you want everything to stay the same, let everything change"
Layla Anwar said…

Hello Captain, do you also have a crystal ball ?
Regarding your second comment, I personally believe that Obama won because big corporate business, including the oil cartels decided to back him. And only in this light does the financial "crash" that we witnessed just a few weeks ago, make sense...Elementary my dear, elementary.

And yes cats does eat cheese. Qais, my little one, loves cheese. as long as it is not too hard. He usually prefers "la vache qui rit" type of cheese...Ah some cats never learn ! :-)
Layla Anwar said…

Hello, your comment cracked me up. LOL. I like this macbamabush, I will call him macbooma... Are you in cowboy land or not yet ?
Layla Anwar said…
KM, one more thing, I believe you are correct, macbooma will concentrate on wrecking more havoc on Afghanistan and expect things to become really "hot" in Pakistan. The Iranian sectarian card will prove to be very hand there too.
Layla Anwar said…
down with obama,

I agree with you. You probably read all the "anti war" ROLMAO, bullshit already...Ahhh "change is coming to America", my ass !
Layla Anwar said…

Hello, Yes danab al kalb bedal fee faydeh abadan. Good musicl stuff you got by the way.
Layla Anwar said…

I think if there is going to be any more it will be direction Afghanistand where the TALIBANS ARE WINNING and definitely direction PAKISTAN.
KM said…
Lucy, Glad you could get yer head out of yer ass from that plinko "Alternative' forum thats full of McBamabush supporters that waited in line in hopes of getting government freebies or rob from the "rich".

Hello Layla.

Lucy is right in one regard. Unfortunately I was born in America..had no choice at all in that.
Yes Layla, I will be leaving my northern State and heading South soon but I am waiting for an event to happen first and it should be coming up very shortly. Ive began to go thru my belongings...throwing alot away and just keeping some basic things. My daughter will go thru our things and keep the things she wants. I will be traveling very light in just what I can get in my car.

My load wil basically consist of my computer, clothes, photo albums and my camera and toothbrush / etc.. Thats about it. The rest goes to my daughter, whoever wants things or to the garbage.

As you know, my first choice was to get as far away from empire as possible by going to Asia or the MidEast. Still getting job offers over the net but a slight change has developed; enter Female. :-)

Sooooo, a slight change in plans has developed. She now lives in that southern State and is telling me to get my ass down there, so I will. However, hopefully it will be a slight delay. She was born in Indonesia and says she wants to leave America too and go back home. Time will tell if we do it together or I set off alone as originally planned.

Sinbad & KMWR are correct in that more US armed forces will be in other new 'wars' and the corporate is the power in America. Mcbamabush declares he will create new jobs. How exactly and what will these "new jobs" pay? Is he going to FORCE compaies to pay a certain wage? Are jobs that went overseas going to come back to the US? Ha. Is McBamabush going to free the people in Gitmo? I highly doubt it. Is Mcbamabush going to REALLY LOOK at the events of 9/11? Hell No. McBamabush fully supports the 'war on terror' and is setting sights in the greater Caspian region.

I recall very clearly how the Bushites denied facts and became rabid about people making claims about the Bush term policies. I see that now taking place with McBamabush supporters and their reaction towards those of us that voice our opinions and concerns. So in essence, the McBamabush supporters are made of the same stuff the Bushites are. Say anything negeative about their man and you are ....well, you can see what happens.
The United States is a money-motivated / materialistic driven culture. I'm not into that. Hell I dont even have a television, an I-pod and my car is more than 10 years old. The Mcbamabush supporters are basically the have nots and they want what the so-called "wealthier" Republicans have. Many Republican supporters do not wanna give it up and the Democrats want to now take it. They want to have what the Republicans have. The Dems call it "spreading the wealth".

True, there are obnoxiously wealthy Americans, but I would bet money on it that alot of them put alot of effort into becoming what they are today. Im not a dem supporter nor a repub supporter but the clambor for wealth is what disgusts me.

My god..there are People in parts of this World that have no house...walk to try to get fresh water or are living off of water & rice and dying from curable health issues and the worst.......suffering from the actions of empire AND their so called "wars".

Its just fucking selfishness So many people here WANT something......SOMETHING they dont actually even NEED. Its taken decades for the US government to build itself up into the monster of wht it is today. It didnt begin with the Bush terms.
KM said…
One more thing. Sorry Laya...have alot on my mind.

These American soldiers that sign up to be an active part of United State's hegemony and the global police force that "protect America's so-called interests...they MADE a choice.

The People and families they destroy by invasions had No choice. I dont feel the least bit sympathy for the US military NOR their families. Why should I?

If these parents would look back thru history and actually look and understand the WHY's of these military escapades and conflicts and the decades of how the US government sends 'the troops' into other countries, maybe they would not now be complaining about bringing their daughters and sons 'home'.

Its what their daughters and sons knowingly signed up to be under the complete control of US hegemony and invade other countries. These facts are not hidden...the facts of invading other countries. Its been going on for decades. McBamabush will now send them to the Caspian region. Will the McBamabush suporters then claim "bring the troops home"? NO...becasue they have already, knowingly voted for McBamabush with the full knowledge that McBamabush is going to get more and more involved militarily with Pakistan. It truly defies humanity.

Hell, I dont give a rats ass if a president is black, white, orange or damned invisible. Stop the US global dominance and STOP believing the US is superior to other People.
Anonymous said…
Obama will not stop the 100+ American death squads his masters hired from Iran, and Obama plans to hire more Iranian death squads for Afghanistan - Iran's death squads are highly valued by anyone who wants to murder million of Muslims.

One day Iran will become a Muslim country again, till then it's death squads will continue to make all the Khomayne worshipers very proud.

Obama won the American elections, meaning that he's just another zionist puppet and the American army will continue with the genocide Israel orders it to do - "Change" will happen when America stops the genocide, that is not going to "Change" and the Israeli hate mongers like him just fine becuase he'll put a nice face on their murders.

Don't place any bets on Zionist infested America, the Iraqi freedom fighters will bring "Change" not them. Obama is just another one of their "elected" zionists puppets.
Anonymous said…
NOTHING will change, Layla - different packaging but it will remain the same, probably worse. If anyone believes otherwise, then they don't really know what's going on in this world.

I agree with Snoozer above: Iraqi Resistance will bring about 'change', not the elections in the US.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Muslims killing Muslims is ALL an American zionist you so-called "Muslims" ever take responsability for anything you or your fellow "Muslims" do? Instead of accepting and admitting the fact that muslims are killing muslims you completely deny that fact that one side is even muslim at all!!! Make all the excuses you want to but GOD sees through your bullshit. Zionist's don't need to kill you as long as you are killing each other yourselves. No one can HATE better than a "Muslim".
Anonymous said…
I voted for Obama. While I don’t expect anyone who is a victim of our foreign policy to find anything positive about any American President elected, I found the experience of electing a Black Man President of the United States thrilling. Watching my black friends celebrating in the voting lines was wonderful. Actually having to wait and hour and a half in the line just to vote was unique. I live in a mixed neighborhood and people were hanging outside partying and setting off fireworks after midnight. Maybe it was only for a fleeting moment but it felt good to be American that night. In these days, forgive me if I try to feel good about my country for at least a moment. I know one thing, there is no way that Obama could be worse than Bush or McCain.
KM said…

About Pakistan & McBamabush:

I think that I heard that this General Patreus will now oversee not just the illegal operations in yer country of Iraq, but also the Afghanistan area. ( if Im remembering right )

So the US military seems to have made some adjustments in preparation for the McBamabush and Im sure McBamabus has already met with US military leaders regarding Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Bush & Company will simply do a hand-off to the McBamabush regime. McBamabush probably has been briefed on all the military targets and of course Pakistan has nuclear weapons so of course McBamabush can easily say they are a threat.
bARABie said…
Km, enough already with the "Mc"Donkey, you have used it 19, yes NINETEEN, times on this thread.
bARABie said…
"In these days, forgive me if I try to feel good about my country for at least a moment."

Sorry but personally i can't forgive you until YOUR country has stopped massacring people left, right and center.
bARABie said…
"I think that I heard that this General Patreus will now oversee not just the illegal operations in yer country of Iraq, but also the Afghanistan area. ( if Im remembering right )"

Yes, in fact it's more than just the two countries you mention.
He has been given control of the ENTIRE East Asian arena, including ALL the Middle East AND he has the authority to launch strikes against any country he deems fit EXCEPT for iran.
Which two countries is he not allowed to attack without approval????

Give you a clue, they both start with I.
Anonymous said…
snoozer's a loser said...

What gave you the idea that I do not like zionists? in 1,000 years nothing has spread Islam faster and further than zionists have - the more Israel shows people how to use injustice the more people learn from Palestine how to use Justice - the more Israel teaches the values of lies the more people learn from Palestine the value of truth - how else would the world learn all about Islam without the zionist and nazi propaganda machines spreading Islam?

Do you think I want any White zionist Rabbi or Priest with the blood of millions of humans on his hands praising Islam? Let the zionist Christians and Jews scream about their love of Peace to their death squads, let them preach their hate and spread their fear - it works on simple minds like yours very well - but it also guides wiser minds to Islam, Israel can keep the hate and fear filled dumbs ones like you, Palestine gets the rest :)

The more Israel spreads hate, fear and lies about Islam and Muslims the faster Islam spreads world wide - people like Truth and Justice, and that is not a zionist strong point.

KM said…
@ barabie

ok ok I have a little obsessive obsessive obsessive compulsive compulsive disorder
Anonymous said…
You guys seem to know a lot more about Obama's plans for the Middle East than the rest of the world does.

Does he hold conference calls with you?
bARABie said…
@ Km, :)
Kosta said…
Hey Anon'
Re: Obama's Plans.

Obama’s first appointment, Rahm Emanuel, who is set to become chief-of-staff, is the son of a member of the Zionist terrorist group Irgun, which was responsible for bombing hotels, marketplaces as well as the infamous Deir Yassin massacre, in which hundreds of Palestinian villagers were slaughtered.

Washington IS Israeli Occupied Territory.... and you don't get it.
Anonymous said…

So you consider millions of innocent and dignified human beings, Muslims and non-Muslims, in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. being savagely murdered, raped, tortured, enslaved and de-identified by the Zionist hordes as somehow convenient, useful, a "fair price" to pay in order to speed up the triumph of Islam ???


Layla Anwar said…
Snoozer and Little Deer,

Layla agrees with both of you. Iran will be used for its sectarianism in Pakistan and wherever Shiites minorities exist. Obama is a 100% zionist puppet.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous regarding Obama,

Seems you do not read your own press...another american I suppose.
Anonymous said…
@ Outraged

Can't read well, can you? Too much hate and fear does that on both sides of any issue.

The Christian and Jewish zionists are doing those murders by the millions, with the help of Iran's Khomayne worshiping death squads - whatever I do or say their murders will continue, they did not listen to their own religons and go against the words of the God they worship, so why should they listen to me and stop?

I am pointing out a fact, their lies, hate and fear mongering is working against them - I am not for any murder, and shame on you for not being able to read - try reading the Quran, it helps, all I am doing is saying in English what it says in Arabic - Yamkoroon wa Yamkor Allah (swt) - now try translating that for zionists :)

Anonymous said…
You are all like Obama and Bush: believers in a childish fiction that there exists a supreme being who knows and cares about you.

Shed that silly belief and understand that all that is is us.

When humanity accepts that reality, when it discards the conclusions of ancient peoples who were mired in near total ignorance, then peace will be inevitable.
Unknown said…
Wow. Its good to see that not much has changed in the world. You hate us and we are all Zionist puppets. Maybe a little of that energy directed towards addressing problems at home might actually accomplish something. As it is its little more than regurgitated vitriol.
Anonymous said…
It's my understanding that a very low percentage of israelis supported Obama. My question is: assume for the sake of argument that Obama wants to do the right thing about Iraq. What should he do? Get out? Stay in?
Unknown said…
Obama should get out. There is no point being where you are not wanted. The Bush administration made a huge strategic blunder going into Iraq in the first place. Focus should have been on al-queda and Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan not Iraq.
Anonymous said…
Hate feeds more hate. Anger feeds more anger. Love feeds more love. Happiness feeds more happiness. Having a peaceful attitude stimulates those around you to feel the same. When reading this blog with such hateful and insulting comments it is easy to see the anger that is apparent and seems to be destroying the life of the blogger and the commentators. What Iraq needs most is an attitude shift. It needs leaders who are positive and not spewing hateful comments and blaming this group or that group. They should take a lesson from Obama. His primary message was hope and change. That is what Iraq needs. Where are such leaders in Iraq? Are there any? What a shame that Iraq has become such a cesspool of so much hate and intolerance, most of it based in religion and culture. The answer to Iraqs problem are not more hateful remarks againt the Jews, Zionists, politicians, Americans and whomever your hate is directed to at the moment. The answer is in adjusting attitudes and fostering others around you to do the same. Let the positive attitudes of hope, change, tolerance, compromise, love and happiness that you are able to experience another day of life prevail over hate, intolerance, anger and injustice.
Unless this attitude shift occurs, Iraq is doomed to forever being a cesspool of negative energy.
Anonymous said…
Entitled to your opinion as you are, nevertheless you are wrong. Non-US citizens are barred from donating to our elections. Certainly Iran did not contribute to the Obama campaign.
All donations are reported to the government & are PUBLIC record. Google US Elections Commission to see the entire list of contributors for yourself.

Joe Biden is not going to be President. Vice-Presidents mainly attend official lunches & dinners & cast a tie-breaking vote (& only in case of a tie) in our Senate. Vice-Presidents have no other function under our Constitution, except to be ready to serve as President if he is killed.
Barack Obama was against the war in Iraq from the beginning. After Bush had started it, every THINKING American tried to figure out how to limit the devastation of Iraq, limit the damage to our reputation & save the lives of our citizen-soldiers. Perhaps Joe was wrong about partitioning Iraq, but the idea was not born from a hatred of Iraq, a love of Israel or of Iran or anyone else. Joe Biden was trying to come up with a plan to limit the devastation to all involved. He should be given credit for that, even if he was wrong.
One last point: Americans are not blind to Israel's sins. Only 8% of us are Jewish. But many of us have gone to grade school with Jewish kids or to University & have in other ways lived as a society with Jews- from secular "American Jews" who rarely attend Sabbath & may even eat pork to Hassidic Jews that are extremely religious. We see all the prisms of the Jewish State & are simply trying to help find a solution in the Middle East so it may exist for once in History, at Peace. Bill Clinton almost did it & Bush was a disaster in all respects. Barack Obama will try to repair what Bush did & build on what Clinton did.

I hope you understand how an average, not rich American, thinks.
Anonymous said…
Your comments on the US elections reveal you to be as ignorant as your are hate-filled and bigoted. As for your absurd boast about having predicted Obama would win by a small margin (he won by a landslide), that was about as prescient as predicting the sun would come up the next day - anyone with a half a brain predicted he would win and virtually every poll predicted it.
Your facile and stupid comments accusing this one of being a Zionist and that one of being a Zionist demonstrate only that you, like so many of your Arab brethren, remain committed only to blind hatred and prejudice, an attitude which has contributed mightily to the fact most of you - despite the enormous petro-wealth you enjoy - live in a state of social, intellectual and economic poverty. Rather than making any effort to educate your children in ways which would equip them to function and prosper in the world today, you remain firmly entrenched in the past, leading meaningless miserable lives, often in poverty, or sending your children off to blow themselves up in nihilistic demonstrations of idiocy.
Enjoy the next eight years of Obama's presidency as the rest of the world leaves you in the distant past, a fate you have chosen for yourselves (and richly deserve).
I deeply regret that the US became involved in Iraq and couldn't care less about "bringing you" democracy or anything else. I had hoped that getting rid of Saddam - given your own inability and failure to do so - would be of worth the lives and money required, given the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives he took, but I have long since come to believe we would have been better off leaving you to deal with your own Hitler.

An American looking forward to Obama's Presidency and an end to our involvement in your shit-bag country.
Anonymous said…
I don't blame you for being angry at the US. I think a lot of us Americans think Iraq was better off with Saddam -- less people killed. Iraq has had such a hard time getting along without an evil dictator though, I think splitting it into 3 parts would have worked better. The last thing Washington DC wants though is to give Iraq to Iran. If anything, Iran has a worse reputation than it deserves in reality with American politicians. All the US wants is to make a capitalist democracy with Iraq, letting Iraq go it's own way once it has been incubated. Bush and Cheney might have been thinking about profiting from oil. But the rest of the Country did not. So this has really been done (the war) out of interest for Iraq to succeed and be better than Iran. Since our politicians, particularly the Republicans (who have lost majority now in House, Senate and President and so have lost power,) hate dicatorships, especially Islamic dictatorships since we all hate extremist religiousity. (We don't blow other people up here in America if are in a different religion than we are.)

If Iraq can ever stand on it's own feet without another dictator, it stands to, in the long run, be more powerful economically than it's neighbors.
Siddiqqi said…
Unfortunately I'm afraid you will find many posts as the one above based on a combination of stupidity and ignorance. Too many Americans have no understanding at all, not only of the history of the region, also of the current situation. And, because much of the media is controlled by Zionists, their chances of obtaining an accurate picture are infinitesimally small.

As for Obama, unfortunately he has made his choices crystal clear: He is more concerned about image than substance. The consensus here in the US is that Obama is going to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors in office. The evidence appears overwhelming: his selection of Biden, an Israeli apologist, and now Rahm Emanuel, practically a Zionist, as his chief of staff, that he will do nothing to rile the feathers of the pro-Israel political action groups.

As a result, I am very disappointed with Obama, and this is before he has even become president Obama. I can only pray that my concerns are unfounded and the he, Obama, will see the wisdom of treating the Muslim world equally with Israel. Al-hamdulilah.

Siddiqui in the US
Anonymous said…
What utter shit is spewed in this loathsome excuse for a blog.
Anonymous said…
To the American commenters and those that are outraged, if you lived under a violent occupation, do you expect yourself to respect and appreciate it?

After years of waking up to gun shots and missiles and hearing stories of rape and murder do you expect that you would sympathize with your occupiers? Trust their intentions?

How do you expect most Iraqis to feel about you? How can you be outraged that some are filled with anger? You won't understand.

The author of this blog is living life under an occupation. You're not.

Secondly, obsessive pro-Israel policies within U.S politics is alarming to us all as Arabs. I speak for myself when I say that I don't hate Americans, I appreciate their vote for "change" despite not understanding what that change can bring, or if it will actually bring any "change" at all. But ask yourself why your country is at its knees for Israel and how you yourselves seem to live under Israel's political occupation. Your presidents in the past decade have had no personality or opinions of their own when it comes to the Middle Eastern conflicts. They have no balls to stand up for what's right. They're being watched like hawks by AIPAC and its influential political activists (who staff up your administration) and if you don't believe that, try reading every statement from American presidents and their allies concerning the Palestinian issue. Not a single one rejects and denounces Israeli aggression even when the entire world (including Switzerland, the UN and the EU!) condemns it wholeheartedly.

We ask these questions out of serious concern for our lives. Why is it that only your lives matter? And when your life is even slightly endangered (rarely!), why is it okay for you to hate and accept the anti Arab and Islamophobic bigotry that has poisoned America for so many years?

As for the commenter who assumed that Iraq is a shit-bag country, it only turned into so when your troops proudly (but without the slightest clue what they're doing) set their foot in. Iraq was once the center of educational, cultural and intellectual excellence. It's a shitbag country now because your current president thought it would be cute to bomb it to oblivion. Why do you expect to be thanked? You didn't liberate anyone, despite what some Iraqis (who seek protection from U.S soldiers) might say. You created a violent occupation, and when you leave and see Iraq fold into pieces, it would still be because of your violent occupation.

No one here thinks you're heroes. If you want to make friends, you have a lot of work to do before that happens.
Anonymous said…
I have empathy for your pain and I will try to forgive you for your hateful ways. You are merely a victim in a play that you clearly don't understand.

with love,

just a stupid American who never wanted this war and never wanted your oil

p.s. keep enjoying that American music.
Unknown said…
Are you suggesting that Iraq was a center of educational, cultural, and intellectual excellence under Saddam or in ancient times. The only reason the current state of Iraq did not fly apart before was because of the iron-fisted no mercy approach to dissent that Saddam took. Modern day Iraq was created at the end of WW I by the British. Ultimately, thats what it will revert to because the idea of Sunni, Shia, and Kurds governing together is a pipe dream.
Anonymous said…
You all realize that Americans created the Internet, yes? You realize the blog you're writing on and reaching people across the world on was designed by Americans? Maybe even Jews. Seems kind of odd that the "Zionist controlled media" would unleash a tool on the world that completely democratizes information.

Think about it.
Anonymous said…
"You all realize that Americans created the Internet, yes?"

What a disgustingly shallow remark.

Either way, America is nothing without its immigrants. YOU didn't create the internet. People working in your country did, those millions of Asians who came into your country seeking jobs. You just sit on your ass and brag about it, because, what else is there to do in America?
Anonymous said…
"You realize the blog you're writing on and reaching people across the world on was designed by Americans?"

The co-founder of the company that handles this technology is a Russian immigrant to America, and now it's mainly run by outsiders. How many offices does Google have in Europe and how many non-Americans work at Google?

And who developed the math necessary to create computers in the first place? Oh, was it those Arabs that America hates and pities so much?

You may pat yourself in the back and claim that you're the superior race, which is your frank and painfully embarrassing implication, but when you explore how many Americans can actually locate Iraq on a map there's not much to clap hands about. You're not really superior to anybody. You're not more intelligent. You simply live in a country with wide open doors to smart people around the world to come into your land and invest in what's already in it. You don't do shit. You call these investors and creators Americans because you're too embarrassed to admit that none of them are the real inventors behind any of your so called "progress."

I'm looking forward to your shameful excuse to your racist argument, I can smell your superiority complex from here and boy does it stink.
Unknown said…
Here is the best part. Even if he was a Russian immigrant, he is now an American. The difference is that people come to this country because of opportunity it affords them. Who wants to come to your country because of the opportunities there? Real short list.
Anonymous said…
Oh, boy, did that Armenian aunt of Layla's walk a long way from God knows where to tell you her story=(Obama's story)!!!!!
Congratulations Layla!!!!
You have won the ELECTIONS!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
"Who wants to come to your country because of the opportunities there? Real short list."

I am from the UAE. Only 17% of the UAE consists of nationals. Everyone else is either European, American, South Asian, etc. They come for opportunities that they feel are somewhat lacking in their own countries. This is the fastest growing region in the world, and while your economy is swimming in its pile of shit, ours is stronger than ever.

But they don't teach you that in America, do they? In America, they teach you self-important values and racism, hatred that knows no bounds, ignorance that has no limits. It is at times like these when I pity the meaningless existence of such insignificant peons.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
You are so full of shit. Only someone fully delusional would describe your region as one of the fastest growing in the world. Try to focus on facts. The major international financial centers include New York and while the economy is not in the greatest shape it will bounce back. And where did you get the garbage about values in America...Al Jazeera that model of unbiased reporting.
Anonymous said…
"Try to focus on facts."

These are the facts. You're just too empty with false pride to accept them as they are. It's not my fault that every time your disturbing racism is refuted you squirm with anger. You're angry because for once you have to face the reality of your witless existence, and that of your ilk. You fight to defend your superiority complex because without it, you're nothing. A nobody. The laughing stock of humanity.
Anonymous said…
It's hardly shocking that a Russian immigrant came to America to realize his dreams. America is a nation of immigrants. By the way, it's a long walk from an abacus to an IBM.

America is hardly perfect and it never will be. Not even close. Very few Americans wanted this war and even though I voted against Bush (twice), I realize the blood is on my hands too. I know that.

Intriguing how they (presumably our Zionist masters) teach us self-important values and racism, but we just elected a black man to be our president. And it wasn't even close. If you can't understand the significance of that seismic event, I pity you.

And by the way, it's comical getting preached to on racism from people who are convinced there is a Zionist conspiracy to rule the world. Seriously, it's tiresome and you demean yourself every time you do it.
Unknown said…
More pathetic vitriol. But I guess you have to spew something to make yourself feel better. As for me, I am not a racist, I'm not angry but my life is real good.
Anonymous said…
"And by the way, it's comical getting preached to on racism from people who are convinced there is a Zionist conspiracy to rule the world."

At least we don't think the entire Muslim world is conspiring against us because a bunch of people crashed into a tower.

"Seriously, it's tiresome and you demean yourself every time you do it."

And I guess it's not tiresome when you claim to be morally, culturally, intellectually superior to everyone on Planet Earth, even though hardly anyone outside your borders actually feel that way, and despite it being the furthest thing from the truth.

You raise to the opportunity to try and convince others to love and respect your country, but you never do it the way it should be done, in fact with each arrogant response you inspire the opposite. You blame the blog's author for hatred and contempt and then fail to control your own. You reveal to us your true face, your lack of consideration for anyone other than yourself. Why should we respect you? With your mockery, hatred, and bigotry, what did you do to earn our respect?

Your obsessive nationalism, neverending stereotypes, lack of the most basic knowledge of foreign events and cultures is why the world thinks you're laughable. You bring this attitude onto yourselves. You ask for it, and you'll get it every time. Pitiful.
Anonymous said…
Hi 1:42 am, you put a lot of words in mouth that weren't and aren't there. The fact is, I don't blame you for how you feel. If the shoe was on the other foot and my country was being occupied by such a cavalcade of morons, I'd be as blind with anger as you are.

But come on, give us a smile. The fact remains, you're winning this war. America willfully and stupidly allowed itself to be lured into a conflict that it can't win. The region is more unstable than it otherwise would be thanks to George Bush's folly and the world hates us it. I more than understand why. And hey, as an added bonus, our financial system is in tatters.

I just stumbled on this blog because the Zionist controlled New York Times gave it a voice.

I will just say this, the world is a much more beautiful place in color than it is in black and white. Good night and may peace soon be with you.
Anonymous said…
layla or what ever your name is, grow up! democracy spoke, if u don't like the result, change it! obama is not the reason dick-tators rule the mideast, you guys are so divided amongst yourself, there is no need for the US or anyone to make an effort in that regard, why should obama president for the next (ishallah) wonderful 4yrs, fix the middle east, your leaders should stop kissing asses in the west and fix-up...where is your prove that he was sponsored by cooperations...obama should have the interest of the US at heart and negotiate with any nation on that basis, he's not the president of the middle-east, people in the middle east didn't vote for him, of course i agree he must be fairer than previous US pres', especially with the palestinians, and i do believe he will be even if there will be setbacks,of course, people like you want him to fail no matter what the consequences and you think youre acting rational!! please grow up! OBAMA is pres liv with it!! crazyarabwomanblues!!
Unknown said…
"Your obsessive nationalism, neverending stereotypes, lack of the most basic knowledge of foreign events and cultures is why the world thinks you're laughable."

Lookie here Spunky, they may be laughing but they do keep coming to America. By the way, where do you live?
Layla Anwar said…
Siddiqi and one of the anonymous here, thank you both for your comments, they are good.
As for the rest, pfffft...
Hope you learned a new Iraqi slang -- BOOMA = DUMB
Anonymous said…
Aloha to All!

WHEW! I made it through all three hundred plus comments and being a 'red-blooded, born and bred American Man' of 53+ years, I managed to actually not get upset in the very least with all the "American Flag, Presidential Effigies, etc. BURNING.

I voted for Obama. I'll get that out of the way immediately. I didn't do it because he is of a darker skin color, or because he could afford to spend mega-$$ on 30 minute ads on TV or ANY of the many "reasons" stated in all these comments. Honestly? I was and still am a Hillary Clinton supporter and was hoping beyond hope that Obama would select her as his VP. When that didn't happen and Clinton faded into the background (again), I had to seriously take a look at all 5 or 6of the candidates (yes KM, we had THAT many choices. NOT just TWO).

I kept coming right back to Obama though! I really wanted him for our President but I have this extreme deep seated fear that he may not fulfill the full 4 years of his term in office due to some lunatic skin-headed, nazi-brainwashed, racial supremist will assassinate him simply because of his skin color. I pray for his life and safety every day. I don't know if news of all the attempts on his life made it to your newspapers in Iraq, Iran or wherever you all live, but at least FIVE (5) assassination attempts were made just during his campaign! He wasn't even elected president yet and sadly, some people in this country couldn't bear the thought of having a "dark skinned" commander in chief! I sincerely hope I'm wrong about this, however, like layla, I have this very strong feeling(s) of foreboding. The type and strength of which usually come true.

Not that I fear to have his VP (Biden) as president. Not at all. I think both of those men are pretty close on their thinking...I just believe that for Obama to fulfill his first term (at least!) will do our country and (seriously) the world a psychologically great deal of GOOD. Why? Because of his "skin color"? Absolutely!

Even though you people that live in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and the like love to think that ALL American Citizens THINK AND BELIEVE in every single thing our government thinks, believes and DOES...YOU ALL ARE SO INCREDIBLY WRONG!

Being at the age that I am, I grew up during the 60's and first half of the 70's and protested (sometimes) violently against the Vietnam "conflict", actually had a feeling that MY generation was going to grow up and do something to "change" the old system, the old "boys clubs" and everything else that was wrong about our 200+ year old government.

Unfortunately, I'm now ashamed to be a part of this generation which turned out to be so greedy for goods and services...and for mostly chasing what some call the "almighty dollar" due to the Reagan/Bush/Bush Jr. years. Can you all believe that between all three of those men, it's been a total of 24 years of sheer business-like gluttony and corporate controlled government??? I'm so embarrassed for our country for electing those three and sincerely wish I had a time machine to go back and somehow change all the wrong things that happened so all of you didn't feel so hateful towards the USA that you'd love to see us burn from coast to coast and then some! Can't you see how the very families you have written about that are now being killed by Bush’s' war machine in your countries could be the very same on the American side and were on September 11th. I'll admit it, OK? Yeah...we deserved that "twin towers" nightmare. Most of us Americans have lost a LOT of our individual liberties and freedoms due to the Bush’s' "National Security Programs" BULLSHIT! More and more of us citizens are finally waking up and realizing the fact that we have been lied to for those 24 years and the United States we had before Reagan, isn't the same United States we have now and we are desperate for any kind of change back to "the way it was".

I do believe that deep down in all of us, we all want to just "get along" and let everyone live their own lives the way they feel they want to.

Sorry to be so long. I still have so much more to say but don't want to seem like a (as we say in the USA) "chatty-Cathy". LOL!

Aloha for now,
An American in Hawaii
Anonymous said…
Wow, the ignorance. Obama did not receive money from conspirators, zionists, arabs, hindus, athiests, or whoever the fuck you hate this week. He received money from people like me. I am a person of modest means, but I donated on 5 separate occasions to him. I really believe in his message of change, and he has inspired me as well. I also donated to 6 different charities, matching each campaign donation. I have never done this before. I plan to do more for my community, to help those in need.

PS- Do you really think that Americans want to fight a war in Iraq? If it was up to me, I'd wipe the entire region off the map, so that you fuckers would stop fighting your holy wars, destabilizing the world, and making our retarded leaders like George Bush send our military over there. Have a nice day.
Unknown said…
"Siddiqi and one of the anonymous here, thank you both for your comments, they are good.
As for the rest, pfffft..."

Oh come on Layla, I'm starting to think you only agree with those that bash America, land of (according to bloggers you agree with) racism, ignorance, a Zionist controlled media and a false sense of superiority. Thats not being very open. Thank you for the lesson in Iraqi (Booma=Dumb). Here is a little applicable slang from America for your part of the world. SNAFU...know what that means? Situation Normal, All Fucked Up
ukeplayer said…
I totally understand the anger, and indeed the hatred, felt by Layla and other Arab Americans who post here. I used to feel those emotions about Christians and Arabs at one point in my life. Thankfully, my Zionist Jewish parents' strong friendships with Christians and Arabs in our town showed me that generalizations are not easily defended. They also made it possible for me to travel and study in Israel, where I met Israelis of all political stripes and learned that just being Jewish or Israeli doesn't stamp you with one particular world view. In Tel Aviv, I shared an apartment with two Arab Israelis, and regularly hung out with them and their friends. Many frank and open discussions taught me that dialogue is possible with anyone if you are willing to listen. Intrigued by what they taught me, I made it a goal to visit some Muslim countries (those that would allow in a Jew with an Israeli visa stamped in his passport). I spent time in Morrocco, Algeria, Egypt and Jordan, and I never once felt anything but welcomed and respected. One of the most remarkable discoveries for me was how much those countries, their people and customs reminded me of Israel.

I realize that not everyone is in a position to go traveling around the world in order to broaden their horizons. I wish it would become a required right of passage for every human being--like a universal hajj.

I am heartbroken that you seem to have lost all hope and all ability to see the world in anything but black and white. The destruction of your country is clearly an experience I have no ability to understand in any concrete way. That does not mean it doesn't bother me. It outrages me. I have spoken out, written, marched, taught, and--yes--voted to try and prevent any further destruction to your country and demand that the US do everything it can to repair the inexcusable damage already done. That's how it works in a democracy. I wish it were quicker; I wish we always acted morally. I can tell you that the election of Barack Obama represents a desire on behalf of most Americans to change the way we interact with the other nations of the world.

One final comment: As to the perceived arrogance and superiority of Americans, certainly there are those who foolishly believe that they are somehow better than other people. The brighter ones among us, however, know that we are no better as persons, but that we have been blessed to live under a system of government that, while not perfect, has built into it the mechanisms to allow for its continual evolution and improvement. We have fallen short again and again in our treatment of one another, but that is the fault of our being human. America is not a race, color, religion, nation or even location. It is a set of ideals and principles of government that have been enacted here through generations of trial and error, with contributions from every corner of the world, every faith, race, gender and ethnicity. It's in that sense that I say Americans are not special, but "America" is.

I'm sure someone here will find fault with what I have written. Perhaps you'll call it bullshit, attack it as Zionist lies and trickery, nazi propoganda, the product of a brainwashed liberal, or a capitalist/imperialist apologist. However, what you won't do is change my view that peace is inevitable, that people are good, and you won't stop me from reading, learning and listening to your voices with an open mind and heart. I may get mad, may feel impatient and even disgusted with people at times, but I know there's always another way to see things, another truth, and I always come back to that core belief.

Salaam Aleikum! Shalom! Peace!
ukeplayer said…
One more thing:

It took me over two hours to compose my post. Sure--talk is cheap; but time is not. If nothing else can convince you of my interest in your thoughts and experiences, I hope that fact does.

Allow me also to recommend the blog of Peace Man and Hope Man. If you already know it, forgive the redundance:
Anonymous said…
It is kind of intersting that you have now commanded a following from the replican thugs who were your enemy yesterday and tomorrow - but agree with you today.

Just to hopefully give you hope, here is a link that might make you feel there is some hope in this dark world...

but yes I do feel for your iraq and what the usa has done to it. Hopeful obama will be able to repair the damage that has been done. So please do not be like all the loser repulicans who are now on a quest to destroy any good that obama might attempt to do. have faith in something even if it is your god, but do not walk into the hands of the bush thugs who want your distrust and ill will to transform into reality...
KM said…
Wow Layla !

Looks like quite a party goin' on here.

Lets go to Spain, shall we ?

Anonymous said…
Wow, Layla! This post has attracted all sorts, many of whom demonstrate sheer ignorance and arrogance we all know about too well!! One thought which crossed my mind was the certainty than NONE of the 'brave' anonymous posters could have been TRUE Americans - the Native Americans!

David, I've enjoyed reading your comment because it carries the fundamental message of PEACE - something we so desperately need. How wonderful this world would be if all of us respected and realised that we have so much to learn from each other, if only we make the effort. Thank you.

In solidarity, Layla. Don't forget you/we owe access to internet to the Americans (US)!!!!!!!!!!
northshorewoman said…
Little Deer do not essentialize "the native Americans". They are as internally divided as any other group. Numerous indigenous people who live on the land now called USA are neo-conservatives, are proud to have gone to Iraq to kill Iraqis, and have been seduced by the consumer culture that fuels the destruction of our world. Further, Indigenous peoples can be pro-hardline Israeli policy, too.

Romanticizing people, as the case of Obama shows, is highly problematic. Rosy colour glasses need to be removed for true visionary perspectives and love should not be blind to hard truths.
KM said…
There are "Native Americans" that do vote Republican and are a part of the United States Military.

When the Europeans came to wht is now called the United States of America, great efforts by the US government were carried out to bring them into the folds of the 'culture' that was taking shape.

The great efforts included the use of so-called treaties, wars & battles, forcing Indian children away from their parents and placing them in 'civilized' schools where rape took place and the intent was to remove the Indian portion from the self and replace it with something else.

The christian religion was also included as part of removing the Indian portion of the self so as to come into alignment with what we know today as 'Western traditions & customs'.

It worked but there are still a few pockets that hold fiercely to their 'pre-invasion' traditions and freedom of once was.

There are many websites that go into detail of 'treaties' betwen the American Indians and the United States government. There are also many websites that go into details of American Indian Boarding Schools.

I will post 2.

The same process is ( has been taking place ) with the illegal / fraudulent case for the United States to invade & occupy Iraq.
KM said…

Layla, just as what happned happened against Iraq for US expansion that involves expanding United State market share, investment opportunities and resource benefits. The United States drafted laws here, in favor of their own intents, just as the United States' role in drafting the new Iraqi constitution & laws.

Disneyland in Iraq? McDonalds? American christinas peddling their products to try to convert the Muslims in Iraq to christianity? This is all about trying to assimilate Iraqis into the culture of the West.

As I said, the United States of America is a repeat offender but now it goes under the banner of "spreading democracy & fighting a war on terror".
KM said…
Layla, Isn't it interesting that so many Americans that voted for Obama because he IS Black, now claim that because Obama ( who is half Black actually ) is now going to go to the White House..they say it proves to the World that racism does not exist in America.

oh the irony
KM said…
American kids are really having a hard time competing with the education that some of the other countries offer he kids. American kids are way down on the list.

US businesses seek out college graduates from other countries and bring them to the United States in many instances so they can employ them.

Not only are they more skilled & educated, they defintely seem to have a higher quality of work ethics. Too many "American" put alot of energy in how they can actually do less work while on the job and get paid more money.

Also, many people come here to the United States to work, make money and then go back to their country of origin either to start a buseinnes back home or to retire outside of the US.

ha oh well
Anonymous said…
You are a very angry, misdirected woman. Such energy of hate. America and the rest of the world are celebrating the possibilities under the new President to Be, Barack Obama. You don't know America very well. And if the rest of your Iraqi compatriots share your views, then there is no working to a whole and independent Iraq. Move foward, woman. Strive for unity, an end to corruption, and end to religious divisiveness. Do not judge Barack Obama. Help him make the world a better place.
MC said…
Do you even know what you are saying: Iranian contributions to the Obama campagin? Iranian death squads on the US paybill? You are absurd, and not even funny, which would be an endearing factor...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous above pioneer:

Excuse me, but Iraq was WHOLE AND INDEPENDENT before it was illegally invaded, occupied and destroyed by the US. There happened to be UNITY and RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE, with everyone, including minorities, living in harmony before the US decided to squat on Iraqi soil ... I won't speak about corruption, because corruption happens everywhere, including the US, so please don't use the 'holier than thou' attitude.

And, pray, tell us exactly HOW Iraqis (VICTIMS) are meant to help Obama 'make the world a better place'? This is a serious question ... If anything, Obama should be making every effort to get his people out of the sovereign land of Iraq and then paying reparations (although these could never compensate the wrong that's been done).
Anonymous said…
There are people in Iraq who find hope in Obama, there are people around the world who do as well. There are obviously people in the US who find hope in him. Perhaps he will not do exactly what you want him to do, but I do think that he is a better leader. The hope he gives and the hope of most Americans, Democrats and Republicans, is that American troops will come hope and stop dying and an Iraqui government will be self-sufficient enough to rectify the problems you describe in your other blogs.

I don't think cynicism will help these goals get achieved.

On another note, Ron Paul brought up good points, but he would have destroyed the US from the inside out. Bad choice. I voted for Obama, with hopes that he will help our economy and leave behind the arrogance of the past adminitration.
Anonymous said…
Obama has already made lending for middle and lower class citizens before he's in the white house! Amazing, read more below..

New Types of Low Interest Loans & Grants from Obama

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