USA Iran Iraq and the clowns of Left Leanings.

Nothing I say or write must be taken in absolute terms. Why ? Because I myself don't take myself absolutely seriously...and that for "philosophical" reasons.

Cut the chase as the Yankees say -- so I will cut the chase and get to the meat.

Am here again...

Am here again because I been banned from the Social media platform I use. I haven't stop writing except in a lazy way -- not that am intellectually lazy myself -- people are lazy very lazy with short attention spans . 140 characters is all they can handle and even that proves too much -- because most of the time they too fucking engrossed in their own navel -- Narcissism of the most blatant  type is the ordre du Jour.

So I don't take being excluded/ banned very well. I say what I have to say.
Mind you it won't be something terribly new -- but it is a confirmation of what I have said before -- the liberals progressives left leanings are the most politically disgraceful hypocrites around. Of that am  now 100% certain.

Hence I took a huge distance from their ideological constructs -- and as always Iraq been my teacher at all times.

So let's start with what appears as the personal to get to the meat . That should not sound too alien for the lefties since they always stress that the personal is indeed political ...Feminists and al...#Barf.

The Twitter social media platform has become a policeman for the liberals...the politically correct constipated lot who can't think or more aptly refuse to think outside the box --- in other words refuse to see FACTS.

So I was banned from Twitter because I replied to a general insult from some Shias not on me personally but on the Sahaba -- the Companions of Habib Allah Sayyedi Mohamed.

My reply was and I stand by it -- that Shiism is an ideology for retards.
Twitter considered that very offensive and gave me two options :
I either withdraw my tweet because it violated the "race class religious bla bla bla bla " constructs and was "abusive" or I remain banned for ever and ever --- and remain an observer of that great cesspool called Twitter  -- mind you the whole virtual world is a cesspool --- a replica of the real world.
Moreover as form of "punishment" to teach me a "lesson" Twitter not only banned me but contrary to its own rules would not even allow me to read Twitter feed --news etc nor send personal Messages even though it says in its "policies" that these are the only liberties am allowed in my confinement cell.

And by withdrawing my tweet am acknowledging that I have "violated" -- strong word that word Violated the rules of that leftie leaning policeman.
The rules of conduct it is called. As if I were in some fucking army -- well it is an army --an online army that determines who gets to say what and when.

Twitter or their rules of conduct don't seem to mind that Historical and Religious figures who changed the map of the world are regularly called the most abominable Abu Bakr and Omar  -- for me they are not dead ... I do not believe in Death -- they are very much alive.

So this "essay" will comprise 3 parts now that I have exposed that garbage called Twitter or the real face of  Social Media.

the 1st part will tackle Shiism as an Ideology -- as a political ideology to be precise
the 2nd part will tackle Current Events -- USA Iran/  IRAQ in short.
the 3rd part will be a conclusion -- not that anything will ever be conclusive in this part of the world but a conclusion nonetheless.

Political Shiism and its veracity ?

One question I want to start with because in the Question is found the Answer.
What has political shiism as exported by and  from Iran and that since 1979  achieved so far ?
Yes what has it achieved in Iraq in Lebanon in Yemen in Bahrain in Syria ?
I will focus on Iraq because this is who I care about the most.
It has managed nothing but DIVISIONS
We just talking ideological level now -- am not even going to broach the MALIGNANT nature of that political shiism nor will I even get into what have the Shia parties from Iran done to Iraq as in GOOD - forget the sunnis ---forget the non shias --- focus on the ARAB Shias of Iraq themselves.

The answer is NO GOOD came from them. They spread corruption embezzlement tortures and killings.

So from a purely Islamic point of view this ideology even if cloaked in islamic terminology MUST BE REJECTED by Muslims be it Shias or Sunnis.

Conclusion for this part -- NO GOOD came from Iran and its proxies in the region.
This neighboring country this so called neighbor has been no good of a neighbor. It is a THUG of a neighbor. Had it been a good neighbor with good intentions it could have played it differently - it could have said to itself --
The Americans offered me Iraq on a silver platter -- if I want to make it workout for me I will make it work out for them Iraqis -- again forget sunnis -- at least for the shias themselves, my own sect.

But this is NOT what happened. How do I know that ? because the majority of unarmed Iraqi protesters of which 500 were killed were shias themselves. Those who protested were Shias themselves who NO LONGER ACCEPT IRAN and ITS MULLAHS and ITS PARTIES and ITS MILITIAS to direct their lives.

So from all angles and whichever angle you look at it -- Iran and its political Shiism has been hugely detrimental to the IRAQI people.

The anti war and the lefties are so fucking stupid and dumb and of bad faith that for them IRAQ is Iran.

Iraq Iran are TWO distinct countries and this highly malicious move on the part of the liberals democrats progressives to conflate the two is nothing and I mean nothing but the dirtiest kind of political opportunism I have ever witnessed in politics.

I have much to say about Arabs so called liberals and in particular the liberal Palestinians but I will not right now because I really want to keep the focus on IRAQ ---and little did I know every time those hypocrites get another fig leaf it falls again. Uncovered is the exact word.

So when Trumposhti - Yes I call him Trumposhti decided to get rid of this killer torturer heretic cultist sectarian persian chauvinist called Soleimani and his minion the dwarf of Iran al Muhandis - IRAQIS were elated.  This guy Soleimani (whose daughter has an american passport by the way -- who knows maybe thanks to Obama or Bush) was the commander in chief of the policies of massive sectarian cleansing in IRAQ and in SYRIA .

Needless to say it is totally normal that we should celebrate a killer who will meet his Maker and give explanations as to why in the name of some Islam this psychopathic maniac from Iran oversaw torture and killing sprees of other Muslims. (another nail in the coffin of political shiism )

It was a very good move on the part of Trump -- sure it may have consequences -- maybe beyond the immediate theatrical reactions of Iran hitting the US airbases in Iraq --and knowing Iran and no one knows Iran like the Iraqis do ... oh man we know it so well --- better than any intel gathering service -- it will not stop undermining.. until it reaches its imperial goal that of the Hysterical Borderline Sado Masochistic Heretic Matron of the Region.

It is still a wait and see -- however in that waiting and in that seeing -- I will reiterate what I have said in the past on this blog -- wherever there is a Shia minority -- Iran will try to drive a wedge in order to take over . I still mention Pakistan and am adamant about mentioning Pakistan.

As for that Ukrainian flight that took off from Iran and "crashed" not long after take off and whose black boxes Iran refuses to hand over to Ukraine -- It would not surprise me one bit that Iran would be capable of such an abominable act.

Why would it need to do such a thing ?
A message -- to all aviation.
A message to the United States (all aviation was suspended over the Gulf region)
A message from Putin and a thank you to Putin.
Notice Putin was on a tour of Syria lighting candles in Damascus with Bashar  in a Church at the same time.

I stop now -- I stop now because the horrors of the "human" nafs the human ego self that is now ruling the world with its most evil inclinations is master to whom many lives must be sacrificed for it to keep ruling.

Help us GOD ALLAH and protect us with Your Shielding Might and Power.

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