Kundara Therapy - Iraqi Yasser Al Sammarai & Cowboy Bremer

Listen, am feeling ecstatic today, and wanted to share some of my elation and moments of pure joy with you...see how generous I am ?!

Also, because I know what you are about to read and see won't get much publicity...and am here to make sure it does .

His name is Yasser Al-Sammarai.. and it is likely that Yasser Al-Sammarai will not get the publicity Muntadher al Zaidi got...

Al Zaidi, you remember him don't you ? The guy who threw a couple of nice Kundaras / shoes at Bush....well Zaidi got much publicity...
I, for one wrote a post in his honor, I don't regret it ..he was my hero then, but kind of fell from grace after I learned that he and his family are loving supporters of the sectarian drilling raping party of Muqtada Al-Sadr and that despite their anti sectarian and anti Iran rhetoric.

Never mind Al Zaidi, today I am going to introduce to you my new hero, Yasser Al-Sammarai...

"Now these are men " a relative exclaimed jubilantly...while another dried tears of joy and grief, mixed together...

So now you can understand why am so excited ....

My HERO Yasser Al Sammarai gives Paul Bremer the Kundara therapy...the shoe therapy...the treatment ...the ointment...and I love him so for it.

So who is Paul Bremer ?

For those of you who are still ignorant about the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, Paul Bremer was Head of  the US Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad Green Zone and responsible along with the sectarian scum / CIA Iran spy like Ahmad Chalabi for the dissolution of the Iraqi army and the "debaathification" process

What is Paul Bremer known for ? His racism and his corruption plus of course being a typical ignorant American cowboy criminal killer

What racism ? Paul Bremer when he arrived to Baghdad had a few assistants working for him in the Green Zone...one day he asks one of them -- Tell what is the Iraqi population ? The assistant said about  24Million. Bremer replied --- we shall bring it down to 4 - 5 Million that should be sufficient.

What corruption ? Under Bremer alone - I say alone because the pillaging of Iraq has not stopped since the filthy americans landed --so under Bremer alone over 20 BILLION U$ of IRAQI money (not american but Iraqi money) disappeared. One batch was 675 Million U$ in CASH stolen in boxes to be counted in New York (never returned), the other is the literal theft of the Iraqi treasury, all the money that was dutifully saved for the food rationing and salaries of ordinary Iraqis under 13 years of brutal sanctions.

This, grosso modo is Paul Bremer...the rest you can google.

So who is Yasser Al Sammarai ? Just an ordinary iraqi guy, maybe his speaking and English skills are not perfect but they are good enough for me ...when he tells Bremer as in the video above --

I have two messages for you - one you destroyed Iraq and the other is from Saddam Hussein....Fuck you and Fuck your democracy.... For me that is PERFECT English.

Why do I think that Yasser Al Sammarai will not get much publicity like Munthadher al Zaidi ?

Because in the video here in Arabic  he clearly says -- I am proud to have thrown a shoe at Bremer the guy who was instrumental in destroying Iraq and handing it to his agents and partisans,  Iran and Maliki ....and Assad of Syria turn will come next.

You may of course argue that this is a pathetic attempt at justice....you are right -- you are pathetic bastards for having let loose your war criminals without trial for crimes against humanity ...Bush, Blair and Co.

As for us true Iraqis, short of real justice done, this is as good as it gets...for now...just for now.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Oh and "fuck you and fuck your democracy "

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