Am back, sort of...

Wow, been a long time since I published anything on Iraq. Not that it matters much. It never mattered in the beginning, I don't see why it should matter in the end.

Not that I stopped loving, I have my own beef to deal with with Iraqis, I don't forcibly see them with kind eyes. But that's another story.

Also I was wondering what were the "invisible forces" that blocked me from writing ---apart from my most disappointing love, a few death and rape threats, that took their temporary toll...the likes of " you will get raped with knives"...

I often imagined what is it like to be raped with knives, not that I particularly enjoy the imagery, but a sort of "desentization" if you may call it...I press my legs hard against my seat as the picture comes across ...not that it is a first. I had the utmost pleasure of seeing my "corpse pissed on in a morgue and fucked by dwarfs..."

At the end of the day, I can tell you this --- men's imagination is not terribly fertile, its predictability is rather boring...very much like a tiny penis trying hard to grow.

And tiny penises is what it in email threats or in politics.

Not that I wish to be crude or anything but am reminded of this Lebanese joke  --- upon seeing a tiny one, a woman was asked, where would you like it ? Her reply - stick it in a vein.

A sort of vaccine, an inoculation... what they call in medical terminology a booster - more of the same.

Which of course brings me to the famous US - Iran nuke deal. Another tiny prick. All the idiots on Twitter seemed pleasantly surprised.  I am not sure if they are constitutional idiots or pretending to be.

How is that deal any of a surprise is beyond me...aren't the Shia Iranian militias now turned into political parties, ruling Iraq since 2003 ? Wasn't Ahmadinejad greeted in the US occupied Baghdad Green Zone and protected by US military ? Did Bush not meet A.Hakeem who had landed from Iran ?

And all this horseshit about Israeli " stupefaction".  As if Israel was unaware of who has been ruling Iraq since 2003. And what about Israeli deals in "Kurdistan", and who built their airports and who provided them military training and logistics if not Israel.

As for the anti Israel Shiite rhetoric, please tell us how the Israeli commercial bureau off Sadoon Street in Baghdad is faring ?

Come on now, dear people, stop insulting our intelligence with all this propaganda. We know who is what where and when. Sort of like in this Lebanese joke...a tiny prick in a vein.

That's it ? Yes that's it.

NB : Also just in case you forgot, Richard Perle, one of the masterminds of the Iraq invasion/occupation was an advisor to Netanyahu. You use that "intelligence" of yours and connect the dots. 

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