The World as a Mental Asylum

On rare occasions one is graced with a few seconds of insights. And in those rare seconds of insights one is shown the world. And what you see is Truth. The world is a mental asylum in a huge garden. Every single person in that garden believes they are sane when in fact he /she is in a mental asylum.

And like any mental asylum it has sections - section A, section B, section C .etc...
These sections are  what you call - continents.
And within this sections just like in a mental asylum there are Units . Unit 1, unit 2, unit 3..
These are what you call in your language -- countries.
And within these units you have the rooms and in the rooms are the patients.

And just like in a mental asylum, they allowed out  depending on the severity of their cases.
Some are encouraged to make friends meet other people marry , some are encouraged to study, some are told to seek occupational therapy what you call work others are told to engage in play therapy or art therapy or music therapy. and on certain days of the year they encouraged to go on trips to explore other sections of the mental asylum. And on weekends they may stroll in the pretty grounds of the mental asylum it has grass trees birds rivers ponds.
All the patients believe they are free -- that is their mental illness when in fact they are in a mental asylum.
Is there a cure ?
Am not sure it is curable as such - even the doctors on the wards are mental themselves.

So you believe you are sane -- are you ?

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